Sunday, May 13, 2018

up the hill around the block

Walked up the hill, not very far, but good enough to see the Canadian mountains above the bay

-around the block- good enough to see dogwood in bloom.

And the rhodys showing off in every yard.

Last winter this bush hedge (below) was shorter than me. 

It grows like a wild thing and the more it is trimmed back , the more it is encouraged to take over the world. It is a good one for instant privacy!

Shocked to see this mediocre house on the plot where last year there was an orchard, a veg garden, chicken coop , ducks and chickens, and a swimming pool...
The garden was amazing, and the orchard well established, 
This house, hell in a hand basket!!


No complaints about this perfect weather! Still cool enough for another layer, good healing and walking weather!

This is mother's thoughts are of my mother's mother who died in child birth with her third baby. 
The baby was given away, the toddler left to my child mother to raise.
As life goes ,however, she had to eventually  leave her little brother behind  when he was only four years old and she was thirteen - the step father thought my mom was a replacement for his wife. So, on this Mother's day I honor those mothers who gave everything . Those mothers
 who are so clearly the strongest , most honorable, life giving humans on this planet.  The sacrifices made, the heart breaking choices made, in the face of the damned patriarchy! 

Mothers can actually MAKE another human!!! 
Amazes me always!


  1. Yes. Exactly.
    I've always thought that men are completely jealous of women because we can create life. Because they can't, they try to convince themselves that taking life is where the power lies.
    They are so wrong.

    1. that is most insightful! That explains everything doesn't it! Wave goodbye to the patriarchy!!

  2. Mountains seem to give out a feeling of strength. Glad you have such powerful ones in your scenery. I'm also glad to hear you are having good walking weather so the healing can continue. Yay! Strong women -- women in general---are so underestimated. That quiet strength scares most guys. They don't seem to know how to handle it. So like snowmen and sand castles they just want to kick it down.

  3. poor male persons, living a life of insecurity
    have to make up for it I guess. but those days are ending and they are caught in "how am I supposed to act now"...especially if they bought the macho societal disease. The mountains are rarely visible- the grey sky is usually inches off of the ground.


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