Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Sunday Local Paper, pants full of heroin

Our so called LOCAL paper is such a disappointment, usually, but look at today's offering! Extra special- "I might have some heroin in my underwear, officer". maybe it is just my Sunday morning  Easter mood, but everything seems absurd today, a  guy walking out of a cave after being dead for three days is highly suspect, And rabbit eggs? Odd day. Not keen on Easter.

And this one (?) unable to give the OK to be a rape victim...I don't know, just sounds darkly hilarious to me.

BUT THIS! is a different story- this  is just more republican BS. and the nurses are not taking this one , sitting down....playing cards. Anyway the senator tried to back peddle her way out of this one, it did not work, So, beware, Senator, if you ever need  a catheter  or a wound dressing, you can count on it being a little more painful than for others...or you may not be attended to at all. 

In the obituaries pretty sure it is a typo, 

Another obituary, young lad dies  from a fall- caused by stress seizure due to broken heart syndrome, falls  cause damage,and death but  I have never heard of those other two death causes . 
Anyway, it does sound tragic on so many levels. 

We keep getting the Herald, It costs way too much for what it is but sometimes there is a gem...this is one of those. It's been a weird Sunday, the earth does not feel right, maybe there is an earthquake coming, maybe there is a dead guy walking around having been dead for a couple thousand years , isn't that what the bells are chiming about  today? Weird! 
Cubby has been extremely restless.
Four walks and a snooze in the yard, He does not want to come in, highly unusual. He is afraid of the dead guy, is my guess.

The cherry blossoms have shed their wings all over the ground, like a romantic idea

There are puddles of petals.

whales in the yard

The photos of the Orca in the bay are from yesterday, nicked from Bellingham page. The top one is right outside my studio. It is ...