Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gallery on the island

 Stella , Terry Kaye, and I went to the gallery on Camano Island, made a day of it, as we do.

I have posted about this gallery before, the studio is filled with the BEST art , the vast grounds are  well appointed, sculpture, glass, metal, stone, all sorts, as well as just the most beautiful wild garden.

Karla, the owner, has kept most of the old growth, she has artfully carved and cultivated a most amazing park. Years of chopping, hauling, digging, sculpting the land and forest into this lovely place.

The art in the gallery is the best there is on offer.

We were tempted to buy , but I considered my lack of wall space, Stella considered her pocket book.

So we went away empty handed but fulfilled!

 Throughout the grounds chairs are placed for sitting and contemplating, or for art, never quite sure...

Pretty sure the one below, with the FOOT stool, is art, and not to be sat upon. 

A very fine day, indeed, the sun was out, warm, perfect pacific northwest spring day.

I've had to postpone the trip to Wyoming due to snow, crazy wild snow!

Wyoming is getting hit hard, the mountain range where I was going to go with mother's ashes, is not passable, never minding the side roads up to the creek where I was going to take her to the creek, the beaver dam, the tumbling boulders,  may fly's carcasses crisping in the sun on the dry bits,  freaky.

I may plan a trip later in the summer to take her up on the range, but for now, will be leaving the later part of June, without her. It is ridiculous,  getting to Wyoming from here costs more than a trip to Europe, accommodations are as pricey as London.

- going anyway, after all, Wyoming  dirt is always in my heart. 

The forest here is so lush, ferns unfolding, green upon green, soft- I live in OPPOSITE land, There is Wyoming,  hard and harsh- and then there is  THIS. Thought I had found heaven when I moved here!

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