Thursday, March 7, 2019

Does this post make me look sexist? & my fave, Empty space.

Stella gave me a chocolate guy, "eat my shorts" and so I did, and then his feet , and then his right arm, now I feel ...sick...I am sorry Perfect Man.

I found a children's reader in a pile of things.
It is a story about a mother who had to take a nap and leave Dad in charge.

Everything he tries to do that the Mother usually does becomes a disaster,  he makes the children cry, the goat hates him- 

his oatmeal is like soup, he burns the toast, he tries to rescue the goldfish, as the boys have taken them to bed with them...

He really is clueless.

In the end, he passes out with a terrible head ache. The mother takes care of him...In the books from this era , Dads are generally portrayed as comical and rudderless in the home, Remembering Ozzie and Harriet , popcorn night by the radio, and we laughed and laughed at Ozzie's dim bulb attempts at being a Dad.

I did not personally know a Dad like this, there were no clown Dads, in my life, There were some who liked the bottle to0 much, who beat their children too much, who had "shell shock" or shut down entirely,  there were no clowns.

Finally , the floor was installed  last week, after months and months. The wood floor removed and this indestructible  manufactured tile put in.
 We shall see, won't we...After the fifth flood I am not investing any hope in this so called indestructible flooring. 

 The pod in the drive emptied, everything stacked in the rooms waiting to be sorted and put away.

Just what I want to do, sort junk... my favorite...
BUT I did find that sexist little book, didn't I, so there is that! Who knows what may surface?

I went to the studio to stare at the wall for a while.

Still lacking inspiration to create anything more in the cluttered world. My creativity has flat lined.

---- thought I would leave you with this bigger photo of empty space...I like it, 
I  like a room of nothing. My brain needs this empty space. Restful.


  1. Mr. Perfect Man should be taller. Just saying. I think I would be retreating to The Empty Space, often.

    1. It does get claustrophobic up here in the dark, wooded, mountained , cloudy area. Empty space is breathing space.

  2. That book seems to be a "modern" version of the old folk tale about the husband who minds the house. Do you remember it?
    I can remember being read a book with that story when I was a child. It made quite the impression and I have to say that there is still some validity in the core of it.
    No. The perfect man would be dark chocolate. Just saying...
    I like your floors! And of course the room of space is pretty perfect.
    Spring is coming and I feel certain that with it there will be a renewal of your creative energies. What a pretty pretty studio! Those blues charm me.

    1. Not familiar with the tale except for radio, we did not grow up thinking that men were ANYTHING! My mother went back to work when I was nine, so everyone in the house did the "women's work"- my Dad was brilliant at it and made pies, bread, and everything but dinner. His idea of dinner might be goldfish in milk.

  3. Oh brother. Those "clown" dads used to surface periodically in mid-century TV shows and movies, too. Talk about gender stereotyping! I don't know any grown man who would be clueless enough to put goldfish in a pan of milk.

    I do like a nice empty room. I am in continual conflict between my minimalist desire for space and my need to rescue and/or rehabilitate discarded objects!

    1. I understand the conflict - stuff or no stuff- Too well. The Marie Kondo craze has made the thrift stores and charity shops a bonanza!

  4. wait, what?! this is your house? when did it flood? where have you been living? obviously I have missed something. women were so repressed then it's curious the dads were always portrayed as bumbling when in the home. maybe it was to convince us women how much power we had (ha!) and to be happy with our lot. I never knew a bumbling dad either. mine was mostly angry all the time. artistic muse, wherefore art thou muse? she has abandoned me too.

  5. Yep. Dark chocolate. But Stella does give good gifts! He's gonna need more than that red leaf if you eat all of his shorts. Love the new floor. Sorry you had to deal with a disaster to get it, though. The open space is peaceful. I hope Spring, or something, can revive your creativity mojo. Poor inept dad. His wife needs to take a page from your dad's book. Cross training makes everything run better.

  6. Nice chocolate gift...I love the paintings in your studio space. As for the eye guy and his arrogance, how easy would it be for you to find another? I hope you do!


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