Friday, May 31, 2019

This could save your life....

I found this card that my uncle carried in his wallet. He got it during WW2 while in the Navy. 

No worries, It is not a hazard, and the only reason all of those Japanese people fried is because of disorganization...

Good to know...
Mr. Man is in California, I do what I want...Watched Ricky Gervais " After Life", LOVED it. 
Ate sausage and peppers all day, and drank turmeric milk with honey. 
Yesterday I took a little stroll around the neighborhood, one needn't go far .

 Below the flicker taking a dirt bath,

enthusiastically,  created a tiny dust storm.

Grasses are gorgeous and the rabbits are all hoppy, making more rabbits, I assume.

This snow flake hydrangea grew into-

a lovely evening gown  for the street light.

As I walked thoughts were of Syria, a once gorgeous place, like this, smashed and blown up into  nothing but rubble and sorrow. I should know better by now to not be so  curious about photos of god damned war and the horrific nature of man.

It could so happen here, you know. 
Earth, bless her core, is going to shake off this human disease- did you notice that after Chernobyl, after the radiation prevented humans from entering, has become a wildlife , blossoming paradise? Old news- I am just catching up-
Humans- the worst!
We all seem to start out OK, and are really cute so the rest of the humans allow us to stay. 
Like baby anything, I suppose,  has to be cute - and then something happens , we start believing shit, we take authoritative leadership with a nod. 
So important to "fit in" we tribe up- and then we war. 
What a dumb set up, Earth is not taking this  human nonsense any more. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

baby in the lavender, rainbow frocks and opposites

Peering over the deck onto the lavender patch, Do you see the baby.

She has been there all day, quiet as a mouse, still as  the dead.
She looks like a pile of pebbles, in between lavender and house,

 Mama Doe was resting across the lawn trusting us to not disturb her new  born. So tiny. Testing her new born to do as she was told.
Good baby.

She did not even twitch when I got into the van and drove off to SHOP!,  I need a hat to shield me from the ever biting sun, Found the perfect one, the last in the shop! Field and Stream Adventurer's hat, Fold able - fits- hard to find a hat that fits my tiny Child sized head. Tiny head...big brain, they say...( they don't really say that, I did, ) In defense of my tiny brain, however, I did score more A's that either Erik or Mr. Man in our genealogy report which makes me  3.4 % more intelligent than they.  DNA does not lie!

I had some time to kill before taking Mr. Man to the shuttle, I roamed Macy's.

The styles are not really my fave, but I am loving all of the rainbow clothes,

Thinking I might go back and get the long striped sweatshirt looking frock.

I like the sparkles, too. Would never wear them but I do love their mirth!
Everyday would look like a party!

I would love to see some man wearing this orange suit in Bellingham, the town of boring , dark, "don't look at me"drabness, Stella is the only person in town who dresses beautifully wearing color- not afraid of color... confidence - flair!
Conservative in dress, this little town,  but extremely liberal otherwise. 
Interesting program on NPR a few days ago about  music/art/poetry preferred by those who tend to be conservative and those who are liberal...Mr. Man is conservative,( if you had not guessed)- preferring poems that rhyme , music with a one-two beat, non-fiction, and realism in art- just as predicted in NPR's program.  Those things are consistently  characteristic of a true conservative.  
I am opposite, in all things. How does this work??? I do not know, we have been together for 38 years.

I guess it is going to stick...

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

tea, pin ball, mouse underpants and matter

David, middle son, gave David's tea to me around Christmas time could have been a birthday present, one in the same,  all of it gone  already. I ordered another, It is my new favorite, I could have gone to Granville island to get more and made an adventure out of it, but I just did the usual lazy me...ordered online. from my comfy chair.They are mostly herbal /spice/berry/flower infusions, but there are also green and earl grey, not a disappointing packet among them.  The only problem is what to do with the little silk mesh bags after use ,  re-purpose, re-use, re-store, re-cycle ... I can not come up with an idea for these, I could make mouse underpants, I suppose, pretty sure there is a market for that.

