Friday, December 14, 2018

gallery on Chuckanut, a slice of sun

The gallery on Chuckanut used to be a gas station along with a mom and pop store ,serving the village . Now the village is no longer a village , more like a suburb of Bellingham. but back in the day ,when I lived there, the little store was essential.

It is a nice enough gallery, one section is gifty  , the other side is  art and the back is yard art.
Stella had a gift certificate to spend so that is how we spent the afternoon.

There was very little there for fifty dollars or less- maybe a card or a bar of soap  but generally all high ticket items .

There were some little  garden gnomes of rusted something. they were cheerful and sweet. Maybe they would like to be in Stella's garden.

Hemmed and hawed and decided "no".

Finally came upon the perfect thing, a metal flying woman that is to attach to the side of house or post.

Great! From there we went to lunch, because shopping is such difficult arduous work.

Loads of glass  garden art in the back garden. They would not last long around here that is for sure, we have rocks as our "garden" , Rocks are not quite so fragile and are the right price.

By the time I came home it was still dark as it has been all week but there was a sliver of sunshine slicing horizontally over the town, I took these shots from the deck - the sun slice only lasted about three minutes. 

The curly willow is confused, not sure if it is winter or just a quick can see it budding.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

land of no sky, Paddington, and a funeral

The photo taken at  two o'clock in the afternoon- another winter in the Pacific Northwest, GAHHHhhhh. Clammy cold. Why does anyone live here...besides the liberal bubble, the vast green and wild forests and mountains, and the gardens, I can see no reason! I hope I don't die here.

We went  to see an attorney to make our wills , I was not expecting much, Just the usual, attorney arrogance- Mr. Man had some elaborate and impossible scheme to give two boys this and not one boy that and asked about a pre-nup, though we have been married for 35 years...I blame diabetes for that little burp- sometimes there is a cog in the thinking wheel. Anyway, the attorney listened quietly, not even rolling his eyes..Looked over at me and asked "What would YOU like...?"
 Wow,  amazed  that he would ask- "I just want the boys to be treated equally- that's what I want...common sense."
DONE, with the wave of his pen, and so we accomplished a will that makes sense,  I feel much better- can  rest in peace, as they say.

The attorney -  a lovely man with a dog named Molly, who put her head in my lap and let me scratch her ears and chest.  It was a wonderful afternoon , actually,  spent with the best sort of person&dog, not at all what I anticipated. Feeling quite secure now that I know this man  , and  the will thing is  easy to understand for when one or both of us kicks the bucket.

The attorney - stalwart as a  tree, calm as a kayak on a quiet steam-  skilled at paddling through the quagmire of people's  complicated relationships -, intelligent, a straight shooter, amiable , funny - no nonsense,, non judgmental - get - the -job- done-well and effortlessly-he did not have time to waste. For real- he did not have time-
We did not know, at the time,  that he was dying- and die he did. We went to his memorial service on Saturday.  No corn, no platitudes, no god stuff-
We were not alone in our admiration of the man that is for sure, It was packed! Friend's told remarkable tales, humorous adventurous tales - stories of  deep caring love. This man led an exemplary life, genuinely bettering his understanding with every event, good or challenging- a little bit of Zen thrown in the mix and a strong sense of "this is all so temporary- and it is lovely".

Nothing like a beloved, fully lived life to sort of snap one into a better perspective. To take realize that tomorrow may not be for you. 
It was a brilliant service! 
Live until you don't! We all know this , yet can not help but get bogged down or afraid of whatever it is that limits our capacity for joy and living fully.  I don't know, maybe it is just fear- unpaid bills, a toothache, a broken neck- whatever life throws at us that takes precedence . 

And the fact that the Rump in the white house has brought us all down- just pooped on everything and everyone, he has. 

BUT, you, you  have a nice day anyway- OK?

 I think the rump is headed for the slammer, can't happen too soon! For the first time in two years I see a glimmer of hope, glimmering from  "witch hunt" genius Mueller. a saint!!

