Wednesday, May 27, 2020

whales in the yard

The photos of the Orca in the bay are from yesterday, nicked from Bellingham page.
The top one is right outside my studio.
It is rare-ish to have Orca so close to town, we see loads of them in the San Juans or out in the straight of Juan de Fuca.
They must be feeling confident , knowing that humans are not on the water.

And this is today, a walk around with my NEW camera that works just fine- Blue sky, sunshine, and Lots of flowers, the gardens are plumped up, overgrown , so much enthusiasm.

This place has really cute trees, to match it's cute little self.

When the camera arrived I took it out in the yard - The baby and the doe were in the back , I zoomed in to see if the zoom works. I would say it is pretty adequate for a point and shoot, I was about six covid distances from them.

I was just listening to our Governor's plans to  re-open. It was bombarded by troll bots- get ready for election season!  Disgusting ignorance in capital letters and hate faces- I can not even address the real hate in this land at this time, still in shock- George Floyd, my GOD!

- Anyway, I may have influenced Dennis to not re-open- fingers crossed.
His health is of primary concern. He still has until June 1 to decide.
There is no need to take such a risk- also the new requirements/restrictions would put him in the hole so deeply that he would have to live  out the rest of his life  buried in debt. 

Stay well y'all, and be kind - i know that is how you roll and I love you!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

ISO art- lemon, three new words and attitude

I have not framed this yet, Covid ISO art by Jeffrey bess, on cardboard,  "these times".  I found his art on facebook and appreciate what he does with stuff on hand. Paintings of his vintage family photos ,  portly ladies in their aprons in the field- with additional background, like pterodactyls 
circling overheard or flying saucers in the clouds. Mundane objects, lawnmowers, post boxes, toaster- in the center of cardboard or whatever he grabs to paint on. I love them  all but I love this one most -  memorable time-  box!
Still finding comfort in my little corner. Notice the industrial head phones- tired of hearing certain sounds? These are the bomb for  simulating deafness.

Houseplants are doing OK- I feel like I could just walk by and the leaves would wither  ,  such "low energy", as the Orange thug would say.

Dysania  (new word) in the morning for sure...afternoon nap and a snooze before bed. 
Still staying home- it is so weird to go out , hunting and gathering,  and my mask makes me feel like I am a patient - that something is wrong with me- like i should also walk with a limp-  not used to it at all. Not to mention the claustrophobia and heat. So I just stay home. Groceries ?  who needs them....

I don't know where to put our growing -by- the -minute houseplants - the corner by the sofa is where they are -all smooshed against the window , 
great for getting the light that they seem to need but will not win any good housekeeping/ beautiful interiors  award.

Looking around the house, which is about all the exercise or stimulation I get these days-  see these? I wish I had sake to put in these little cups , aren't they cute?  Mid century olive wood.
The little eggs inside each cup came from my friend's cockatiel  - when she put Julio in the cage with her he  killed her- he had no business being shoved into the cage with her, 
but my friend did not think about that, was just in a hurry-
anyway, wish I had some sake but will not go to the sake store today. or tomorrow or overmorrow, (new word) Stay home, I will.

I am still pushing a threaded needle through wool. 
tedious but will make the piece stronger and add a bit of interest I think..I ordered a bunch of wool , it came, now i wonder why I did that, I have so much wool. 
The ordering online blues...

The camera came and I sent it back the very same day, having tried it ,of course. It was a make over, quite dirty , took really bad  blurry photos and was as big as a volkswagon. Not sure if i will get a refund but i certainly do not need another broken thing hanging around making me argue with it , coax it, plead with it. I mean-I paid  a lot for you , you little POS , you MUST work , right? 
more ordering online blues.

So, if I do not get a refund I will be cranky but fug it. These are times when there are other priorities. 
Like staying Alive

This little lemon is like having a baby in the house- I take it's photo daily and show everyone with pride!  Everyone being Dennis. and Julio who  cares about it as much as  he would a stone. 
There are a few more blossoms so fingers crossed
-  fertilizer and a rusty nail in the soil which the GOOGLE said it needs.

 Little lemon is lucky to not have been eaten yet- I swear I eat everything that is lying around- found a lollipop  in the back of a drawer -it was the yummiest treat of the day. 
After four hands full of cauliflower crisps and twenty cups of tea daily , crapulence (new word)  visits me nightly.  I see my friends making amazing kitchen delights -posting them along with recipes. Little carved mung bean fruits, REALLY? Or a timpano! good lord. 
 whatever -  I made almond flour pancakes this morning that were OK. Good for Dennis and his amazingly restricted diet, but  I failed to post them with the recipe, they resembled a big blemish and the recipe was "add water", guess that was a good move on my part. 
Hope you are all well and loving your staying at home "opportunity"- I am imploding.

