Saturday, April 20, 2019

buying spring, Cubby walk, orphaned lamb

Went to the nursery to get a spring plant for the neighbors. Plants and flowers here are ridiculously pricey compared to London, not sure why, anyway I bought a gorgeous  bright purple azalea . The nursery is like a candy shop- OOOh and AAAh all over the place, and many dollar signs.

-came home, took Cubby for a walk around the neighborhood, not a long walk , he runs out of gas quickly.

Eats grass, drinks from the ditch-

and rolls around just like a big dog.

Kids are out , playing basket ball, street hockey and roller skating- check the fancy skates! 
We wore metal clamp ons with a key-of course ,we be  old!
 Scraped knees , went through band aids on an hourly basis, kept that company in business!

Tulips are at their best right now, and they are EVERYWHERE.

The lambs were born, there were a pair of twins in the lot. Below is Grace's baby.
Farmer Kim went out yesterday to check on things, wondering why Grace did not show up for dinner- found her in the back forty deader than dead- throat gone, guts out...cougar.
likely a juvenile cougar as the older ones only go after deer and elk. 

Poor baby.
I guess Lily ,the other mama, is now feeding all three lambs.

Leaving you with garden full of color and wishing you a happy Easter ham, or tofu ham, or a colored egg.
Yay jesus! 


  1. Sad that baby lost his mama, and hope the last ewe takes it on. Raising an orphan lamb is hard work!

  2. Nature is cruel. And sometimes, nature is sweet.
    Happy Jesus rose day! I need to go get my ham out of the refrigerator and start the cooking.
    I love your photos. Nurseries are just the best places, aren't they?

    1. I agree with you, nurseries are full of dreams of owning a beautiful plant, dollars sort of prevent that but they are wonderful to look at- all organized and freshly watered, looking their best for sale. Some have ribbons in their hair. Some are in gorgeous planters that cost twice what the pant costs.

  3. I love nurseries! I could spend all my money there. poor baby lamb. we always say nature is cruel but isn't it cruel to starve? everybody has to eat. I doubt we are any less cruel with our meat and chicken farms, animals crammed cheek by jowl, no life in the world just death waiting.

    1. I blame people for every injustice on the planet pretty much. Can't blame a juvenile cougar for going out on his own to try to get dinner= The sheep should have been protected by the human, I reckon.

  4. I'm not sure what is more adorable, the dog or the lamb, ha-ha. Great article!


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