Saturday, September 7, 2019

more beachy wood,Cod and chips by the bay, compost and lanterns

More aged and weathered,  moss painted wood, Lovely how nature just does it's thing out in the wind and sea. 

Surfs up, and that is about as wild as the surf gets here, Laps like a lake.

evidence of a gull party, pretty sure some crows were invited, The clams never stood a chance.

The nicely weathered water tower-
such a rich color, try to duplicate it...
I guess I would use sap green, sienna, gamboge, and umber.

We stopped at Birch Bay and ate cod on  brioche bun, and chips
Funky sea side.

From there we went to the nursery, this beautiful pile is their compost!
Some things in there I would have rescued- no time for it today...on we go.

I do not have the patience to start from seed, so I bought this lovely and invasive Physallis alkekengi. Also poisonous just in case...
These fascinate me- and I have been impressed with Steve's lantern plant!

All stages of this plant are interesting, There are still a few little whitish pink flowers on this one, it has miles to go, I want to keep it indoors because I love it so much, but that is probably no like for such a wild thing is it. like keeping a cat indoors it's entire life- yes, yes, I know the arguments condoning that sort of set up, but, think about it really, would you rather spend a lifetime in a box or shorten your span living an adventure , out there, in the great beyond!....of course! Our cats have never been confined , they lived a long fun filled, bird killing, rat bringing, injury getting   life , BOSSES of the neighborhood they were. 
A cat with no stories to tell is just a foot warmer.

Friday, September 6, 2019

a get out of town but not too far holiday

We had a good idea, We needed to get out of town but did not want to cross the border so we went to A little resort nearby. Above is a photo from the air, Vulnerable on a tiny little spit of land  joined to the mainland by a narrow road over the sand.

  It is a quiet little place, just right at this time of year with children in school and tourists gone for the most part.
You may be able to detect the mountains in the background, they look like a bank of clouds.

The weather was superb, bright sunny days!

A small marina, boat house and shop for marine supplies with a little grocery  and a place for dogs to "moor" on a big soft bed - bowls of water are everywhere for the dogs. the marina is opposite the lodge where we stayed.
 The resort is the most doggiest friendliest place , the entire lower floor is reserved for  dogs and their humans- they have their own doors out to the grass for running around and  doing business.

 Of course there are boaty Mc Boat things here and there, this HUGE chain has such a beautiful patina, would look great in Stella's garden but we could not lift even one link.

Weathered wood. This would look good in Stella's garden as well, 

  In the evening every evening, there is a beach fire , the resort provides chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers for roasting s'mores. The children have their own pile of beach toys provided in their own area.
- a very user friendly resort, if you like kids and dogs.

 Stella at the top of the stairs. Our room on second floor- beautiful and quiet ...until the builders began working in the morning. Condos crammed side by side in a rush to make money before the sea takes over this little spit of land.

This is the lawn for dogs and humans but mostly dogs. Stella spent a good deal of time in the pool where she was told by a little girl that the rule most important of all is that you may not take toys into the pool. Stella was grateful for that information.
It was a great little get away, just needed a break from  the hum drums...

Sunday, September 1, 2019

side walk sale side walk

Holiday side walk sale in Fairhaven, parking is terrible so Stella came here and we walked , It is an easy quick walk into town cutting through neighbors yard and down through the quiet houses that are charming , well taken care of, grown up hippies for the most part, sensitive to the land.

I bought two things, Hand painted on wood chips by a local artist who used to be a mover and shaker for the lesbian community, but what do you know...married a man person and had a couple of children, her art has changed to be "safe"- bread and butter- whereas before her art was more adventuresome and way cool. She may still be doing her big women, I am out of touch.

I do not often see Freesia growing in gardens or pots around here they seem to be too fragile. 
 Spotted this one as we left the restaurant, the fragrance divine! 

back to the house passing yards and gardens and this troll that gets grumpier every year.

The no coal signs replaced by -

And so it goes, Yesterday the train killed another person on the tracks. In a hurry to get their load up north. I think the score so far is 11/0. Trains win every time.
So We did not spend big money at the sale, it was fun to just roam about and criticize the crap clothing on offer- most of it teeny tiny or extra large large.The stuff that never sells regularly.
We talked about ice cream- but did not buy .
We are cheap dates. 

whales in the yard

The photos of the Orca in the bay are from yesterday, nicked from Bellingham page. The top one is right outside my studio. It is ...