Sunday, February 18, 2018

accidental art in the kitchen, and I can not live without you

Before I washed my glass that I use for milk coffee, I noticed this very nice scum on the edge, photo worthy! 
As is my skillet, As the coconut oil cooled it formed this magnificent message, "Get thee to a beach".

Instead, as I awakened to snow this morning, I decided to take the news paper back to bed with me., nothing much of interest except these two obituaries. 
"When you go , I am going with you!" 

They stated at one point in their lives that they could not live, one without the other. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

VD and a lost contest

Above you see the bouquet from our Stella for Valentine's day. I made one for her but tossed it in the trash because it was so terribly made. 
Below are the usual generic roses from Mr. man, bless him.

I have been out of commission for a bit. I played hard core tug of war with the studio pooch and he won. My right arm is pulled out of shape all the way from wrist to mid back and everywhere in between. Advil does not even come close to touching the discomfort. Heat is the only thing making it better. So, have not been able to do anything right handed lately.

I had to go to the DOL to renew my driver's license. I thought I did it online, sent money, filled out everything they wanted. But nothing came in the post. I tried to phone them, no answer, then I got two emails from them saying that my license would be sent tomorrow ...and then another saying that my license would never come because it had expired...Bogus site! 
Went to the bank after the DOL, luckily got a refund and a new card.
Minor hassle but monumental when my arm feels like it has polio. 

The thing about the tug of war is that the pooch is tiny, he has a mighty grip, like a pit bull, and is a little mass of muscle ,  I have been humbled.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

birds gotta swim

This area is known for loads of rain, A given, Since I have been back it has rained 22 days in a row, non stop, all day all night, I lie, there was a twenty minute let up, mid day a few days ago, everyone lost their minds with joy! 

Chuckanut drive, the scenic road that should have never been built , due to instability and gravity, always has boulders crashing down on the road, mudslides, and washouts. It was built above cliffs that fall directly into the sound. A narrow  twisty curvy road that is absolutely breathtaking in it's beauty - loads of car commercials shot here. 
Loads of lives lost here as well.
I came close!
Early in the morning driving home from work I totaled my car on this drive and nearly went over the edge, bounced off of the guard rail, overcompensated -slammed into the rock hillside-bounced off of the boulders and back into the guard rail, like a pin ball wizard.
The road can be slippery.

Below, a biker on  the trail by my friend's house a  mile south of me.

usually these drift wood sculptures are high and dry in the artists yard. He commented that , good to use wood!

Everywhere sounds like a water fall, 
melting,  gushing, and wouldn't South Africa benefit from some of this? 
Balance is just another word...

On the road way, not a real waterfall, just rain runoff!
Oh, in case you were wondering "Chuckanut" comes from a native term for " long beach far from narrow entrance". I always thought it had something to do with squirrels, wrong, again...
and, follow up on Emily's fiance
He had to wait for his insurance to kick in at the first of February before he could be seen for his symptoms.
His death so easily could have been prevented had it not been for our system here, of "let them die!"

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Miracle worker

So, you will not believe me I am sure of it. At the risk of sounding like  a quack alternative wacko medicine person, This is my story.
When I was in London, one day I noticed that this alien was growing out of my face, not an infection, a genuine cancer looking creepy thing irregular in shape, bumpy and weird, and growing by the minute, noticeably so, every morning it had a new, more impressive  life. 
I asked around , sent photos to people who know stuff...they said "go to a doctor!!! Yesterday"!!!
I checked London for skin doctors...found one who would see me for over 200 pounds just for a consultation. 
I remember , in the back of my mind reading somewhere that Zinc and ascorbic acid  were good for healing, and for skin.
Went to BOOTS , bought a cheapo bottle of said  good, made a paste, applied it for three nights, and 

Alien cancerous looking scary thing - GONE!
I am  like Jesus!

dual purpose cars, or not

I have never had a thing for cars, except for toy cars, which I can not resist it seems, I have quite too many! 
The only cars I have liked in real life have been the camping sort, and pick up trucks.  

The vehicles that get you to where you are going and also become your resting spot, kitchen, abode, sanctuary...

I lived in a VW camper van for a summer in an orchard. It was perfect! It moved at snails pace, which was also perfect. 
Very comfortable, everything I owned was right there, in the map pocket!
Then I went back to Wyoming for another summer. My friend lived in this sheep wagon. 
IT was bliss! 
Compact, everything needed within arms reach, including a rifle and a hatchet.