In the midst of  north west gloom and loss of a fine man,  a bright spot came through the post!! The best gift arrived from Sarah Wallis- 
Champion maker of all things, she made this Paddington - his little coat with toggles , a hood,  a hat - two little pockets for cookies , most likely. He makes me so happy , I carry him around - " Have you met  Sarah's Paddington ?" I ask, and then they shake paws with him and say "how d'you do"
He is a proper bear- offers  marmalade because he is  kind and generous, but then he remembers that he has eaten all of the marmalade , yesterday, I think it was, he looks at me imploringly because he knows that I know how to shop I have thumbs... and a  purse . He is a smart , lovely bear, and Sarah is the most clever creator of things on the planet today! 

He really brightens up the place!

You can see, we need it! Here is another photo taken at  2:01 this afternoon. This is our sunshine.

Monday, December 10, 2018

change and nostalgia for purple

For several Christmases, and birthdays and summer parties, the purple house  on the hill nourished us, kept us from going nuts, watched as children grew from babies to middle schoolers, some of us died, some of us moved away, but  always this house  held steady- held us - in a big  purple hug, best food, best friends, best children in the universe! This was where I did most of my selling during the festival of lights show before Christmas every year. An invitation only event- I sold out every year- went home with a pocket full of cash! IT was good! The company superb! The house welcoming always.

It was sold last year...the family  moved to the mountain side about two miles south but UP, all the way UP,  where the eagles peer in through your windows and when it is day time, the view goes all the way across the sound and the islands. The  NEW house is mostly glass - some metal just to glue it together, I reckon, astonishing in it's  artfulness. These people know how to build and curate! It is gorgeous and everything works! 

There is nostalgia, however...
The charm seems to be  gone.
Everything is dove grey, silver, white, muted tones.
The vibrant color is not there anymore, even the girl's rooms are subdued, tastefully, mind you!

Though the warmth  of the Christmas tree in the corner,  decorated with all of the ornaments from past times,  home made, some favorites of the children,  sort of resembles the joyful feeling we had in the purple house...

The fire and hearth take up most of the center of the house so there is that,
real warmth
and Vinnie  the pup who does not change

 will always be puppy sized - begging for peanut butter, seems to be a favorite snack, I love the little puppy licks that tickle my peanut butter crumby fingers.

There are the old familiar painting throughout 

but most of them sold at the the shifting -of -homes- sale... I did not go , I would have spent too much money, pretty sure. Plus , it made me sad.
Like I am now...

There are new acquisitions for the  glass house, HUGE art that covers entire walls!

 Some of the smaller pieces are still  there- to my delight, and yours!

Guy in his underwear vacuuming a green carpet.

No worries about neighbors peering in- It is like  the mountain side is owned  by these incredible folks,  Running around freely in underwear or no wear at all will not be an issue .
This family has body confidence, they are that lovely! 
I hide my body even from myself. No glass houses for me unless it is covered with a thick tarp...Then , maybe.

Thus , the BATHTUB, no curtains, like being in air- free as the birds.

Anyway, it was a lovely party and Vinnie  behaved in his usual manner.
Just glad to see you, wag wag- give me some peanut butter, I did,  and I may eventually love the new digs.
Change is never  easy, is it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

irritating but not toxic, a tiny shopping cart, and Stella's good ideas

Year before last year Stella gave me a hot pink poinsettia, it was stunning! 
It lasted the usual poinsettia amount of time , then found it's way to the compost, as they do.

She took me to the poinsettia nursery a few miles north of here, to  buy some for gifts or to keep and to add  to the compost heap, after the thrill is gone. They are especially difficult up here in the cold darkness. They are not happy. 

Who could resist, though, in spite of their struggle to survive- Christmas flower of the hour- we managed to buy some.

The white ones are kind of delish looking, but the drama just isn't there. A rumor spread a few years ago that this was a toxic plant, dogs and cats and small humans died after eating their leaves- that is a false claim , the truth is that the leaves are merely irritating- You see the difference?
Like when the orange gas was just a NYC swindler he was irritating, now that he is (NOT) our president, he is toxic. 

But what is that I hear....cue  theme from JAWS.... circling , circling...

