Tuesday, February 26, 2019


I Drove Mr. Man out to the county to pick up his automobile after battery replacement for his Hybrid SUV. The battery weighs over 300 pounds for that thing! Lucky to find one in such a short time, only been about a week. But now he is wondering if it is time to get an electric car, I am thinking the same. Of course this part of the country is ill prepared for electric cars at this point. The tech is just not there yet.

Since I was already out in the county I went to a charity shop that used to be a bonanza, it is not anymore ...plus they played  christian music loudly, I could not get out of there fast enough. Did not want to waste a trip so I went into town to the antique mall, which was vaguely satisfying. Bought some dollar items- my kind of spending! A bisque baby with a broken arm, two tin whistles, a pin cushion and a bag full of hearth song dollies.
On the way home I took the back road instead of the mad dash high way, 
Took these shots from the window of my moving car, and could have taken way better ones but , not wise, too much traffic, tractors, cows and stuff on the road. 

Came home, plugged in to the information highway, seeing comments  from ignorant Conservative christian folk, and was compelled to let them know that they are especially mentally challenged, y'all should see a doctor... and that they can just all f*ck right off.  I reckon.
I probably should unplug. Either that or end up in the slammer for , who knows what . Stabbing? Yes, stabbing , that feels right. Reading comments is self harm, clearly.
Anyway,  this is going to be another horrendous election circus and I swear if it goes as badly as the past two plus years, there will be some Mad Maxxing ,  Boy and his Dogging- "give me your beans or lose your eye"  insane persons wandering about. 
-crazy times, babe! 

I should get a dog....and some drugs for this next round. Yes, drugs for sure!

Monday, February 25, 2019

sun on the bay, illusion of warmth

Went to the studio today to try to paint a background for taking object photos for ETSY. I think I failed but am not sure yet , still have to take a few photos to see if the background is too  blue. I used some titanium white mixed with Payne's grey thinking it would become a sort of seagull grey, but , no, Payne's grey is a curious blue. I don't know what I am doing, ever, so life is always a surprise.

Sunny beautiful day so I walked down to the little beach close to the studio.

As usual there are warning signs about eating the toxic clams, should be in several languages including dog.

 The sand is sandy and the drift wood is drifty, having been bashed over and over again by winter and the sea.

All of the interesting bits have been adopted I am sure, 
What is left might be good for gardens but  not clever enough for art.

From there I went to the fishermen's dock .

The sunshine nearly blinded me! The vigorous  freezing wind cut through me like I was a ghost!
 Anyway, it is so nice to see the sun, the blue blue sky!

I love this little dory decorated with orange floats.

She looks like a faithful little helper.

On my way back I passed this house which used to be really spooky.

Everyone said that it was terribly haunted, you could feel the unhappy spirit locked in there, all the way from across the street

Pretty sure it moved on after this paint job.

It is on the Democrat side of the street, The Republican side of the street overlooks the bay.

The houses on  that side of the street are gorgeous, old, magnificent, pillared, porched, and properly painted. Of course they are more pricey because...Republican. That is the way it has always been. BUT I am thinking when the overdue earth shake comes, the BIG one, Those lovely old homes will tumble down the cliff  and into that wonderful  bay view and the  Democrat houses like the purple one will finally  have a bay view  

whales in the yard

The photos of the Orca in the bay are from yesterday, nicked from Bellingham page. The top one is right outside my studio. It is ...