Sunday, June 16, 2019

A plant for the guy, unhappy gull and a dead mom

Bromelaid  for Mr. Man on Father's day.
He likes it!

Never knowing what to get for him, he has everything under the sun, and in the garage and three storage units, so...This seemed a rational choice! 

It will flower only once and then, with luck and neglect may have puppies, That is what the offshoots are called! PUPS, So cute I had to buy it.

Best kind of puppy, I reckon.These days especially - oldsters not wanting to get up in the night to take the wee one out.

This is Carl, back again,  without his wife.
we moved the chairs and the dog fence up against the window so that he would be discouraged. 

This is what he thought of our idea

I am gong back home to Wyoming next week, taking some of my mother's ashes to put on her favorite mountain, Her favorite of all places is  not easy to get to because it is  still snowed in. So, this time the mountain will do. Next time I will go for longer maybe , and later in the summer.
While getting the ashes out of the jar Her
valuables that I put behind them, tumbled out.
When people ask "when did your mother die" I always say , "Oh, not long ago..." It has been 23 years!!! Just seems like twenty minutes ago - I was shocked to see the date, truly shocked!
Anyway, My Mom was secretary to the president of the bank in town- highest wage given to a woman in Wyoming at the time, She earned every dime- She not only kept the president on track, did some of his personal biz - trained the newbies, did oversee the entire personnel , learnt and taught the new fangled computer system to everyone , worked overtime for free and always smiled , sang, and had such a cheerful outlook - it is a wonder she did not give the whole town diabetes. I swear, it was hard on me, as I wrote morose poetry in the corner of my room, dang, all the other kids have shitty moms giving them angst, why did I have to get this one!!  How can I possibly rebel...

Somewhere along the line she made friends with a woman of the Shoshone tribe on the Wind River Reservation. That woman beaded this for her on elk hide backing.
It is stunning, is it not?  

I will be gone for about ten days, a quick trip. It takes nearly as long and complicated to fly from Seattle to Wyoming as it might to get to London, and it is more expensive! The Airbnb is also pricey, Not to mention car rental . May as well , you know , cash does not mean a thing when you are dead- Which seems not that far off.
THIS is about right, Tom is always right.

Off I go, to pack I don't know what...Wyoming, all four season in a bag, plus tea because Wyoming hasn't heard of good tea,Lipton's is your only choice-a sissy drink for invalids. so, I have a load of tea, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, English Breakfast and good ol'  get your heart pumping-PG tips.  Also taking camper's food for one night and one morning because the BNB is so far out and I can't rent a car until the next day. Timing is poor.
Excited, not excited.