Friday, June 14, 2019

diagnosis requires more than a posie

 If you have a Friend newly diagnosed with cancer ( and who doesn't)
 this company online of course, is  thoughtful about their care packages and even distinguishes which package is better for each sort of cancer.

If you look at what is in the collection it would be easy and way cheaper to duplicate if one has time to run around a get things. 
I ordered the one for ovarian cancer, It seemed skimpy for the price, but  they sent it promptly , Prompt and time is important in this situation.
The goods are nicely presented , good quality, and the Pashmina shawl was heavenly soft!
Flowers just do not do their job for such a devastating diagnosis, helpful items are welcomed.

These are the guys taking over the lawn at the moment. Unable to startle- I could get too close  - they just lolled around in the sunshine and damp grass and looked through  me as though I may be an apparition.  

The fawn got too big for hiding under the lavender, She left a few days ago. Pants died, the one legged sea gull comes around every day for a little snack.
He is too compromised to be obnoxious- just trying to live for a while, as we do. I have sent Carl and his wife ...away. 
They were obnoxious, they had it mastered.

This is the first time this  plant has blossomed- It was given to Erik for his school plant by our neighbor . Erik was about seven years old , going to Montessori where every kid was responsible for their plant. This one has miraculously lived, for a long was old when Erik received it. Finally blossomed yesterday in these tiny chubby baby buntings. 
I really thought that she was too old for this  sort of thing. 

I watched all of Chernobyl on HBO in about two days...intense, well done but do not mistake it for a  documentary, fiction and artistic licence  for more impact is obvious.
It is worthy , though, and I understand that Russia is making a counter to this one, in defense of course- propaganda on both sides.
Propaganda, flavor of the day.
I suppose it is best to unplug, I likely will as the election gears up into all of the possible ugliness it can muster.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Market, bird and a warning?

On the windshield  this morning. I decided to go to the market in the York neighborhood, because it is a cool old neighborhood and I needed milk.

I parked here.

Nelson's market has been in town since 1898, at the same location but different incarnations.
It is still pretty old and funky.

Umurkun snacks but you will NOT find a Maga anything here.
There is a cafe on the side that serves honest fare. Biscuits and gravy...grilled cheese, Umurkun healthy  heart food.

It is a sweet little neighborhood , there are  bungalows, gardens, and large Victorian, working man,  houses

This humble Craftsman is either coming or going.
Might be adding a basement. There is a house down the street that was purchased for a pittance and moved across town for ten grand...They built a foundation and basement under it. It took two years. They hit the jackpot, it is now worth over 1 mill- or what the market will bear, and my guess is that as real estate goes here, it is under priced. 

A Jay got in ...again. He refused to leave, he came with the purpose of disturbing my obsession. Nearly two thirds done with the puzzle from hell, hours spent sorting it out and feeling all smart about it- finally seeing what it was supposed to be ... moving   trance-like , rhythmically sliding the pieces together , that satisfying "ahhhh" when they fit together effortlessly, no hammer required. (this time)
And then, the Jay, the little blue freak- hopping along the floor leaving poop with nearly every hop, 
ricocheting off the walls and windows, knocking things to the ground- FOOF there goes the puzzle! There go the little pots on the window sill! Anything not anchored crashed!

A warning ?

In case of earth quake the doo- dahs on every sill and surface would become bullets for sure!
And the puzzle...well, never mind. I need to spend time more constructively, I suppose.
After the Jay finally found his way out, I shifted all the furniture and hiding places, cleaned up the bird poop, which was quite a lot  for such a little bird,  I cleaned out the corners, Got a pile ready to give away- NOT to Goodwill, they are the worst. but probably to the assistance league.
See? Constructive use of time- bird is the word! 


That was my day so far.
I realized that I forgot to get some good old builder's tea, a must have- off I go !