It seemed that every summer , a good part of it anyway, was spent in  a travel trailer, or a car, My folks loved to drive-  covered many states and Canada-me- enduring the back seat with my brother spitting on me and punching me, and making fun of my stuffed monkey, as brothers do. My Dad, smoking Lucky Strikes in the drivers seat, made sure to keep windows rolled up for maximum toxicity.  How are we still alive, we, who grew up in the fifties? It was fun when we hauled the travel trailer with us instead of staying in motels, , always an adventure, as the hitch could come loose , usually going up a mountain side. 

I think I may have burned out on car travel. Living in the middle of nowhere in the vast USA, cars are just part of the deal. I prefer countries where walking and bus riding are more common. I do not like to drive, at all!

My folk's generation truly had a love affair with cars, Dad traded for a new one every year!
He bought seven cars for me.
Some of them worked.

I will say, however, in spite of my dislike for car travel, going with Sarah in her car through Northumberland and around London was the most superb adventure, Sarah is a magnificent driver!!! 
She astonished me with her driving skills!

She is not Chinese, so that is a plus.
And so, here I am , back in the land of cars and gas guzzlers and horn honking . My car rattles , the wind could take it off of a bridge with a whisper! I try to not drive...but you know, umurka.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

basket bald boy bear blues

The antique shop around the corner from the studio is sometimes  a good way to spend a dreary afternoon . There are also sometimes affordable oddities that one can not resist, though, really, who needs more irresistible objects, especially when one's house is overflowing? Apparently I do.
This little herb basket from Lombok, is just too perfect to pass by. 
So solid, must have caused hand damage to the weaver! PLUS, baskets are always useful...for holding un- needed irresistible objects....or small snakes.

The bald boy, a Nora Welling creation, has a perfect round head. I appreciate the shape so much, I have always been jealous of nice round heads. Mine is sort of flat because of crib days, lying likely for hours in one position while my skull was trying to shape. 
The little knit bear had to come along for company, they seem to be very fond of one another.

Nothing much else happening up here in the dark damp- fire is barely smoldering. I understand anti depressants, I understand more- taking a trip to the sun! That would be good! This little light o' mine has flickered it's last flicker, Palm Springs is not that far away...hmmmm, thinking...

Thursday, February 1, 2018

#50 on the list of undesirables

The list judges for, weather, opportunities, education,  transportation, cost of living, rent and purchase of houses, crime, homelessness, community, entertainment....etc.
Not too terrible to be fiftieth on the list, Bellingham- but I liked it better when it was cooler- when creativity  ruled, when the rent was next to nothing, when we grew our own , and did not turn everything into a serious , acceptable color having  to have a city permit for anything and everything even remotely cool. The reasons I decided to live  here have all gone, it is not the same town at all.
The downtown is ghostly, there are few good places to dine, the cost of living and living - disproportionate, the sidewalks are rolled up at 10:00 P.M. In the winter,  it is colorless , bland, and the rain  every day  dampens spirits, shoes and everything else. It is dark. It is PANTS!!

So, you may remember the granery across from my studio and how cool it was with its patina, weathered wood, delicious old character. Well, the city managed to save the building ...but, 

none of the character, This is what is happening  out my studio window this afternoon,
Not what we might have expected. Just looks like any old  white building wearing a pointy hat.
The owner of the studio building , the one painted blue, in the top shot, has now painted it  beige, dear GAWD!
- shoved into beige obscurity.
 like a bad sci-fi, where everything is homogenized, predictable and (yawn) ZZZzzzzzz snoozing into the next dimension.

It is nice to be back in the studio anyway , haven't started anything yet because ...I am as inspired as  oatmeal. The glow from travel  obfuscated , rained out, drowned, by  blandness, shoved down into an old dingy soggy sock.

I did find a surprise  waiting for me that put a smile on my pasty, dull, boring  old beige face- A cow doll body, left by my friend who was using the studio when I was gone.
Cows are generally  inspiring!
I will give this one a think. 
I sent helper money to our Emily, and that cheered me up a little. It is going to be a difficult time for her.
I still would like some OPIUM please, because I am a cry baby.
 really, though, I must share the blame - dim witted circumstance, As I always told the children when they were little and moaning about being bored- "Only a boring person is bored, fix your problem."
I must take this good advice ...  (send Opium anyway, please) and snap out of it. I think I will paint the house YELLOW.

accidental art in the kitchen, and I can not live without you

Before I washed my glass that I use for milk coffee, I noticed this very nice scum on the edge, photo worthy!  As is my skillet, As...