Sunday, June 17, 2018

Mock orange giant, dog out of gas, happy leaves

Walking Cubby , I pass my friend's house, She is one of two in the no eyebrow club, of which I am the other member. We met years ago when I worked for her husband  at Toad Hall , an organic hippie pizza and home made root beer place, where if you did not have enough cash for food it was given to you. Back in the good old days.

Anyway, My friend's mock orange , filling the entire block with a divine fragrance, has grown unbelievably high!

You can barely make it out high up in the massive tree next to it.

Cubby is only six year old, still likes to play but walking is minimal.
He runs out of gas readily, good thing he only weighs as much as a bag of sugar, I carry him for a good portion of the walk.
He rests in tall cool grass when ever he gets the chance. 
Admittedly it has been very warm for the past couple of days...I think it got up to 69-70.
a real scorcher 

 Missed the fire pokers when they were  at their best.
These are the sad left overs.

Garlic in my friend's garden, robust!

Happy leaves of a mystery bush. 

My favorite pallet- sap green, gamboge, lake red and burnt sienna...lovely colors.

so, there you go, another rather uneventful walk, in the god awful heat!

(I hear you rolling your eyes)


  1. You make me laugh with your scorching heat! How can you stand it? Hell on earth, I tell you!
    Little Cubby made me laugh too. We used to have a little Yorkie Poo who was absolutely one of the best dogs I've ever known. I adored her. She was so smart and funny and sweet. Anyway, we used to take long walks on Dog Island and after about a mile, she'd simply lay down under a bush and refuse to go another step. I think about her as I take my walks, knowing that if I had someone to carry me, I would do the same.
    I don't think I've ever seen or smelled a mock orange. I wish I could.

  2. little dogs are great for tucking under one's arm and taking them along, stamina is not so great. Cubby does the same thing. Surprised you do not have Mock orange down yonder, My folks lived in south Texas before they died, there were loads of them there.I think that they like the sun, thus the climb up the massive tree, searching.

  3. Gamboge? I have to look that one up!

    Our mock orange is blooming now, too. Our red-hot pokers, though, have not yet made an appearance. They usually show up in July.

    Cute Cubby!

    1. Gamboge is a saffron hue, versatile for mixing paints, not wanting to use bright yellows or oranges, it is a more gentle color...Buddhist monk's robes.

  4. Toad Hall? Wasn't that in Eugene Oregon? I know the name but I can't place it.

    1. There may have been many, not sure, The one where I worked was in Bellingham the 70's

  5. A huge mock orange, it sounds wonderful. I planted one in my garden but seems like the wrong sort, it has lots of pretty white blossom with a rather faint nice smell, but when you cut it, there is a strong smell of petrol or oil or something, it's the sap. Duh!!!! but it is so pretty that I don't want to get rid of it.

    1. Oil smell, that is very strange. I guess you did get the wrong sort, the only ones I have ever met have been amazing in their lofty bright fragrance. Wondering what yours is...besides odd, but pretty.

    2. Does your supposed mock orange have thorns? If not, it could be a mock dogwood which is what I have, no thorns.

  6. I was going to look up gamboled too. Never heard of it.

  7. Gamboge, a very mellow gold-ish yellow.

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