Friday, May 10, 2019

drive south and Johnny Was

 Driving south to LaConnor, perfectly sunny day, the little town uncommonly uncrowded, great timing before the tourists arrive!

On the search for cotton clothing that does not look Walmart stupid.

There are two shops in LaConnor that have clothing worth the trip As if the trip down the valley was not enough on such a glorious day.

I took my time.
Farmers kicking up earth,  it is so dry! My car looks like a powdered doughnut after that dusting..
The town is the sweetest little place, A quick walk covers the entire downtown, The buildings are still they way they have been . I love this town,  an inspiring  place for Morris Graves and Guy Anderson especially.
Some of their art, that has not been stuck away in museums or on high rent walls is still evident if you know where to look. Always searching for the ghost of Morris.

The houses  almost Disney-ish - perfect world-ish are well kept up, $$$$ 
The streets are mostly dirt.
It is quiet...until tourists arrive in the summer, then it is a place to avoid.

  a couple scoops -espresso with dark chocolate  bits on a waffle cone.

Home made ice cream. not too sweet, just right. So that was my fabulous day, Plus I tried Johnny Was stuff on and am so over my fascination with their product.

It was remarkably affordable because the shop owner just wanted to carry the line for fun, marked everything way down. But, you know, the quality was just not there!
Glad I know this, now I can get over it.

Do not believe photos online!

After a purchase of an entirely different thing I meandered though the back streets and ally ways. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The town smells of sea, salt, old boats and fish,

Fish and Chips, Oysters, salmon on just about every menu except the ice cream shop.

Beautiful drive back home along the water, no traffic.


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

by the sea, dog walk

Cubby's folks called in the morning, a bit of a panic, their child hospitalized in Seattle, They had to take a trip down south and wondered if Cubby could come over, I picked him up - he is the best medicine !
He must have spring fever, he wanted to walk all day- although, he took a couple of breaks in tall grass and dandelions, and spaced out for about 20 minutes by the creek.
Just my speed these days. Breaks and naps by the creek in tall grass- heaven.

The mud flat is where Carl and his wife live most of the time. It is quite a nice little bird community.

  Madrona trees are Pacific Northwest's gems.  Every stage is gorgeous, I especially like them in the fall when their skin rolls back exposing their muscles. 
The colors change throughout the tree, artistic skills. They grow by the sea and could not flourish anywhere else. Of course they are endangered, but then, of course at this point, we all are.

Cubby "owned" this object, it is now his.

We finally came home , he had baked chicken with sauce and string cheese, passed out on the cool floor , flattened , like  rolled out biscuit  dough.
Early evening his folks collected him, Child  hydrated, antibiotics and pain meds IVed for good measure  released from hospital to get well on her own. She is in pre-med so the experience is likely to be helpful for the future.  Patient empathy...

Today is Tuesday already, I am going out on a mission to find  cotton hippie clothes for summer. I might be lucky....if I can find a time machine...

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