Thursday, September 24, 2020

a morning of normal

Good morning, from the  deck! 
A brief few days of summer will return , they say, next week, but today and for the next several this is just a taste of the winter that we are suppose to have, dark - raining.

                        No complaints, the rain at the moment is  good, The plants have shaken off the smoke, and are loving the shower.

 If you are looking for something to watch, something that will make sense to you and maybe even make you feel less willing to engage in what is taking this country down- Watch this, PBS

Winter's forecast , This is the Farmer's almanac which is usually  more accurate than any other forecast. 
 Californians will be heading north, We could probably sell our house for a kingdom!
Dark sunless winter is preferable to being scorched, for sure- adjusting to mole life is quite a challenge  for those coming from Sky,  Sunshine, warmth... Covid 19- indoors , staying at home,  will be a thing all winter is the prediction. 
Flu shot- check
Little blue pill- check
apple sauce- to be checked...

On the deck this morning , standing in the pin -prick- cold-  pellets of rain felt great, Like this is normal, finally something that does not feel like the end of days- a little reprieve.
A space to catch breath and feel safe.

This is normal.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Why anyone would love these concrete outside table and stools is beyond me. 

They are heavy, they are cold and they are hard, thinking "hemorrhoids"...I suppose they might be nice in a large garden half buried in the grasses and earth. 

Why anyone would want purple glass mushrooms is also a mystery to me. There are loads of them so I may not be alone in my wonderment.

Why anyone would want to buy a pineapple plant that will only produce one pineapple also has me wondering, Especially up here in the dark , cold north. 

Exotic, I suppose.

It has got to be tough trying to flog stuff  during these days of uncertainty, Investing in decorations for home and garden seems a bit out of touch ...said the woman who wants to buy every plant in the nursery...

My morning addition to covid Sarah journal, I will be sorry to use the final page, the paper is so delicious and it gives me something enjoyable  to wake up to., moving watercolours around is satisfying. 
Before breakfast, i added tree on fire,  then a second cup of coffee and a settle in for the day- Nothing but the most cheerful entries, but, really, had I not told you this was a tree on fire you would not have known,
Right? You would have thought, "Oh, sloppy tree thing, She must still be suffering from a headache"-( and yes, she is)
Maybe it is an after effect of the double duty flu jab I got , usually I do not react to jabs but maybe this time...either that or I am working up to spontaneous combustion. 
Fire in the head. BOOM

In the post box the other day, a home made card sent from a friend -tongue in cheek-"Enjoy the day"...with a more accurate sticker inside,  rather perfect!!

 Weather for the next five days will be iffy, Autumn roaring in- howling wind, a bit of rain, tomorrow lightning and showers, the temperature has dropped significantly,  two layers and wool sox, BUT there is no smoke in the air, Fans unplugged!
I watched NOVA last night- featuring Saturn and the voyage of Cassini. Absolutely stunning- did you know that when it rains into the gas planet, on which there is no place to stand,  it rains diamonds! Saturn is entirely alien in every way, beyond imagination.  I actually teared up when Cassini obeyed orders to commit suicide.
Nova is on PBS, also on the interwebs. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

new blogger sucks

Erik once adopted a cute little  Venus flytrap not realizing how finicky they are, so when he could not take proper care of it he was devastated when it died. They are not cheap, and they are tiny.  More vulnerable than newborn , more difficult to keep alive, especially in winter, when flies have gone. There was a barrel top full of baby Venus fly trap at the nursery, tempting because they are very cute. Nope, Not another thing to try to keep alive during winter...we are dealing with just trying to keep each other alive. That is a full time job. So, i walked by , looked at heartier plants with interesting leaves.

And plants that are always glad to see you!

Gourds that will last well into December.

And the crazy leaves that  grow their own holes.

New blogger is cumbersome and stupid, If it is not broken, fix it, sort of thing. Anyway, new blogger is not really the worst of our problems.  The Real problem is this display of glass mushrooms that look like pizza and make one really hangry.
-narrowing down manageable problems- The big ones are just TOO big. Biden/Harris signs are being torn down and stolen- not that a sign is ever going to make sense to the brain dead. We can vote, BFD!

 The circle is already broken.

