Wednesday, October 10, 2018

today for the birds, rare shadow in the house

My crow family, the three siblings are still coming around. The parents are off on holiday , I guess, the kids are on their own. 
On the menu this afternoon: wild rice, flax seed, macadamia nuts, edame,  a melted cube of butter, the  sort that is handmade  from pasture grazed cows with names like Lucy, Mary Belle , Peaches and Cornflower. The crows know that I am trying to buy their friendship...they have got my number. What they do not know is that I have a vision of them saving my life one day or dressing me like Cinderella in that  good morning scene.

It is getting so cold-ish all of a sudden, I  do want them to be well fed, for, as they say in Throneland, "Winter is coming". Be well little Crow family of mine, you needn't bother with anything else, but dressing me in the morning would be something to write about wouldn't it.  

The gull just could not stay away, though I put out the UNwelcome mat . He is not quite so brazen and keeps his distance, no more banging on the door. 
Manners are everything. He gobbled a fair amount and left large splats everywhere, of course, a very good processor of food!

Stella and I are getting packed to go to the desert on Sunday. I have nothing but Pacific Northwest  clothing, WARM, so I may have to just spend ten days in the pool, Oh darn. If you don't hear from me, you will know that I am comfortably numb , neck deep. nude in a warm blue pool.

The sun showed up today and sent unusual jesus rays through the house. 

Shadows such as these have never come to this house  until today. perhaps it is an omen...I got stuck into some wild conspiracy theories on you tube by accident this morning. 
They are hilarious, but If I was stoned or otherwise mentally compromised I would totally buy in! 
Trump a time traveler, along with Pence, and particularly Baron! " he is NOT autistic, he is ....elsewhere"....cue Alcoa Presents music....or some other music that gives you the heebie jeebies. 

Google Ingersol Lockwood if you care to know the spookiness of  mysterious goings on...I will not link it because you have to REALLY WANT IT!! 

Weird and whoa ,dude! AND an utter waste of precious brain cells.

The  jays are always here, Sometimes the tree is so full of them it looks intentionally , garishly decorated . Peanuts, you see, huge bags of them from Cost Co, causes many a ruckus here, fighting over them, birds and squirrels-  three squirrels  in the house  yesterday  whirling around each other and the bag of peanuts--They sounded awfully vicious - I opened the door wide and told them that if they could not be civil and quit  acting like wild animals I would  have to ask them to leave,   they did. 
They came back, one by one. Much better behaved .Like the gull, Manners, friends, manners! 
 makes all the difference.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Vintage lighting trash, Hamster dog, erased lines

Mr. Man is clearing out some of the trash in the basement at the office, These light fixtures from  the office /house. built by the coal company back in the early 20's ,for a prized worker, probably an executive, were in a box headed for the dump. He had the good sense to bring them home first!
They are not my style, so I cleaned them up and listed them on ETSY. 

The Moorish one below is  pretty  great, if you like that sort of thing.

So, selling his practice has / is taking well over a year. It is really sad for me but I do not let on. He needs all the encouragement he can get . 
We have LOVED that house/office and the sweet little tree top apartment attached. All of our children and grandchildren have lived up there during university days. Separate times, mind you, it is a one bedroom...The yard is huge , like a park and has been well maintained by a dear friend for years, A plant whispered, he is, His earth sensitivities  are acute .
Not liking this change, It is a really BIG one. The last chapter pretty much. Now I want to start reading backwards. Rewind. Do overs.

My friend , in whose shop  I had a booth for years, loaned me her dog hamster for two days and a night.  The dog is named JUNE, and she is so tiny it scares me. She is not really a dog, no resemblance  of dog in her, so far from wolf,  like a different species. 

She is kind of nervous, very sweet and easy to please, but has had a rough year. Her humans had to close their shop due to a best long life friend embezzling their shop away, then the human man , a Vietnam war vet, developed glioblastoma , from agent Orange.

There are 14 diseases now presumed by the VA to be caused by Agent Orange exposure. ... Before they would even have a chance of receiving disability or survivor benefits, veterans and their family members must prove that the glioblastoma was “at least as likely as not” to be caused by Agent Orange exposure.May 28, 2018---

And so, He died rather quickly and mercilessly, Quicker than John McCain- There are so many vets who have died from Glioblastoma but neither the VA nor the government would recognize that the cause had been agent orange. It took months for my friend to have it recognized as the cause of death, to finally get their attention. 
Then their daughter moved into a dorm at University, all quiet on the home front, except for JUNE, She has developed an incessant  high pitched squeak, a cry really...annoying but , you know, poor little girl has been through a lot of  changes and puzzlement's..."where did my humans go?"

Of course I babied her as much as I could, gave her the best of whatever I could offer. 
She liked to watch the blue jays steal peanuts from the squirrels.
She liked to be cuddled- she liked the heating pad, she had a pretty good time.