Monday, May 18, 2020

yard bunny killed my camera

My camera finally died. I took one last shot of a rabbit in the yard last night and then. my camera just said "I'm Done". 
I went online to find something similar nothing too fancy, nothing with touch screen . Found ONLY ONE in the entire universe of the web- a rebuilt camera from a company in NYC.
In the meantime - I borrowed Dennis's tiny point and shoot to take on a walk around the neighborhood.
The top photo is a side walk that I have walked on for 32 years and only just noticed the foot print.
Here is a mystery plant struggling against the odds - 

This is the street above us, leading to the high rent section, where I rarely go- the vibe does not suit me and every time I have walked up there, I am viewed suspiciously. 
I just look like an old hippie- I scare them- I do not belong.

Which reminds me- I finally blocked an old friend on facebook this morning after he posted some bullshit about Obama- Not my president you don't!!! No great loss, best to weed the garden before the election  because you just know it will be ugly- ain't nobody got time fo dat.

The snow balls are coming out, they do not last  very long , like lilacs they bloom once briefly ., and then just go back to looking  unspectacular .

I took loads of photos of flowers today, but , you know, who wants to see flowers when your own yard is full of them.

Above is the rabbit , the final photo from the camera that I have been hauling around with me for 15 years, Rabbit /mushroom - the final straw- spazzed out, whirring, jerking - the lens going in and out like really bad cranky sex.
Anyway, the little point and shoot is adequate I suppose - the screen is impossible to see, so I was not sure of what might be getting its photo taken. 

There are still some tight buds out there.
I especially love them at this stage. Folded, new ,vibrant, fresh ,beginning- and all that hope!

Social distancing still a very good thing , people staying home still a very good thing. This was the only person i saw on my walk. Taking the big boys out!

Our street library is packed! The black box is a set of really good dominoes. For the most part the little library has been offering some decent books/puzzles/games.
I leave everything there- I have enough to do and read and watch on HBO and Netflix.
I am truly loving this stay at home thing.Looking forward to more walks in the sunshine with
my "new" camera -should be here by Thursday or Friday.

The state is opening up a little bit, we are in phase two - the end of the month Dentists will be back in action.
Hair cutters will not...I think I might be OK with that though- untamed untidy, is just OK with me, I will not be walking on the high street where the well coifed  live. I kind of like  wild dandelion locks,  naps -and B/W agree with me.
 Stay well- don't rush it and don't take any  shite from the bashers. Block the bastards!!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Queen of Corona, babies and pencils

 Fawns are all over the neighborhood , It is the season. This little newborn was a twin but I think its sibling did not live long. Dennis saw them in the street trying to get up and walk, all wobbly. Nature does what she does. It is difficult to not try to help especially when the babies look like they might appreciate human interference. Always tempted but never step in thinking  that humans are the boss of mother nature.  NO, heart breaking no.

This morning I awoke to an odd rustling sound, I thought something had fallen on paper in the hall-

 I saw the lights  ( christmas lights)  at the entry way moving around on their own...It was Julio! He had escaped out of a hole in his house and who knows how long he had been out and about, playing with the lights. I scooped him up and repaired the hole with a twist tie- he is well pleased with himself and unhurt! He must have been out all night, sleeping now.

This is the little Mama squirrel that lives in the tree house.
I think she has babies in there. 
She is the one that walks sideways , has a broken front foot as you may be able to see from this photo. She is skitterish, getting a photo of her  has to be quick!

I think that the lemon tree may have one fruit ! She has aborted four of them already but this one looks encouraging.
It is tiny - plumping up a bit more daily.

During the stay at home , which for us has been 91 days so far. Longer than most of the nation.
I have only been to the grocery three times during these days. I really do believe that we can not be too cautious especially if compromised by age .We are very lucky to have a house, minimal expenses, and solar panels!
I love the post office. Brilliant that we can order things online and two days later they show up! I avoid Amazon and go directly to the company- thus this magnificent box of  BLACKWING pearl  pencils.
The best pencils in the universe, -Japanese Graphite in California incense cedar, they are dreamy with which to draw or write. 
The sales benefit arts and music in schools, so really, how can one go wrong buying a box of them?
I may get around to drawing something today...

but most likely , like every other day, I  will just relax- comatose (  the queen of Corona)...and eat every carb I can find, dated ( 1998) Jacobsen's Snack toast, ancient pasta, Swedish fish from Stella.

