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Sunday, May 22, 2022

let's go for a sunny day walk through the neighborhood

The usual path.
Houses dwarfed by trees.

A monkey puzzle tree that is looking especially pleased with itself. 

They do like water- everything does, without water we would not have a planet, they say. and we are mostly made up of water and goo.

When i complain about the centuries of bad weather It is difficult to remember- water= good.

Popcorn balls are growing beautifully right now, Across the street my neighbor has one that she has had for about fifty years. 

Given to her by her brother now a dead guy, so the tree has become quite precious. 

The lilacs have never been so chubby!

Though not an impressive photo of Maggies
Rhody, the tree itself is amazing, She has two of them and both grow as tall as her two and half story  house.

She leaves them alone, they just grow because they know how.

Iris days are here. Always a stunning flower that does not last very long.

At the moment they seem to be everywhere, waving in the breeze, showing off in a mighty nice display.

They also just grow on their own- too much cultivation and they shrivel. They like to b e invisible i think but have failed in the long run.

I would love to have a frock in that color, please.

 On we go along another path, closer to the bay where masses of wild roses are blooming. The fragrance nearly slaps you silly.

The sky is matchy matchy.

Deer proof tree, there are so many deer fences now ,with additional rabbit and squirrel wire mesh protecting gardens and yards.
An alley cat, living under the shed where the roof got carried away in the rain. Growing ferns and moss and whatever else can live on a roof.

The California poppies are the first to shout out - They seem to like the alley ways , also not wanting much cultivation, growing willy nilly along with the buttercups.

Dennis thinks that they are weeds.

I planted lavender and nasturtium along the rock wall one year - he tore them out, thinking "weed".

He will never be a gardener.

There were only orange poppies, still too early for bright red ones or for Shirley poppies. 

I have given up on poppies too, because..."weeds".

Here we are back at home, that was a splendid walk, the sky is superb and my legs remembered how to propel me forward.  All of the neighbors are in a good mood , more than  willing to talk about improvements they have made to house and garden during covid time and monsoon season .(that has lasted far too long.) I met a little dog who was very old and like me, walked at snails pace. Good company!

Oh, just two more - from the alley- Shamrock for luck and the bones of the boat protected by growing things.

GREAT DAY!!! Thanks for coming along! You are the best company ever!


  1. Actually, it was a fantastic walk.

    1. Finally, a walk - out side my four walls! More of these sorts of days will be welcomed!! Thanks for coming along, Joanne!

  2. Lordy your part of Bellingham is beautiful. Thanks for taking us along. I am so sorry you can't comment. I wonder what the heck the staff at Blogger is doing, one wonders if they're still doing maintenance on it.

    1. Looks like I can comment only not as myself. Dumb! This is a pretty part of town, there are a few but Fairhaven is my fave.

  3. Beautiful flowers! We have a rambling or climbing rose that looks just like your wild one. In fact many of our plants are the same (as we've observed in the past). I would KILL Dave if he pulled up my plants, even by accident!

    1. Murderous urges are likely to happen in marriages, I reckon. Micro managing and control freak-ism, is patience training , I am akin to Saint Monica, and no murders have been committed- yet....

  4. Your neighborhood is looking spectacular. A bit ahead of us, I think, but not too much. Those flowers are fantastic! Thanks for a wonderful walk!

    1. I tried to leave a comment on your magnificent HARRY post , but was denied! Blogger is great , when it works...

  5. You live in such a lush place! I really enjoyed your lovely walk and that quirky boat skeleton. I have the same issue with blogger, if I click on comment as google it just reloads the page.

    1. let me know if you find a way to fix this problem...Yes the pacific northwest is lush- due to all of the rain and cool days, the flora and fauna and birds love it.

  6. How beautiful it is there now. What a lovely walk. If only it wasn't cold, cloudy and wet most the time.

    1. That is why we should be nomads. Settling in to one place for every season makes no sense!

  7. again blogger finds my comment unacceptable :(