Thursday, May 16, 2019

Iris , Lily, morning emergency

This morning my friend called , close to weeping..." I have broken my hand - I need your help". Charged off before first cup of coffee, before brushing my hair- arrived to find her hand swollen , red and not working properly, got her shoes and sweater, stuffed her in my car and off we went to the walk in clinic,

Much better than going to the E.R. where they try their best to make you  die in the waiting room- where all of the drug seekers and broken homeless hang out ,hoping against hope that some one will see them and give them a pill.
The walk in clinic is across town, clean, efficient - rarely much of a wait.
I filled out her forms and for the first time since I have known her found out her birth date, which she has hidden all these years, not sure why...

Doctor came in and right off the bat said "GOUT"

Then we are off again to go to the prosthetic and brace place across town in the opposite direction, I filled out four pages of "form", Saw the doctor, got the brace, then off to get prescriptions into the pharmacy across town again, left those off, to be filled when they could get around to it...I bought cherries (cherries are good for gout, and they are fresh from some farm somewhere)  and an orchid hoping that that might make her feel somewhat better, Went to the Deli and bought her a melty sandwich since she had not eaten all day. Took her home, Dropped her off , went to pick up the meds, went back to her house, cleaned up after the cat, took lids off of the impossible to open meds , gave her pills and milk and food, By that time five hours had passed!
Had to get to the post office before it closed, had to do grocery shopping, and now I am having a cup of tea that is like elixer  at this point.
Loads of running around - when will  there be one stop shopping for what ails you? Oh, and another thing, even with insurance and medicare the meds were over the top expensive.This country is so below the bar on all fronts, it is buried. No news there....

A cup of tea makes everything seem  alright-  the fragrance from  lily of the valley in a milk bottle is like a massage for my mind.
So, all is well...gout is weird , extremely painful, my friend said so, and I believe her!
 The iris are along her sidewalk.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Pants, Kinder Surprise

One of the dozen Mother day roses that broke off, lucky I had just found this little bud vase, All about timing,,,and going through drawers, So much stuff- but you just never know when it will come in handy...thus the hoard!

Before Kinder Surprise was banned from the states, because of small toys inside, never mind guns at school killing children all too often, never mind , rape/incest victims ten or eleven years old  forced to carry full term a pregnancy that may kill them- anyway, off track...
I found some delightful toys that Erik received every Christmas, Kinder Surprise when the toys were really cool, made in Holland.

Move the horses head down and KICK! Over and over, the dopey guy falls on his face.
Hilarious if you are three years old...

Pants had been gone for days, I thought he had crossed over to Squirrel Paradise.
The improvement seen a couple of weeks ago has deteriorated significantly, Poor little guy, I guess the damage was just too severe or perhaps the roundworm was merely slowed down.

He is blind now.

So, I took a quick walk around the block, taking advantage of the sunshine while it is warming the earth, shaking off some of the intensity of earth's situation, squirrel suffering and the GD GOP, and religious freaks. ACK! Shake it off...

Across the bay  the old cement factory shines because WHITE, always visible. 
-photo taken while coming down the hill back to the  house. When the seas rise our house will  swim with the fishes and The hoard of kinder Surprise toys will not even matter.
The seas  indeed will rise - cleanse the earth of this  human infestation, Oh ....and Fuck Alabama!
Smash the damned Patriarchy!
WTF? Is the GOP trying to populate their army for the civil war they are so keen on having? Good question! Not unlike the Taliban, role model!


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