Friday, May 3, 2019

Carl injured, rhodies bloom, promise fuggitaboutit

Carl and his wife came in the morning, banged on the glass door vigorously, I said "SCRAM", and now I feel terrible. Carl came back later that afternoon without his wife, badly injured,
his leg broken. I gave him a pile of salmon and a couple of peanuts for the road...
I said "sorry".

And then right before my eyes , the white rhody in the yard went "BLOOM"! 
We used to have seven of them, all white, rare-ish, but winter took five of them. This one  now has to do the work of many.

 the drive way bird house, ha! like anyone would want to live there!

but it is cute so I keep it.

The blue bells are looking cheery. They come up  without effort overnight, just as quickly die.

I went out with friends one evening, I promised to behave- have a salad, eat slowly, that sort of promise... I am not good with promises, because LOOK!

As they say, Life is short, a brief flicker...and how often does a chocolate flour less cake appear with home made sauce and ice cream, the answer is - not that often- gather ye rosebuds and all....

Pants has not been around for three days, Carl did not come this morning.
The sky is cold, dark and full of rain, and the rump is still president. The cake, sauce and ice cream are clearly a requirement.   I understand "comfort food" and it understands me.

post script: Carl came back, leg tucked but looking better, Pants came back looking terrible but he is still with us! Comfort food is more than just comfort, it heals the world! 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

cranky on ETSY

  • Linda HoofnagleHer initial complaint was that she did not read the description and was miffed because it was too big
    Date:1 day ago1:02am EDT
    Date:1 day ago1:02am EDT

    Message:I reckon the bench was well packed, sent on time, the dimensions were listed at the top of the description . If you were displeased with it you could have notified me. This is the first minus st
    Sorry you are not pleased with it- it is quite a nice little bench for small things, bears and dolls and little pots of herbs perhaps, anyway, there's that...
    Sorry for her needs-, I suspect  alcohol maybe had a hand in attitude.

  • Linda
    Date:1 day ago10:28am EDT
    Message:It's glorious! It's marvelous! So absolutely adorable! Well packed, shipped lightning quickly, and the seller is the best I've ever run across in all my 20 years of buying online!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything about this is triple perfect!!!!

    There - I revised it and gave you your extra fucking star, which you can shove up your ass. Is that better????

  • Date:1 day ago1:02am EDT
    Date:22 hours ago1:10pm EDT
    Message:well, thank you, the pointy bits hurt a little being shoved up there- no need for animosity, just read the descriptions , they are generally accurate. Thank you again, ouch,
    Linda Hoofnagle
  • Date:17 hours ago6:01pm EDT
    Message:I will send refund if you like, send the bench back and I will paypal your refund minus the postal fee. Sorry you are not happy.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pants news, chocolate mice and northwest Abalone

Pants is pretty much on the mend, no longer crawling across the deck or hanging upside down to eat nuts, like a boss, he balances on the railing , sits upright and navigates in a round about way to the pile of breakfast.
Above is his seeing eye,
Below is his blind eye, his fur is growing back too. He may one day be king squirrel again.
 He took a nut from my hand and sits close by when the door is open.
YAY, worm medicine! 

When  I take care of Cubby, he sends me a nice present, This time he sent me chocolate mice from L.A. Burdick, of Boston - Best quality chocolate around! I usually do not like white chocolate but the white mouse was my favorite, dark chocolate ganache with cinnamon and port wine enrobed in white chocolate. Oh dear god, mouse of heavenly goodness!  The dark one - ganache with freshly squeezed orange juice& milk chocolate -dark chocolate mouse is  ganache with espresso , all mice have toasted almond ears, Last time Cubby sent me  a combo box, the chocolates are small and packed with flavor so a little goes a long way, diet chocolates ,I like to call them...that is my rational. I would ,if I could, eat them all day for weight loss purposes and betterment of health.

Oh, and they arrive in a wooden box ,  tied with french wired ribbon, sealed with sealing wax. Does that dog know how to shop or what??

Long ago, when Mr. Man and I were just hanging out together, We took his  boys and the boat and went out regularly into the Salish Sea where they would dive and I would cook and read and daydream. 

They usually came back up with several Pinto Abalone, particular to the PNW entirely, they were  size of your head, we took them for granted , Now they are endangered, of course, I can understand why. They are delicious, like scallops only more tender. And their houses are another heavenly item!
I appreciate the one shell that I kept, though at the time it was not so special -there were so many...Now it seems a treasure - holds soap in the bathroom. 
I should bring it out into the sun more often.
The peacock of mollusks!

I bought the blue one at the charity store the other day, it clearly is not as nice as Mr. Man's but still...only four dollars and is gorgeous. 
Gone are those days of mooring in a small secluded bay, sleeping on gently swaying boat, the men folk diving beneath the placid , freezing, dark water, which always somewhat terrified me. Glad we did that thing when we could.
Glad we ate Abalone every dinner, when it was still OK to do so. 

Leaving you with Pants, navigating his way into the stash, he really is doing so much better though he may look old and decrepit, he has a strong constitution battling the mighty worm and ...there is a friend, HE/SHE follows him around and sometimes grooms him on the railing. OMG, life is sweet.