Saturday, June 8, 2019

the party , the real one

The party,I made it on time, it was grand, the weather held and the food was amazing!
On the tables, hand blown old glass floats that Amy has found along the way.
Sometime these old floats can still be found , usually on the peninsula, and when a person finds one it is indeed their lucky day! 

This is the same house where the Christmas party was, modern. sleek, glass and steel!
 A far cry from their old Victorian home  across form the armory "castle".

see the line of concrete shoring up the yard, just over the edge is a drop off, I mean STEEP, so steep the if one falls off of the yard it is better just o roll all the way down to the road below and walk back up the road about a mile or so to the house. But, must say, the view is amazing!

The party was for three, the girls and their families and friends, Boys playing basketball, girls playing badminton and some sort of throwing game I m not familiar with.

 I zoomed my camera as zoomy as it could go to take a shot of the train trestle far below.
See the tunnel? We used to get a rush going through it not knowing if or when the train would be coming, We were idiots, and stoned, probably. We lived on the edge of the muddy side of the bay in off the grid houses, cabins, huts, not much more than shelters.
Pretty sure we could out fox a train in the dark tunnel...why are we still alive, I don't know!

Anyway , they do not want to spoil the view by putting up a fence so if you stumble and tip over the edge, well, that is just the price one must pay. 

They are so lucky to have their own madrone tree , a well established healthy old growth!
The prettiest tree in town!!

 The three graduates, all accepted into very good universities and lucky enough to have parents that can send them! Yes, they are white and yes they have privilege  and yes they do realize that they scored the winning ticket this lifetime!

This is that cool kind of moss growing on top of a stone pineapple, looks like a guy going bald but just not quite there.

The garden is dramatic, not fussy but full of statement!
Boulders for steps, big, that sort of  thing. 
Cool little touches, a small sort of rustic alter thing, a Buddha hang out .
And a large glass ball  next to a stone. 
Amy has done  all of the work!  She is stronger than a team of horses, that woman!

Friday, June 7, 2019

top of the world, shrooms, flying girl

Beautiful day in the neighborhood, You can see how the train trestle cut the bay in two , limiting water flow, On the right is now pretty much  mud bay, Huge freight ships used to moor in the bay before the trestle was built.

In the neighbors yard, hefty mushrooms popped up all of a sudden,
I should have put my foot in the shot for perspective.
easily a 12" diameter.

These  look edible, if one is keen on eating wild mushrooms. I am sure that these are safe.  
I became horribly ill from eating a wild mushroom in England when I was young, Mushrooms have been spoiled for me every since, just the smell of them cooking is enough to send me running, gagging dramatically.

I went downtown to get some shoes, they were sold out, that is one of the disappointing things about living in a small town. Online shopping has a reason!

I did go into the sock store, where all sorts of socks are sold, I bought some for presents for people difficult to buy for. 
Can't go wrong with a pair of knee highs covered in gold fish!

This is the large flying sock girl.

So, I  did show up for the party,  either too  early or the only one invited...Realized after knocking on the door and seeing a bewildered look on the home owners face that my number dyslexia has tricked me again. The 5 was not an 8. Tomorrow is the 8- I may go to the party AGAIN! There is a problem with being TOO early for a party. 
I do need to wish the graduate well , she will be going to California to university and I may not see her again until maybe Christmas. so, yes, just talked myself into going. Parties, ugh... social awkwardness is  my super power.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

petals, puzzle, motor oil's perfect vase

In the sink this morning- Mother's Day lily over the sink shedding her clothing in an artful way. 
I call her Gypsy Rose Lee, and that is as sexy as things get around here!

 I move, with coffee in hand,   to the puzzle table...and just stare, thinking how can this mess of colored cardboard ever be anything but a mess of  colored cardboard?  Sit down, stare some more, and before you know it, my coffee has been consumed and my eyes can see some fitting together out of this crazy confetti. 
I fit four pieces together...out of what, 2,000??
Futile, probably, but there is likely a metaphor in there somewhere. 

Mr. Man wondered if I had a use for the jar in the garage full of motor oil and sludge, It has been there for years- "yes, please", I said.

After days of soaking, bottle brushing, bleaching, windexing, more soaking-

There you have it!
the perfect vase, tall enough, sturdy enough and by no means precious but it is an older Ball mason jar with glass bubble in it's imperfection. Worthy of a save. 

Going to a graduation party today, how can that be???This child was four years old just yesterday, and I know that we say that with astonishment every time a young one grows up but still...Time is a trickster and will surprise!
We are all doing time .

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

this town is such a snooze

Went to the charity shop, senior Tuesday! Seniors get 30 percent off of every purchase so you can well imagine how crowded  it is with white hairs and oldsters who can no longer keep up with hygiene. It could be intentional, the stinky folks nearly have the entire row of knick -knacks to themselves- I am talking poopy pants and stale urine wafting like waves of granite- smacking you right in the nose!

That is an effective way to make a broad sweep of personal space around you, so , yes, it could  be a well thought out plan... 

Driving back to the studio I stopped to take photo of Mojo Music Store , Mojo done gone, wind  is the only thing playing the sky guitar these days. 

Stopped again to photo my friend's big thing...He bought it years ago and there it stayed , next to the boat yard. Every now and then he would go down  and ping it with a hammer just to hear it ring. I tossed a rock at it, in his honor, but it did not "ping" , it sounded more like "Dongthzstpp".

From there I went to the studio to stab California colors into something that may just end up becoming a shopping bag, or a hot pad holder, I don't know. I ran out of the color that I was using so had to improvise with some colors that I did not like but were in the same spoke of the color wheel _sort of. It may not work. Then we took a photo of all of us - artists getting together for a photo is truly like herding cats,  artists are that way!  This one looks OK, after about six tries to get all of us looking at the camera , at the same time.
Lorna, in front, long blond hair got a new dog last year, His name is Gilligan.  He is a direct descendant of Winslow, who was the best studio dog in the universe . I LOVED that dog, I was his dog sitter when Lorna went diving .
I have not yet gotten to know Gilligan very well , He has a totally different temperament, shy, not as cool as his uncle or whatever the relationship was. 
Anyway, nice to have dogs in the studio!

Tomorrow I am going out to Our Miss Stella's little gem of a house on the lake, We are going to be tying bows that will be used in a wedding  later in the summer. Stella is doing the flowers and the fancy decorations stuff, because she has the best ideas...I may have mentioned that before