Anyway, back to the nursery, to the irritating,non-toxic, flowers meant to die-

tiny shopping cart with my tiny Christmas cactus in it,  Stella's boots for size comparison.
I would like to have one of these tiny shopping carts, because - CUTE!

There was an area devoted to these , as well. They also are not happy in this climate...but then, who is really?

Not sure what these are, but there were many- maybe these are just short poinsettias.

Stella boxed up a few larger ones and smaller ones  and has ideas for them, only the BEST ideas, That girl!

I have had a bad idea. and that is  me going to London a few days after Christmas. Not that LONDON is a bad idea, but going in January is not the best month for weather.
Also I have realized how limited I have become physically after  broken neck, surgery, macular degeneration in one eye, also due to surgery that fried my eye,  and lack of doing anything for months on end , just can not be ME,  the body  says NO -takes a toll. Everything is compromised, this trip  not be the usual run around the city all day thing this time. I am off my game!

I can not carry weight either, so can only take bare essentials in a tiny carry on. I will wear my gigantic overly stuffed monster coat on the plane, and if it crashes I will be so well padded that I just may survive. I can buy things when I get there and post it  back home. January sales will be a thing- so I won't have to spend my entire savings on needs.
Oh, and  to top it all off , I got a hair cut,  a dumb old lady conservative hair cut, more and more hit the floor , just a trim, I said! 
In the salon it looked  just OK, at home, I lack the skill, and so there it is, all chopped off and droopy in sad layers!! Hats are good.

From the nursery we went to Value Village so Stella could stock up on stuff for her ETSY shop. She scored some great finds plus it was SENIOR day 30% off- She  set up Mary and Joe with their love child in a feather manger, 

Stella has the best ideas!
We know this !

Then Off to dinner at our favorite place in Fairhaven.
A very good day- the Stella way!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Artists always there, documenting our demise artfully

Meeting Karen downtown, with her membership and generosity, we go to the Light Catcher museum of art - Endangered Species/ Artists on the front line of biodiversity. - Sobering, heartbreaking, to be sure. Brave and very clever artists of all sorts interpreting the abuse / the regarding land/nature/ as a commodity, Our demise.

This artist- I can not even begin to wrap my head around! 
Tedious and thorough methods!

 A wall of Warhol-"known for his love of animals"- that's news to me, not the first notion that comes up when his work is mentioned.

A wall of coral reef , pottery- gorgeous!
Beside it some factoids about it's destruction due to human waste and 6,000 tons of toxic  sunscreen in a year off of the Hawaiian coast. 

oh, but the ART!!

And of course there is this.

And this, breaking our hearts further.


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Warehouse with Stella, charity orphan

Every year Stella and I go down south to the nursery warehouse Christmas tree bonanza. Every year it is crammed full of decorations and gifts and who knows what, this year was a bit of a disappointment - nothing local, all from China of glitzy poor quality- run of the mill overpriced crap that no body needs. It is over the top - takes months to decorate, but would be nice if  more nature , local talent, local artists were represented.  Resin and badly glued ornaments from China just don't cut it as anything more than potential landfill and more plastic for the sea.

I rather like this bear bench, however. If I had a cabin I would have  bought it, But I don't so I didn't.

The only ornament/decoration I did like is this yowling baby.

It was a prop and not for sale.

Usually we find something to purchase, even if it is just a string of  shiny bits to use later on in our fabulous art work.


From there we went to a couple of charity shops where Stella found some cool mid century modern glasses for her ETSY shop.
And I found these guys in a bag, took their photo but not them.

On to the next charity shop, a Christian charity where they play the most atrocious music  all about praising the lord.

But who can complain when one comes home with this little orphan.

Had to give her a home, at least for a little while.

I have been unplugged from all things Brexit/tRUMP/ horror of Israel/ and Julien Assange's cat. only to get slapped with all of it this morning as I plugged back in.  Vile shenanigans. Human's, your days are numbered, they say....

gallery on Chuckanut, a slice of sun

The gallery on Chuckanut used to be a gas station along with a mom and pop store ,serving the village . Now the village is no longer a ...