Her head fits in the palm of my hand, I tried to erase all of my palm lines with some sort of eraser on my editor, just in case there is a palm reader out there, They say that your palm reveals all, and I am sure they are right-  "not today, palm reader, not today" My secrets are between me and this dog that is not a dog, I  have told her everything, the more I told the less she squeaked. Win win.

Portrait of my therapist.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Blustery white cap day, piano on the street, excitement in the neighborhood

When the wind kicks up the little boats look like wild toddlers, rocking and rolling on their anchors. 
The bay gets excited, white caps on a normally calm surface.

That long walkway is Taylor dock that leads to the park.  It can get dramatic when weather happens and surely will be gone when the big earth quake ( 200 years over due) shakes the PNW down to zero.  The tension is mounting, the earth trying to hold out for a better time to let loose. When it does We will be no more.  I hope I am elsewhere when that happens, I do not fancy drowning. 

Stella picked me up[ and we went to get lunch- a guy playing piano - playing very well, I must say-  sitting on a box- his days are numbered, busking with a piano on the street! Surprised his fingers moved so well and beautifully up and down the keys. It is not warm.

Patient little dog , waiting for human.

Seems there have been dog thievery shenanigans going on here, I would never leave my dog unattended. Two have been stolen this week . one has been found and the thief put into the slammer! Thanks to downtown cameras!
The other was stolen from a car, the dog was not feeling well so she was left while the human took the other dog for a hike. 
Never leave your dogs!

Stella brought me back home after we had solved the world's problems over lunch, Mr. Crow was waiting for me on the roof, " Human, you are late for my dinner!"

I put some food out for him and he ignored me. So pissed off.

Buck under the Rhody's ,as usual, nice afternoon for chewing, relaxing- until...

the fire Dept, and EMT showed up to care for our neighbor- they did not take him away , left with their defibrillator machine ,smiling so I trust that all is well. Buck took off.
Our neighborhood , once full of children , delightful noise, now is aged, quiet, boring - the most activity is walking to the mail box. Quite a snooze, and that is why the deer like our yard so much I reckon. 

Our Birch by the fire truck, is newly split down the center, daylight through the trunk. This will likely be it's last winter.

So, Autumn- pleasant- colorful, with it's sense of dread , up coming elections, the  damned supreme Court and the  damned GOP, whose numbers are up in spite of their horribleness. 
Tha's Umurka, folks.
All of the dumbing down and fear based campaigning has been effective.
 No news there. 
 Here we go! hang on to your hats, it's going to be bloody rocky! Your hats may be all you are left with. Jesus, Mary, and Joe, Buddha, Krishna, and Allah, fairies, angels, and Santa Clause, help us now - we beseech thee!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Paper dolls, love them and hate them

Pinterest keeps sending me these, knowing that I love them and hate them, conflicted about paper dolls seems healthy these days, does it not. 
I share our collective  trauma, living in this country in it's death throws. ( always the optimist)- all logic and reason tossed under the bus, as they say. so, paper dolls....

When , as a child, I received paper dolls  in the post from my Aunt in Denver, a page from McCall's Magazine, I was thrilled-" oh look at all the beautiful outfits and the pretty little girl with rosy cheeks"- I could hardly wait, but every damned time I scissored off the tabs of the dresses and sometimes the curls of the girls head.

Happy... and then sad, all in one hour!
 Dressing animals seems better, because they are not fond of clothing anyway.

  ridiculous already, a lamb with a book and a purse??? A parrot with a musket?
And this crazy baby who is absolutely correct- it is silly.

Man dolls were always boring- what a snooze.

This last one is probably my favorite, at least there is some creativity going on.

speaking of paper, yesterday I went to the Assisted Woman's League, a little shop run by elder volunteers...elder, I say, I am one...anyway, I bought a package of interesting looking white balls and cones made of what they thought was styro, but I knew was pressed cotton made in Germany-  I got a deal. Now what to do with them. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

odd choice of coffin, a large pumpkin, ubiquitous sunflowers

This is where he died. I heard a scurrying sound one day and thought it was the squirrel trying to scamper out quickly before I came too close for comfort, as he does. I gave it no more thought, the sound stopped. Days later I emptied the fridge, cleaned the counters with bleach and Windex, a lethal combo,  emptied the trash- kept smelling a fishy sort of old shrimp odor. I checked my shoes, I checked under the sofa...Then , under the bag of peanuts in the toy box with the Masters of the Universe, there it  was. Deader than dead and oozing, blue jay. Damn! 
But now our house smells sweeter than a spa, cleaner than a clinic.

I wanted to save some of the beautiful royal blue feathers, but they were stuck tight. Sorry for it's death, looked up lifetime of blue jay and found that they are indiscriminate breeders - not life time mates. So, at least there is that. 

(guess the weight and win the pumpkin)

holy cow, you would be making pies for the rest of your days!

I walked to the grocery to get some emergency Petite Palmier, because "every bite is just right", and they are not wrong about that!  Initially I bought some for photo shoots, and, because I am trying very hard to be on a sugar free diet, I froze them. When Kavanaugh showed up, I took them out of the freezer and ate every single one. No regrets. I did have to get more, They are in the freezer- I hear them.  I must get a grip, eating an entire box of Petite Palmier is helping no one.

