Saturday, August 31, 2019

non gardening, the falls, the dead , a good day

Making the most out of a perfect end of summer day, running errands.

I went to Joe's garden to collect some beautiful veg right out of the dirt,
got some sweet and sour plums to nibble on the way,

Disappointed to not have a garden this year, I wanted to make raised gardens in the front, it would have been so easy, Our neighbor was having hers built as well as a deer fence, the builders would have come over and done ours for less than usual because , they were here and had the wood.

Mr. Man, decided instead to get four large plastic pots from Costco and plant a few things on the deck.
The pots are still on the deck full of dead leaves and rain water. Guess we missed that season, and guess that next year , if the opportunity arises, I will have a raised garden.
Anyway, so grateful for Joe's- Organic, he does all the work, so probably a good thing all around.

So flavorful!! Affordable, and NO plastic bags.
On the right track, local, organic, no plastic.

From there I took my plums and went for a little walk through the park.
This is the same park , where about fifteen years ago or so, the pipeline leaked , big hole in the underground oil pipe,  And blew up three boys playing there. Saddest thing ever, Two of the boys made it home burned beyond saving, the other was fishing and was overcome , fell into the creek and drowned-
Burned the forests and the creek all the way to the bay. 

 The stone bridge is above the falls, there are more falls above this and are usually quite tame. Kids play on them, there are swimming holes and places where kids dive from the rocks sometimes killing themselves. That happens, a warning sign never stops them.

I am so glad we do not have thrill seekers in this house!

The worst Erik and his friends ever did was go to the lake and park illegally to the tune of a three hundred dollar violation!

We have been so lucky.
I have a live stream web cam thing from Burning man, I keep expecting to see him.

This is the other bridge leading out of the park.

The fence along the roadway.

I am not sure who the artist is , but think it is Reis Neimi.

Major project paid for by the city- us actually,
taxes you know.

No complaints there should be art everywhere.

We should live in ART.

From there I went next door to the cemetery. always a good walk. but this cemetery is so crowded with graves, it is overload and vast, getting larger every minute.

I intended to go to the baby graves and look at the cute little headstones, but decided instead to go back to the car and eat all of the plums.
Never made it to the babies this time..

This angel is large, she is the boss of the cemetery, no body gets by her without being judged.

She has her photo taken frequently.
She is rather spooky, especially at night when I would take the kids, then in middle school, to look for ghosts. We never did find evening when we were in the baby cemetery we heard the babies crying----pretty sure, though it could have been the coyotes that live nearby.
I hate to think of dead babies crying so I am going with coyotes.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

homeless in living color

After visiting the homeless housing project just down the street from our house , by the bay, by trails, and a heron refuse, close to Fairhaven downtown, groceries and such- inspired by the colors that have been chosen for the tiny houses, I came home and looked up artists...
The above artwork is  by Ann McIntyre.
The one below is Picasso, I think, I found it on Pinterest.

 this is a work by Chin Yuen, I do love her work, and when you scroll down to see the tiny homes you will see the similarities.

This beautiful blast of color and harmony is by Helen Frankenthaler whose work is incredibly joyful.

 And these are the tiny temporary  homes that will become a little village for the homeless folks seeking more permanent homes/jobs/ stability.

It is all volunteer- nothing from the government or the city, that is for sure- if you want something done well and correctly, do it yourself, especially in this land under Dear Leader.

I am sure that coming home to this little village of bright color would cheer despair at least a little bit.

They will have a community kitchen, Porto -potties, transportation, programs, classes,food, drinking water, a shower truck, barbers, medical.

It's a step, and I think it will be successful. Not sure how these little shelters are going to be heated, but I now know where to take my extra wool blankets.

Of course there are rules- no drugs, no alcohol - and applications must be accepted. 
I can not imagine this village working if all of the homeless were considered for this sort of community. Driving down Holly street it is clear that the folks hanging outside the help center are far too compromised for this sort of village to be their reality. 
Mental illness rampant, no where to go.

At least these baby steps are a stab at decency and love for our fellows, You realize that just like that *SNAP* you could be homeless and need a leg up.
Good to know that STILL (in spite of government) there are caring folks that are willing to help.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

little house in Norway, avocado, grifter

The little cabin where my Grandfather was born. My cousin in Norway sent the photo via facebook- it is located right across the river from where my cousin lives .
I wonder who lives there, I wonder if they would give it to me when I flee this country seeking sanity . maybe if I say 
vær så snill, kan jeg ha dette huset

 translation basically " give me your house please"

Our beach cabin is pending ,again... a couple from Orange county made an offer. Fingers crossed.

Mr. Man stuck an avocado seed in existing dirt housing this little blue flowered plant that managed to stay alive for over a year.

At first the seed was place upside down but managed to right itself, with a little help from Man.
He is a fixer of things.

It is incredible how Mr. Man has brought the practice up and thriving out of the nearly dead and buried mess that the guy who was "buying" the practice left it in.
In just a few months after returning , it is a packed house and Mr. Man is working as always, ten hour days with fewer staff ( because of the grifter guy letting staff go) - Mr. Man really should pack it in, he is going to be 81, for godsake!!  He looks amazing, gorgeous-like he might be 45 max, and his energy is great considering health issues, age, and that he is running on fats alone.

Anyway, I hope that retirement will be a reality SOON.
There are other things to do in this life.

Erik  sent a photo of a mantis he found (burning man) in the desert - crispy and very dead.
So dear that he thought of his Mom, a gift!
This is my Tuesday of running errands- a once a week venture out into the big town. 
Happy Tuesday, y'all

Monday, August 26, 2019

Grand daughter going places, come along

 Our grand kid decided to spend the summer going places. 
At the moment in Bern, by a big rock!
She and her mother landed in Paris , from there- Munich, Amsterdam, Bruge, Prague, and Berlin.
Her Mom had to get back to teach school, so Her dad, our middle son, met her in Munich.


She has posted loads of photos on facebook,

These are just a hand full

Prague was great but , she said, too peopled.

Last year she spent some time in Dublin,where she intends to return eventually.



 Amsterdam Chips


There are many photos of food, I gained four pounds just looking at them. 

Pretty sure that is why .

Our little scout- let's see...where can we go if this country does not snap out of it?

checking out possibilities.
 So now she is traveling with her Dad. 

He got a screaming cheap ticket round trip from Seattle to Munich, he is a pilot so maybe that is why.
Anyway, I am jealous and have wander lust like a burning rash!

That itch , that feeling that your skin is too small, that claustrophobic squeeze!!

Our other grand daughter went to Thailand and Vietnam earlier this summer for three months.
Erik is in the middle of burning man. 
I am feeding squirrels and a broken sea gull.
Mr. Man is STILL working.
Buyers for the cabin fell though but we have another offer in the works.
That's the big deal news from here.

whales in the yard

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