Wednesday, December 5, 2018

irritating but not toxic, a tiny shopping cart, and Stella's good ideas

Year before last year Stella gave me a hot pink poinsettia, it was stunning! 
It lasted the usual poinsettia amount of time , then found it's way to the compost, as they do.

She took me to the poinsettia nursery a few miles north of here, to  buy some for gifts or to keep and to add  to the compost heap, after the thrill is gone. They are especially difficult up here in the cold darkness. They are not happy. 

Who could resist, though, in spite of their struggle to survive- Christmas flower of the hour- we managed to buy some.

The white ones are kind of delish looking, but the drama just isn't there. A rumor spread a few years ago that this was a toxic plant, dogs and cats and small humans died after eating their leaves- that is a false claim , the truth is that the leaves are merely irritating- You see the difference?
Like when the orange gas was just a NYC swindler he was irritating, now that he is (NOT) our president, he is toxic. 

But what is that I hear....cue  theme from JAWS.... circling , circling...

Anyway, back to the nursery, to the irritating,non-toxic, flowers meant to die-

tiny shopping cart with my tiny Christmas cactus in it,  Stella's boots for size comparison.
I would like to have one of these tiny shopping carts, because - CUTE!

There was an area devoted to these , as well. They also are not happy in this climate...but then, who is really?

Not sure what these are, but there were many- maybe these are just short poinsettias.

Stella boxed up a few larger ones and smaller ones  and has ideas for them, only the BEST ideas, That girl!

I have had a bad idea. and that is  me going to London a few days after Christmas. Not that LONDON is a bad idea, but going in January is not the best month for weather.
Also I have realized how limited I have become physically after  broken neck, surgery, macular degeneration in one eye, also due to surgery that fried my eye,  and lack of doing anything for months on end , just can not be ME,  the body  says NO -takes a toll. Everything is compromised, this trip  not be the usual run around the city all day thing this time. I am off my game!

I can not carry weight either, so can only take bare essentials in a tiny carry on. I will wear my gigantic overly stuffed monster coat on the plane, and if it crashes I will be so well padded that I just may survive. I can buy things when I get there and post it  back home. January sales will be a thing- so I won't have to spend my entire savings on needs.
Oh, and  to top it all off , I got a hair cut,  a dumb old lady conservative hair cut, more and more hit the floor , just a trim, I said! 
In the salon it looked  just OK, at home, I lack the skill, and so there it is, all chopped off and droopy in sad layers!! Hats are good.

From the nursery we went to Value Village so Stella could stock up on stuff for her ETSY shop. She scored some great finds plus it was SENIOR day 30% off- She  set up Mary and Joe with their love child in a feather manger, 

Stella has the best ideas!
We know this !

Then Off to dinner at our favorite place in Fairhaven.
A very good day- the Stella way!

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