Saturday, March 16, 2019

sudden optimism

Today was very nearly like summer, summer in the arctic, I suppose, but the sun did shine! The temperature rose significantly, the ravages of winter clearly  visible, Fallen trees, sad brown Rhodys, Grasses fallen over , drained of  viability, drained of color like calcified dog poo.  New spring stuff coming up is certainly a shot in the arm, or eye, or where ever one needs a shot!

My friend's sheep are about to explode, This one looks like she is packing ten lambs in there, though from this angle she looks kind of normal. She is huge.
Her sister is also about to pop, but will likely have just two babies.

On my way back, along the road is this man's house, which he has been working on for years and years- He keeps adding to it, and the wind keeps subtracting from it. On it goes. Up and up, I guess that is what one does with unleashed imagination on  a small plot of land.  The cool thing about this house is that it is made  of recycled everything. It is solid though it looks like it could topple, The city had to make sure of that after neighbors complained. They took him to court several times over the  appearance and shakiness of this house, but he persevered, and he won.
Some folks just can not handle anything that is not status quo.
I understand....when we painted our house last year, we looked at the beige neighborhood, and did not want to cause a ruckus- we chose...beige.

So, here we go, racing into spring after the most dismal of winters! Time for Stella to get out the pool and the Spritz and sunblock. We were going to go out this evening but I was called to an emergency. The place where we would have gone was too crowded anyway - cabin fever folk out and about in droves!
This town is getting too populated, not noticeable in winter , of course, when every one is huddled over hot tea, sitting on heating pads, but, man oh man, when the sun comes out!!! It is like an ant hill and all of the ants found a cache  of  Caffeine . Or Meth, whichever makes ants/people scurry out of their minds. 

I am reckoning "get used to it"...there will be plenty of global warming migration , and this , up here, is a temperate zone just right for masses to live by the sea and the mountains, without the sun burning every corpuscle. 
For now, anyway.

Friday, March 15, 2019

product placement, ray of sunshine,White Jesus

Today is "kid's walk out day". Walk out for the environment, a gathering at city hall, a march...yet I wonder how many really take it upon themselves to change old die hard habits, driving a car, guzzling gas,( essential ), boycotting plastic , boycotting plastic packaging, using hemp products, avoiding petroleum know, the usual"woke" stuff.

We  try- but slip a lot...One thing that seems OK with me are LUSH products. 
Organic, gentle, packaged in friendly cello, good for the compost heap. 
I have tried just about everything Lush has on offer but will tell you now- not all are equal! Some are just silly.

The blue bar shampoo is the best ever- as well as the bar conditioner. The bee thing at the top is body butter and supposed to  smell like a bee. It does not and is quite strong, though the butter itself is gorgeous and soaks in almost immediately. My legs are so soft I can barely walk, but I will not buy it again. The little golden bar next to it is banana butter for face, Excellent, face so soft it has slipped right into my neck, not a good look but, skin loves it.  The Sultana of soap has long been a favorite It used to have real sultana raisins in it but have since been taken out, good thing... tasted awful...haha. the soap is more of a slippery clay like substance, not a lather , scrub  deal, more of a clear- clean- fragrance- fantastic- hit the hot spots deal...

The body powder is new to me and I have not yet decided if I like it...but could not resist White Jesus  ...

I have tried Lush bath bombs , don't. I have tried "happy happy Joy joy" - don't. 
I have tried their traveling soap jerky- terrible!

So , The above are the ones that I can recommend after years of trying product.

Environmentally  friendly , effective, delicious, so easy for travel , no liquid, nothing that will be tossed into the trash at the border.

Sunshine has returned and life is getting better with every little  vitamin D filled ray!
Pants still coming around in the morning, so pathetic.
I tell him that everything is just fine, and that he is a handsome strong squirrel, we both know that is a lie, and that is OK.

Shadows have come back as well, It has been one helluva winter!

Mr. Man has gone back to work...selling the practice fell through.
After a year and a half of dealing with the guy who was "buying the practice" , who has been a nightmare...finally Mr. Man has put his foot firmly down, "get out" and has taken over. 
I am conflicted but so glad he is able to get back in the saddle, health improved, on a roll-  

Everything looking UP!

( pretty sure it is because WJ)

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Flicker, Flicker, chick

On the deck this morning, Flicker searching for  seeds. The Flicker are on the chimney again, banging out their love search...echoing and magnifying down through the fireplace. It is loud. So this will go on for a few months until they have mated successfully and have youngins to sit on and  care for.

I went to the feed store , bought some de-wormer  to put in water for Pants and the raccoons. Doubt that it will work but at least it is the best I can do at the moment. 
While at the feed store, this little chick won me over...I did not buy her but there was the thought...

I did see a meme that gave me pause...Something about the RUMP being sent by God ...there is a test for this, Crucify..put in a cave for three days, roll the boulder back and see ...Sounds like a test that may determine if Rump is truly sent by God. Willing to test the test.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Pants , down

A pretty death. this plant from Christmas...I will keep it around just like the others until -nothing but sticks.
Speaking of death- Pants is dying, it is inevitable- not poison, so I can quit giving my neighbor the stink eye for her poisoning of rats...Pants has roundworm, got it through raccoon poop, probably digging through it to ingest non digested seeds and nuts...It is a terrible thing! Dogs and cats can be treated but raccoons and squirrels can not -by the time the worm infestation reaches the brain it is way too late anyway. 

Anyway good to know, so if you see raccoon poop be careful, use gloves and a mask and burn it.

Am listening to JONI 75 at the moment on PBS. Other folks singing her songs just does not work at all  especially Chaka Khan, and James Taylor - the first .all screamy , the second. an old man who has lost his voice entirely.

The Stones are coming to Seattle! I looked up ticket availability, there are many ...reason?
Tickets are 650.00 bucks! 
Do they not realize that their fan base is mostly old folks on pensions and medicare? 
As much as I would LOVE to go, that is so far out of line!
Wayeeee too far.

So, I am cranky, Joni Michell on of my all time faves being insulted by terrible renditions of her poetry /music/art, Pants suffering, and the damn Stones...who do they think they are???? the Stones???
Sometimes I want to shoot the whole day down.
That is all.

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