Sunday, August 18, 2019

And so , a perfect summer day

Beautiful perfect day, 70 degrees, dry, bright, could not be better. I went down the street to gather dome juniper, pine, and cedar for photo taking of Etsy things, Caught this jazzy looking bee, He looks like a JET, a JET all the way- from his first cigarette  till his last dying day.
I left some books in the little library, for the most part there are  worthy books left there. 

Just across the street is this white  trash. They should clean up their damned yard, nothing that a little gas-o-leen wouldn't fix. I am thinking.... These folks are obnoxious as hell, They have loud Christian karaoke in the back yard every now and then , flooding the neighborhood with Jaysuz rockin' your soul in the bosom.
It is unbearable. 
When the shrub was running for president , these folks had a huge truck out  where we walk, with a BUSH banner bigger than a small house on it,   a sign beside it saying "If anyone damages this banner we will put up an even BIGGER one - VOTE BUSH"
Their automobile is covered with MAGA crap.
They really should move to Lynden, the little  Dutch farmer,conservative, racist, Christian town north of here, where they could all white up together  and praise their invisible friend with broken bread and hocus pocus magic white Jesus, and leave us here quietly  avoiding anything RUMP.

I came home with arms loaded with flora pinched from trees overhanging the sidewalk.
It is a perfect, cool evening. The deer family munching on whatever it is they munch.
You can only see the tail end of the baby, - getting big!

We may have sold the cabin...still not sure. Things can turn on a dime.
Of course I have wanted to dump the cabin for years now, but all of a sudden because it is actually happening, I am sentimental about it. 
Memories can take you  down the sad path , you know. 
I really love the  3 stages meme- BIRTH--- what the fuck is this--- DEATH.
And there was the Woodstock fiftieth year thing this week, I lived in San Diego and would have loved to have gone, but Manson family had just done their murder thing the week before- I could not have left the house even  if I had lord Jesus holding my hand! 

I must say, we have indeed lived in interesting times!

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