Saturday, April 20, 2019

buying spring, Cubby walk, orphaned lamb

Went to the nursery to get a spring plant for the neighbors. Plants and flowers here are ridiculously pricey compared to London, not sure why, anyway I bought a gorgeous  bright purple azalea . The nursery is like a candy shop- OOOh and AAAh all over the place, and many dollar signs.

-came home, took Cubby for a walk around the neighborhood, not a long walk , he runs out of gas quickly.

Eats grass, drinks from the ditch-

and rolls around just like a big dog.

Kids are out , playing basket ball, street hockey and roller skating- check the fancy skates! 
We wore metal clamp ons with a key-of course ,we be  old!
 Scraped knees , went through band aids on an hourly basis, kept that company in business!

Tulips are at their best right now, and they are EVERYWHERE.

The lambs were born, there were a pair of twins in the lot. Below is Grace's baby.
Farmer Kim went out yesterday to check on things, wondering why Grace did not show up for dinner- found her in the back forty deader than dead- throat gone, guts out...cougar.
likely a juvenile cougar as the older ones only go after deer and elk. 

Poor baby.
I guess Lily ,the other mama, is now feeding all three lambs.

Leaving you with garden full of color and wishing you a happy Easter ham, or tofu ham, or a colored egg.
Yay jesus! 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Tiny things, Cubby the dog, ocean in the studio

Tiny, tiny bead work from 1850-ish on an 1820 document, purchased  while in London with Sarah. As you can see the beads are impossibly small, and the penmanship impossibly  beautiful. 
Poor lighting must have been a thing back then, amazing that this work could be done at all, but then humans can be amazing, that is easy to forget these days.

I went to the studio one day...started a thing, not sure what but I just felt like I need a blast of  Ocean on a sunny day, the color of the wool  sort of fulfills that need.

I keep the curtains draw so that I do not have to look out on the granary. The building looks like a hunk of plastic now that it has been shored up and renovated- The old mill works demolished and paved over. 
Just not feelin' it.
I would love to have a studio in the house, or live in a warehouse that is all studio with a bath, a toilet and a doable kitchen- that would be ideal. 
Spread out, make art, one thing after the next  or simultaneously ,in my ADHD manner.

I will not be back to the studio for at least another week and a half, I am taking care of Cubby the wonder pup.
He is a good sport but there are other dogs at the studio that are larger and more rambunctious and would overwhelm this little rabbit of a dog.

He , too, is tiny, Six years old and never grew beyond this rabbit size.

Article in the NEW YORKER a while back, "The Day The Dinosaurs Died", A most surreal cataclysmic description with geologic evidence,  of what happens when a meteor hits home, so exciting , heart palpitations through the entire article- I nearly lit on fire.
It surfaced again on facebook from our Ms. Mary Moon. I read it again and likely will read it several more times, it is that great! 
If you can not get your hands on that issue, which ever one it was (?) Google it , sit for a while, and read the rather lengthy article, so worthy.
I am off to take Cubby out in the rain which will not be a walk and  lasts about as long as it takes for him to do his business. then to the market to get fresh organic chicken livers for his lunch.  Ewww, I know, I craved chicken livers when I was gag when I cook them for the dog.
 Cubby loves them, he is not even pregnant, go figure.

Monday, April 15, 2019

A brain vacation

I think that I post Maggie's flower bush every year at about this time, I never remember the name of it ...nor my cell phone number, nor my license plate number,  I would say that age is the cause but I have always been a forgetter of things that crowd my limited brain capacity.
My folks said I was absent minded  but I would have to narrow it down to  too much to chew.
This life has always been too much to chew, big bites, less digestion.

Always been rubbish at puzzles, but now that I have slowed down a bit,   the mind vacation of putting them together is calming, and with a hammer and scissors on hand , anything is possible.

Stella found this little magnetic puzzle, in a  small tin ,when we were on an adventure.

I dumped it on a cookie sheet and slowly ....

re-visited part of London, like being there without the bad air, or the expense of renting a  pricey flat.
The pieces are tiny, I had to wear two pair of glasses (again), and use my magnifying glass. 
So, there it is, on the only cookie sheet I own, That is OK because- no more cookie baking until maybe Christmas but seems the entire family is on a betterment program, NO sugar, NO alcohol , NO bread, a family of NO.
But, I must say, it has been brilliant for Mr. Man and son Erik, who lost 25 pounds in ONE month doing Keto.
Mr. Man no longer  needs insulin , has cut metformen down to minimal due to Keto, Zero carbohydrate and NOW less protein. So, plant based," they" say, is the best base. 
Just what you wanted to hear, right? On top of Notre Dame on fire, Russian infiltration , and Democrats losing their shit already...we must change our diets to , NO. ...I need distraction- or I will go to the grocery and I will buy a sleeve of Ritz and I will consume them within seconds...
Think I will go to the charity shop and get another puzzle, Probably not as much fun as this London one  or as much fun as Ritz ,but a vacation none the less.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

rubbish bin newspaper, Seeds from the power company

 We still get the so called local paper, only because it is ritual for Mr. Man, Starting his day off with a shower, paper , coffee and eggs, It is how it has been done for centuries, even though our "local" paper is not even remotely local,nor is it "news", except for the obituaries -which are in the SPORTS section.

The paper came in handy when my bird could use them. Now I have found another use.

Rubbish bin for a rubbish paper, rubbish news,
Of course the bag will not hold much but it is  biodegradable, Soy ink and all...

We received a thank you card in the post from Puget Sound Power, Our solar panels installed securely - Our mail box is down the street and when it rains, the box fills up with water, clever design. The card is to be planted, biodegradable with flower seeds in it for the bees.

Small steps.And , though, too late by far, at least a stab at cleaning up our shit.

We were on board long ago, When our hair was long and we smoked a fair amount of home grown, We all tried to out-mother Earth one another, back then,

The gulls are here for keeps it seems, That is Carl and his wife. They are beautiful but , like Assange, are terrible guests! 

Like Assange they poop everywhere, make a lot of noise and demands, and steal nuts from Pants.
This pair has moved up to the roof . They bang on the metal chimney thing which echos down through the fireplace, a bullhorn for Carl! He bangs on  the glass doors, Screams and clucks. I am smitten - such personality, damn me- I buckle every time...I chase him away with the broom, ever so gently. He knows that I am insincere..

Above is a card I got from Artist friend, Cooper.
Could be , according to some thought, that I have once been a sea gull, or a broken squirrel, or a mangy urban deer...Empathy can be a bit much...and may bring rats to the yard, 

I have also likely been a rat, I think that they are amazing animals- destructive but look who's talking, A HUMAN! The most destructive species on the planet!

Anyway, onward- I ate all of the bread and pies and carrot cake there was to eat during the winter, I am a round as a tick,( I have been that too,probably), so -and I am asking you to hold me to it- I am eating celery, boiled eggs, diet food until my clothes fit loosely again.  I hope that it happens tomorrow. Pretty sure one day of starving will erase all of the bread, pies, cake and sloth of a most depressing winter.
To be fair , I am  also fighting genetics...I come from large folks, survivors in evolutionary terms.
Photos of Grandfathers, grandmothers and parents are  not just portly, they are Large!
I could survive a famine, I reckon.