I bought  sunflowers, Bright and cheerful, really all I need do is walk anywhere - the sunflowers are  abundant -I could have picked many...but I like to leave the wild ones for the wild things that depend on their seeds to get through the winter.
Pumpkins are also everywhere,  also very cheerful, and silly. All shapes but mostly round , roly poly , somersaulting around parking lots, escaping their fences in front of the grocery.
Little kids choosing "their" very own  pumpkin with such pride it's like choosing a puppy!

Of course, the day after Halloween is  pumpkin carnage,  no need to think of that now. 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

toadstool season, left over garden, arms of a hug tree, small dog

 I have the little dog for a few days. He has a tummy ache and the poos. Up many times in the night to trundle out in my nightgown and slippers to walk him around until something falls out...fifteen minutes later -same, fifteen minutes later, same...and on into early morning.

Cranky I give him a breakfast of air, to let his stomach calm down. Take him for another walk.

I reckoned that maybe he was homesick so I bundled him up and off we went to his house. and Fritz's waning garden.
Beautiful day- Toadstools coming up in various stages of cuteness.

The tops looking shimmery, looking their best!

 The artichoke threatens to stab everyone, especially those getting too close for photo op.

Already not in the best mood due to lack of sleep and moon walks with a sick pup...I yell a juicy swear to the artichoke, it doesn't seems to hear me, then his friend stabs me from behind.

I take it's photo as well. Interesting, looks like Goldsworthy 's work. I tell it I appreciate it and take back my swear- just cranky, you understand.

Here is the last rose that will never bloom. Time , change of season, bad luck for this little bright bud.

And the vines loaded with cherry tomatoes that will not ripen. Bad timing.

We walked through the garden, Pup looking for rabbit droppings to eat, he just can not help himself! - I understand,  I say, as I stuff the last bit of a chocolate cherry/nut  bar in my mouth- supposed to not eat sugar, supposed to not eat carbohydrates- sayeth the lord of good health.
I do agree, eating sugar and rabbit turds - not a good diet plan.

The sun is already at a slant, getting ready to ride the horizon all winter - that is when it bothers to show itself.

We came back to my house, watched the gentility of  Dr Christine. I stuck around for the shit show of  slime ball Kavanaugh, wish I had not. Now I am as sick as the pup, nauseated, verge of tears, shaking, and I did not know that I could be affected so! 
Of course it brings up all sorts - personal, universal- patriarchy must die. Sooner the better. 

Then  the dog, wanted to go for yet another walk. We went to our spirit tree by the fire house, for a good long tree hug, and I swear to you, it did calm us down.

Funny that Ms. Mary Moon would mention doing the same in her blog today.
So THAT legitimizes the urge  and the healing power of a tree. It's the real deal.

Cubby still feeling sluggish, managed to play hard and tear a gigantic hole in Mr. Bear sending stuffing all around like snow...but still not up to par, still has the poos- Until he has run out of rabbit dropping in his system it will continue to be-

More air for dinner.

Monday, September 24, 2018

telephone poem, moose driver, night on the town

Waiting for Stella/lunch at our favorite place, I notice a "notice" on the telephone box. Thinking it might be important, I take a photo.

I am sure it is important to someone, Sometimes this little town offers surprises, poetry left on a door is one.

The signage , which I have never noticed before, directs us to the "charming patio", good thing, so easy to get lost in this little place... that metal thing is the bus front of the fish and chips  shop,

a plump moose at the wheel. The window is very dirty, obscures the driver, safety not an issue since that bus has not moved for many years. It wants care and a better driver. A paper Paul Mccartney use to be the driver, but he dissolved.

 After lunch we went to the little community theater, where Stella found a tiny door nearly her size, Stella -such a wee thing, living in a wee house, but living life large! Champagne ! Diamonds! Jetting around! She may even dress up just to go to the toilet in the middle of the night- Mr. Man is always impressed by her fashion ability- always looking smart!

She is a fancy one, that girl. Inspiring, and she can tap dance! That is the clincher!

The play was fabulous, where all of the local talent performed most impressively ! All could sing brilliantly and boldly- and dance- and drag.
Our little town is gay friendly except for the four bible bangers who see it as their mission to carry inane signs around town, displaying their bigotry for all to see and scorn. 
Nope, they are not welcomed- their god must be a right asshole! Anyway, nice little gay town full of theatrical/artistic talent.

All in all a most pleasant Sunday afternoon with our Stella.
Plus I sold a thing on Etsy- a whopping $3.50 !
Mr. Man is reading "FEAR" by Bob Woodward- read the first chapter to me as I puttered around...Such a good writer, Mr. Woodward- it reads like a novel- and if you did not know better , might think it the most out land-ish story of a far away , uncivilized  country in it's death throws. Shakespearean. 

today for the birds, rare shadow in the house

My crow family, the three siblings are still coming around. The parents are off on holiday , I guess, the kids are on their own.  O...