I could not get flour or yeast from the coop or grocery,  the moment the truck arrives, flour and yeast are sold out!
Dennis went to Cost Co last night for meds and to fix my phone- Came home with 25 pounds of organic flour and a brick of yeast! SAVED!!! 
He  brought home big  butter - Cost Co size -and huge packets of cheese, Italian sausage, and cream -his keto diet!
Keto is keeping him alive actually , though neuropathy is beginning to occur internally, not so much in feet and hands , as one might expect with diabetes two- but in his hip and esophagus, digestive system, who knows where else-- places one would not normally think of as diabetic neuropathy. It is such a terrible disease, effects every fucking thing.

He went back to work on patients who had unfinished business- and is thinking to re-open next week on a very small scale with all of the extras that the threat of Rona requires. 
Which is to say that he will be working for free, paying staff and lab and  overhead, just to take care of people. That is how he rolls, his practice has never been about the dollar, he sometimes breaks even.

We will be driving down south tomorrow to pick up PPE's , very difficult to obtain.
So it goes, I hope you are all well , staying in as much as you are able-and ignoring the Orange Thug- we do not need that insane agro at all. His advise is  dangerous-he is dangerous- no news there.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

get well, felted thing, maybe bread

Today is Tuesday, Mother's day was Sunday. This arrived just now

And that is how it's done. 

Erik sent the "get well" balloons to make the delivery person and the neighborhood nervous. It worked, 
the delivery person - hazmat suit , quick as lightening, dashed away!!! Anything for a  laugh, dark humor rules. I think that the more seriously dire a situation the darker the humor becomes, by the time this is over it will be pitch black ! 

Dennis rummaged around in his drawers , found a pickle pin and gave it to me for mother's day.
Best pickle pin I have ever been given for Mother's day.

Stella and her RussianPoodle came over and spent about 30 minutes talking to me from the bottom of the stairs, brought this wonderful little elf garden that she put together.
The tiny paper faces are infused with flower seeds so they are supposed to sprout when watered. 
She is a clever girl, our Stella. We are so missing our shenanigans.

 I felted another vessel. 
It is a little over a foot tall.

It took a very long time to make.
I took this photo today - it is still wet. Not sure if it wants more fulling but seems to be OK. 

Fairly solid, able to stand

So that is it, another Rona day. Feeling fine. Feeling loved-
feeling itchy from felting, fibers get in my nose and eyes which is a distraction- gives me something to do other than eat and eat some more.

I have about three inches of bread left from my last batch- no flour in the grocery and no yeast available- loads of people are making sourdough for that very reason. Using almond flour instead, which may be good-ish. 
That will be my next try, I guess, sourdough almond bread.mmmm maybe...While
clearing out the bottom cupboard I found an ancient cake mix- which is flour - right? I think it is from 1992- it might make dandy bread, weevils for additional nutrition.
I eat anything/everything - Nothing is normal.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Felted I dunno what

I felted a large stone that I found buried under the bridge and though it weighed about twenty pounds or four hundred, I brought it home to use for felting because of its perfect shape and weight for smashing the wool. Mostly because I am lazy and let the weight of the stone do its worst.

It was OK before neck surgery , effortless,  two years later I can barely lift it and roll it and carry it from sink to counter only hurting myself a little bit, yes, I think it does weigh four hundred pounds.

Sensible people use a blow up ball and roll over bubble wrap, deflating the ball and then there you have it a nice round even shape.
The rock is more demanding and less versatile, makes a more "organic" shape.

After felting about six layers onto the rock, adding other colors and felting them hoping that they intermingle . Scrubbing, rolling, pounding, shrinking.
Fingers crossed that it comes together because , damn, it is hard , persistent work and I have no idea what I am doing.

Finally got colors to adhere to one another.
Soapy scrub and roll in the sink.

Hot water from the kettle  shrinks it a bit tighter to the stone.

Another go over with bubble wrap which pops because of the hard stone.

Scissor an escape for the way too heavy , now eight hundred pound stone, felt the tips and set it out to dry.

Not finished with it, I may do something else, change it's shape, add rounded tips, I don't know, I never do. 
My choice of wool is limited as most of it is in the studio downtown. 
Most of it is merino , strong, soft and less hairy.
My covid bowl.

And this was Covid breakfast this morning
String cheese/carrot/hot dog and coffee.
Not wanting to go to the grocery.

Rarely do we get such clouds in our sky, Usually they are wispy or just a solid  grey blanket.
These clouds are actually cute!
And then it hailed.

So, another day - stayin' alive. I am glad that you all are doing the right thing, Staying the fuck at home or being especially cautious, going out in a covid uniform. 
Dennis is supposed to open the office in a week and a half, a challenge at best. 
I am not supportive of this idea.

whales in the yard

The photos of the Orca in the bay are from yesterday, nicked from Bellingham page. The top one is right outside my studio. It is ...