Thursday, February 14, 2019

snowbed, dumb newspaper, mountains in the kitchen

Two of the fawns sleep in our back yard , under the cherry tree , the best place - protected from wind and coyotes
This is their bed- that indentation in the snow.

They walk around carefully, on  stiletto feet. so graceful, so quiet. I have left apples but they freeze almost instantly.

Squirrel came yesterday, frozen stiff, I invited him in but he just took a couple of nuts and stumbled across the deep snow, sideways,back to wherever.
He may have made his home under the house of our neighbor- She discovered insulation fluffed out and made into a bed- She had the exterminators come, so maybe this little guy is homeless, out on the streets- sleeping rough.

In the Bellingham Herald today, which is no longer the Bellingham Herald, it is all AP, not much to do with local news, not much to do with journalism- the printers moved out long ago to someplace north of Seattle...It is one of the worst news papers in the universe.

The line drawn cartoon is the one in question.Do you see anything amiss?

Mr. Man had to get out the spy glass to search for the offensive line, after about twenty minutes found it. HAHAHA, we concur !

We have been meaning to cancel The Herald for about five years now but Mr. Man really likes the  structure of walking down to get it in the morning , the usual way to start the day- and I like the obituaries. But I think that this latest dumbness is pushing a cancellation. 

Out the kitchen window this morning. We have more snow than the mountain, Under the foot + snow is ICE. I have not been out since the first of last week, not wanting to "take a fall"...funny how, as we get older, we "take a fall" rather than just fall down go boom. 
 The power lines usually have loads of birds on them, not today...too damned cold!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

White out , a book, and keto

It is still snowing, through the night and into this morning and, add about three more inches to these photos taken at seven in the morning.

The crows are cranky.

 I have been reading A book about the life /times/ and art of Egon Shiele it is keeping me well entertained --I am NOT out playing in the snow, not yet anyway...must find mittens...anyway, this book is remarkable, though the writer has  too many opinions and judgments that get in the way.
The title says everything about the writer as he names Egon "The Egoist" and turns Egon's work in on itself, never mind, if you can forgive the writer there is a wealth of information in this little book, loads of side notes and art! Plus there is the fact that this writer is not alone in his condemnation of Shiele's character of narcissist.
Other than that I am eating the flax seed bread I made yesterday and getting fluffier by the second- not much else in the house besides Mr. Man's keto food.

Heavy cream, cheese, pork fat, butter, you know, KETO extreme! Not a single carbohydrate is ingested.

It is working wonders for him, truly! His diabetes / blood sugar is in check, no more neuropathy  that was contributing to a difficult bowel situation- It has been remarkable! So, OK, whatever it takes- I am on board- ( good thing I can make bread as I am addicted)
Now they have found the  research that the sugar industry hid since the late sixties- paid lobby and reporters to go after FATS, making them out to be the villains of heart disease and cancer when all along it has been sugar! Studies prove that sugar not only feeds cancer but creates it, Sugar is a heart attack, diabetes ( goes without saying),cancer,  contributing to just about every disease , organ damage, hardening of arteries , bad skin, lack of  brain power, Which may explain the dumbing down of America somewhat...No exaggeration. Science, There are many google-able links to it now.
Of course carbohydrates are sugar, fruit is sugar, everything delicious is likely to be sugar but there is way too much of it- in everything, Addictive to be sure, because we are human- mother's milk is sweet but it is also loaded with globs of fat and other nutrients of course- Fat can balance the effect of carbs, butter on bread, cheese on pasta,  Clotted cream on scones, that sort of thing.
So, Mr. Man is on the right track- and I would not have believed it had I not been here to witness! Kudos to Keto!

Monday, February 11, 2019

six o'clock in the morning,ideal winter weather, old man Baker

Lighter than usual at this hour, The snow makes it so.

Of course it is very pretty, covers a multitude of sins...changes the dismal bleak winter into sugar coated fairy tale images- 
So pleased that the neighbor who is in Guatemala left her Christmas lights on.

The street looks welcoming rather than the usual..

this is the  cute little drift on the deck

Having grown up in the worst climate possible where the weather beat us up daily, this is like the books I read as a child. lyrical, soft, gentle- books  with snow scenes that I thought must be  fantasy. The snow where I grew up blew sideways 80 mph ,ice pellets full of ground up rock- Facial peel anyone? Winter then was a challenge, just bear down and hold on for months on end- more survival than  just the winter blues.

The deer are still traipsing through the yard- the squirrel came, moving stiffly, like a wind up toy , acting drunk but nonetheless grabbed a few nuts and sort of jumped/fell off of the deck.

I swiped this photo from a friend on facebook. Most remarkable natural shadow - Mount Baker, our local volcano.

February and March are the worst months up here, but hallelujah !!! The snow is a reprieve from the doldrums. Quiet, muffled, soup and bread days.
Making flax seed bread today- hoping that my jar of yeast is still alive.
Anyway, no complaints, it is gorgeous out there!
AND I have a monster coat!
All is well.

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