Sunday, April 14, 2019

rubbish bin newspaper, Seeds from the power company

 We still get the so called local paper, only because it is ritual for Mr. Man, Starting his day off with a shower, paper , coffee and eggs, It is how it has been done for centuries, even though our "local" paper is not even remotely local,nor is it "news", except for the obituaries -which are in the SPORTS section.

The paper came in handy when my bird could use them. Now I have found another use.

Rubbish bin for a rubbish paper, rubbish news,
Of course the bag will not hold much but it is  biodegradable, Soy ink and all...

We received a thank you card in the post from Puget Sound Power, Our solar panels installed securely - Our mail box is down the street and when it rains, the box fills up with water, clever design. The card is to be planted, biodegradable with flower seeds in it for the bees.

Small steps.And , though, too late by far, at least a stab at cleaning up our shit.

We were on board long ago, When our hair was long and we smoked a fair amount of home grown, We all tried to out-mother Earth one another, back then,

The gulls are here for keeps it seems, That is Carl and his wife. They are beautiful but , like Assange, are terrible guests! 

Like Assange they poop everywhere, make a lot of noise and demands, and steal nuts from Pants.
This pair has moved up to the roof . They bang on the metal chimney thing which echos down through the fireplace, a bullhorn for Carl! He bangs on  the glass doors, Screams and clucks. I am smitten - such personality, damn me- I buckle every time...I chase him away with the broom, ever so gently. He knows that I am insincere..

Above is a card I got from Artist friend, Cooper.
Could be , according to some thought, that I have once been a sea gull, or a broken squirrel, or a mangy urban deer...Empathy can be a bit much...and may bring rats to the yard, 

I have also likely been a rat, I think that they are amazing animals- destructive but look who's talking, A HUMAN! The most destructive species on the planet!

Anyway, onward- I ate all of the bread and pies and carrot cake there was to eat during the winter, I am a round as a tick,( I have been that too,probably), so -and I am asking you to hold me to it- I am eating celery, boiled eggs, diet food until my clothes fit loosely again.  I hope that it happens tomorrow. Pretty sure one day of starving will erase all of the bread, pies, cake and sloth of a most depressing winter.
To be fair , I am  also fighting genetics...I come from large folks, survivors in evolutionary terms.
Photos of Grandfathers, grandmothers and parents are  not just portly, they are Large!
I could survive a famine, I reckon. 


  1. I like your money plant (aka honesty) seed pods sticking out of your paper trash can. I planted those seeds this year so we should grow some pods of our own one of these days!

    Love the card with the seeds in it. Maybe being immersed in water in the mailbox will give them a little head-start. :)

    Hopefully it will be easier for you to shed some weight now that the weather is better and you can be more active outside. Everyone gets a little round during the doldrums of winter!

    1. I tried to grow honesty and Japanese lanterns, but failed, I think they like dryer soil and a bit of neglect.
      Cubby will be staying with me soon, when his humans go away for Easter, He is not a good walker but at least he encourages me to get out of the refrigerator for a twenty minute stroll...

  2. Steve Reed made me laugh. He would not be round in ten years of constant winter. He is as thin as...a reed!
    The hippies were right about a lot of things and every time that every thing gets blamed on the baby boomers I want to smack someone. Yes, we have a lot of fuck-ups among us- mostly people who didn't smoke enough homegrown! But my god, we got a lot of things started. "Diet for a Small Planet" comes to mind.
    Anyway, we haven't really followed through, have we?
    Oh, Linda Sue. I do love your outlook, your eye, your spirit.

    1. I wonder ,if I had been named Bean Pole I might not have the roundness factor. Could be all in the name!
      So right about our tune in drop out generation and the shift in consciousness. The "straight" of our generation just could not change, status quo sort of deal.
      Thank you Ms. Mary, The feeling is mutual!!

  3. There was a recent JAMA study on eggs. The following article is easier to read, but it will take you to the JAMA study if you want to read it:

    1. I read that article and another claiming the same thing, Eggs are either the perfect food or the worst...give it five minutes, they will change their minds again. Sugar is the real culprit, carbohydrates and too much protein which turns to sugar. That'll kill you , but then, LIFE will kill you! Thanks for the article, I take it with a grain of salt, but that is bad for us as well...

  4. "Empathy can be a bit much...and may bring rats to the yard" love it!

  5. This rather reminds me of my recent epiphany. Why am I putting kitty poo in plastic bags??!!! I have switched to paper.

    1. I put our cat poos into the toilet, picked it up with toilet paper , Saved me a lot of trips to the trash can. But, mostly, I encouraged them to go outside , over to the neighbors yard...( she was an un nice person, do not feel sorry for her)...

  6. I saw that 'how to make a trash bag out of newspaper. I should try it. it looks small but my trash can is small. usually give the newspapers to the vet. yes we are the most destructive creature to the planet but yes us baby boomers are responsible for some caring of the planet. it certainly wasn't the straights.

    1. our generation was most certainly a shift, pendulum swings. This ridiculous era has swung way too far right, Bound to swing to center again...and then perhaps too far left- just keeps swinging, until there is not pendulum left. We are ill prepared for climate change that is happening at break neck speed. So it goes.


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