Monday, September 21, 2020

nursery , massive head ache, covid journal 3:00 am

On a mission to find a Benjamina ficus, still- again, always- we went to three nurseries. There was one but it looked tortured , braided, stressed, with tiny leaves and branches trained to go straight up, Poor thing, for the amount of $$$ asked ,we left it behind. I apologized to the tree and told it that our not choosing  was nothing personal. We are just fussy old people, and that  it was a fine tree.

This flower looks like southern California in the fifties- The air smells like southern California in the seventies. But the sunshine is a wonderful thing this day and we can breathe. Praise little brown baby Jesus!


autumn is here - ready or not- Goppy gourdy Autumn.

 The last of the pansies.

 We went out this morning when the sun was warm and the sky was blue, A perfect morning!

 Ready for a nap, I got up at three this morning, to take aspirin because I was pretty sure I was going to have a heart attack or a stroke or something because that is where my mind goes when i am half asleep and I have a weird headache that is not only  in my head it is all over the world.  Anyway, I had a cup of tea, and something else , read Steve's blog because the timing was right- and just stayed up. 


Added Glories to the little Sarah covid journal book. Three thirty in the morning- all is quiet, there is an animal on the deck with a long white tail , not one of the babies. to be sure.

New blogger is weird...We will adjust I am sure but right now I do not have the patience. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

sky! Air!

There is AIR this morning, that is  the bay from the deck and the maniacal blue jay . The Jays have been intense this morning, must be forty million of them in the cherry tree-on the road to recovery from the oppressive unbreathable smoke, still coughing , headache, but LOOK, you can see the bay! The birds are back!

Doubled up on the blue pill the past few days, kept me somewhat even keeled, otherwise I would have gone mad- madder..maybe  would have sent some ricin to the white house or purchased a gun from some middle schooler and a ticket to Washington DC.  Thanks to my observant Doctor , y'all are safe from me and drooling madness- today, anyway, no promises for the future, but i do have a re-fill.

One sorry blossom on the lemon tree , born  during the days and days of oppressive heavily laded smoke  choking air, in its infancy ,it is weak and tired already but there it is!

That was a terrible eight days with no oxygen- pretty sure there has been brain damage, like we can afford that!

 A quick leaping drawing in the journal before breakfast.

Approaching 200,000  by the end of the day, preventable, they say.

And so, we carry on, doing little things because there is absolutely nothing we can do about the grander scheme, is there. Put up signs, stay off of facebook entirely, try to breathe, listen briefly to NPR on the radio, watch documentaries on netflix, make a silly little journal, write poetry or stories, maintain curiosity, learn stuff, breathe if you can. 

 Hope that the baby raccoon come back today for  grapes  and an egg. How you feel about your cats and dogs and chickens and what ever else you have adopted- that  emotional investment- I have with these little wild things.  Yeah, I know...I know, you needn't tell me about wild animals, you needn't tell me about tiny lemon blossoms born during a time of climate decline- or children for that matter- life just keeps doing its life thing, the living must live , and struggle to  make more of it, survival of the fittest and all-  making the most of the time we have and being grateful for the time that we have spent, we are greedy, we want more, of course- some pie is good, more pie is better! Keep making pie.


 Geraniums - so hearty- The ones on the deck have been through  much neglect and abuse and yet look at them! They carry on in all of their glory.
Geranium soul , that is what we will be needing to get through the next few years.
Go- be a geranium!   A Geranium Pie!
Stay well, y'all.
Life loves you!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Same day different post

Couple more entries into the Sarah book, a quote from Paddington's blog for Ruth.

 This morning

Outside my window under the sill.

It is a little bit lighter this morning, the air is still "caution" but not as grim as it has been. 

I am so glad!! there are four baby raccoons on the deck, very skinny. Eating kibbles and splashing in the cake pan pool.

A little good news !!


Shakespearian timing

"Ripeness is all; timing is everything. For Ruth Ginsberg, her reputation as a lawyer rested on her brilliance as a tactician who knew when to fight a battle as much as whom to fight for. She knew when to raise, when to hold ‘em, and occasionally, when to fold ‘em. Ginsberg’s strategy was described as building bedrock of precedent until she had created a tower, and that’s a matter of figuring out what goes where and when."  Cyrus Sanai