Saturday, June 8, 2019

the party , the real one

The party,I made it on time, it was grand, the weather held and the food was amazing!
On the tables, hand blown old glass floats that Amy has found along the way.
Sometime these old floats can still be found , usually on the peninsula, and when a person finds one it is indeed their lucky day! 

This is the same house where the Christmas party was, modern. sleek, glass and steel!
 A far cry from their old Victorian home  across form the armory "castle".

see the line of concrete shoring up the yard, just over the edge is a drop off, I mean STEEP, so steep the if one falls off of the yard it is better just o roll all the way down to the road below and walk back up the road about a mile or so to the house. But, must say, the view is amazing!

The party was for three, the girls and their families and friends, Boys playing basketball, girls playing badminton and some sort of throwing game I m not familiar with.

 I zoomed my camera as zoomy as it could go to take a shot of the train trestle far below.
See the tunnel? We used to get a rush going through it not knowing if or when the train would be coming, We were idiots, and stoned, probably. We lived on the edge of the muddy side of the bay in off the grid houses, cabins, huts, not much more than shelters.
Pretty sure we could out fox a train in the dark tunnel...why are we still alive, I don't know!

Anyway , they do not want to spoil the view by putting up a fence so if you stumble and tip over the edge, well, that is just the price one must pay. 

They are so lucky to have their own madrone tree , a well established healthy old growth!
The prettiest tree in town!!

 The three graduates, all accepted into very good universities and lucky enough to have parents that can send them! Yes, they are white and yes they have privilege  and yes they do realize that they scored the winning ticket this lifetime!

This is that cool kind of moss growing on top of a stone pineapple, looks like a guy going bald but just not quite there.

The garden is dramatic, not fussy but full of statement!
Boulders for steps, big, that sort of  thing. 
Cool little touches, a small sort of rustic alter thing, a Buddha hang out .
And a large glass ball  next to a stone. 
Amy has done  all of the work!  She is stronger than a team of horses, that woman!


  1. Such lovely women with great futures. May they exit all their tunnels unscathed.

  2. What a lovely and colorful gathering in a breathtaking setting. Congrats to the graduates! My heart was in my throat thinking of you skipping through that tunnel. I second Joanne’s wish for the young ladies.

    1. We were insane! Just looking at it now scares me silly! I do hope the best for all of the youngins graduating and going off to school...though I think that "the best" is a thing of the past.

  3. I'm with Joanne on this as well. I wish the three lovelies the best.

  4. Joanne said it ll. and what a great place, love the decorations. don't get tipsy though.

    1. that edge freaky! Drawn to it like a moth to flame, compelled to leap!

  5. Those glass floats must be pretty rare these days. I think having such a steep drop from the yard would freak me out! I might put up a low railing.

    1. The floats are rare finds, expensive in antique shops of course. It is a good idea to have some sort of railing, maybe even just a few feet down the hill side, to stop whatever gravity and a stumble might take! Made me nervous!

  6. Wow! Thanks for the lovely tour, Linda Sue. I sure am glad you went to the real party.

    1. Glad I went as well, it was a perfect party! The perfect crowd, which usually gives me the heeby jeebies, I am not good in a crowd or at parties, but this time all was well.


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