 This very large quarter is a trophy, recycled, re-owned, - the game goes something like this:
There are four friends, they play pin ball, winner takes the trophy, however he must carry it with him in case he meets one of the others on the street and then be challenged, they must find a pin ball machine  right then , even if the guy is on the way to the dentist, and play for the WIN. If the guy is not carrying the coin when he meets the other on the street, he must buy the other a drink. One friend is in London, one in Boston, one in Bellingham, and Erik in Portland, so the likelihood of meeting winner of trophy  on street is pretty slim let alone that he may be carrying the cumbersome trophy...One guy has had it for well over a year and he always wins because WIZARD!
When Erik was here for mother's day, the trophy guy knew that they would bump into each other, so he carried, They met, They pin balled, Erik won. 
This may call for another trip to London...Who knows what is happening there politically (horrendous), who knows what may happen with borders and nonsense , but worth it to go and play pin ball with the friend there. Any excuse will do.

Another lucky thing, while we are speaking of things and luck- this little Holmegarrd Danish modern vase, found in a box of broken , bits and bobs, each terrible dirty  thing costing thirty five cents, just to get rid of it, proceeds to go to charity.
I brought it home, gave it a bath, looked it up, and the prices for these range from $45-$225.00. I also bought a ten cent Victor mug, big spender, looked it up, twenty five $, so they say... 

Post of THINGS, bought and sold, is just to remind myself that matter matters, re- used, re-everything- never minding "spark joy", sorting a pattern for mouse underpants out of  David's  tea bags , as we speak,  maybe try to turn some of it into cash, making more art is dodgy, but recycled art of things already in existence sounds  preferable, Like  my friend who uses broken plates , mosaic- and me, changing raw wool into something as useful as a wool bowl! Everyone has a use for both, right? Matter matters? 

Monday, May 27, 2019

Garden party, and toes

holiday party at Amy and  Mike's Garden.

The very best time with a garden full of flowers and lovely thoughtful folk -
I feel so much more optimistic having had 
what is called "intelligent conversation", defined as:

An Intelligent Conversation is not “cram your ideas down the other person's throat”. The whole point of an Intelligent Conversation is to try and see the other person's perspective. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't automatically make you wrong or stupid. 

Not necessarily an echo chamber-  but most on the same page - you know- GREEN, liberal-ish, broad perspective, well informed, accepting...
One corner of people  engaged in like minded admiration of Purse brands and new cafes and dance lessons, I know nothing of those topics so gravitated to millennials, grounded and realistic, and older  bearded wisdom, not that I am any one of those things ( other than bearded) but  I do feel better, having been in a slump for countless days, listening to the drone or MSNBC, NPR, BBC. 

There is no denial that  THIS change is BIG, that politics are somewhat futile at the moment, that right leaning is tipping any semblance of balance, the earth  tilt- climate change becoming quite obvious, nothing is for sure, nothing is the same, nothing is predictable. Denial is NOT an option.

It is great therapy to spend a day with these folks and their loveliness - their clear thought ,good will - good food!

At home it is like ground hogs day,
There is a lot of forgetting, repeating, forgetting, repeating. 

- am a bit worn out, shouting because of deafness though there is  a hearing aid, it is not doing the job well.  For a soft spoken person to shout all the time is exhausting.

Repeating, repeating, repeating. Explaining, repeating, shouting.
I do claim that being old in these times is a blessing- just a bit annoying at times,  grumble....moan.

That is  Hawaiian Mike, cooking, He is the best cook I know!
He is also an environmental scientist and an author of such, 

Of course ---there is no time for , magic thinking, wishes, "prayers", no side stepping what we are transitioning into,  the real deal. We do what we can to stall, to be sensible, to boycott plastic of all sorts, to drive less if at all, those things are beneficial short term and I suppose make our sense of doing the right thing valid,  but of course it is not enough and we are facing some...challenges, and severe stupidity

I love facing challenges with these amazing bright people, on the same page, in the same book...

A most welcomed holiday garden party, to be sure! Needed an uplifting experience-

AND, here come the buttercups- the sunshine, and bare toes!

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