Thursday, July 18, 2019

a fierce girl , her creativity, against the odds

- what one does when one is a creative, strong, fierce!

I have known her since she was two years old and could only say "NO"- all of the time!
The daughter of my dearest friend whom I met in the orchards in Kent. A difficult life for all living that life , but I was on a lark - had an escape route, the others, not so much.

My friend lived in a bus with her husband (of sorts) and her two year old daughter, Esa's older sister, and her new born baby boy. The husband -of-sorts  cleared the orchard when his friends came over with their pockets full of "horse". My friend brought her new born over to me to look after while she looked after the  "friends", making sure that no body set the orchard afire or over dosed, It was scary. shocking, to me, but as I said , I was on a lark , every adventure seemed, well- like an adventure!

While I took time out to go to Morocco  for several weeks, The new born died...

A few years later, my friend was pregnant again, and birthed ESA, the husband-of-sorts presumed to be the father until two years ago when DNA was readily available. No idea who ESA's sperm donor is/was, other than  a foggy memory. Anyway, out of the chaos Esa, with all of her pluck and might has conquered the worst of it.

I went to her wedding celebration a few years ago in Whitstable ( after ten years of she being with her husband- two children and a business renovating houses) . I sensed that the marriage would  stifle Esa and snuff her out...correct,  it did not last, difficult but necessary divorce last year. True to form Esa took life by the balls and moved on with  vision , charm and talent and I have to hand it to her- she is an exceptional woman!

I have several pieces from her, but I do not wear jewelry , I love them for their quirkiness and to remind me to put stock in creativity, strength and fierceness. I so admire  ESA!

Finding her way against the odds-  so, there you go, if you care to order something cool  for those women folk on your list that are not run of the mill...Christmas will be here soon...unless tRUMP has something to say about it. He may have killed Santa for all we know.


  1. yay for Esa. any woman's success is every woman's success.

    1. and YAY you for saying that!!! I could not agree more!

  2. Replies
    1. that is just a sketch really, The story goes on -one of quite the most incredible -lives of three women in one family! Everyone has a story, don't they- some are a snooze but most are beyond interesting. Yours, for instance!

  3. Thanks for sharing ESA's story, and Ellen is right!