Friday, November 30, 2018

Artists always there, documenting our demise artfully

Meeting Karen downtown, with her membership and generosity, we go to the Light Catcher museum of art - Endangered Species/ Artists on the front line of biodiversity. - Sobering, heartbreaking, to be sure. Brave and very clever artists of all sorts interpreting the abuse / the regarding land/nature/ as a commodity, Our demise.

This artist- I can not even begin to wrap my head around! 
Tedious and thorough methods!

 A wall of Warhol-"known for his love of animals"- that's news to me, not the first notion that comes up when his work is mentioned.

A wall of coral reef , pottery- gorgeous!
Beside it some factoids about it's destruction due to human waste and 6,000 tons of toxic  sunscreen in a year off of the Hawaiian coast. 

oh, but the ART!!

And of course there is this.

And this, breaking our hearts further.


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Warehouse with Stella, charity orphan

Every year Stella and I go down south to the nursery warehouse Christmas tree bonanza. Every year it is crammed full of decorations and gifts and who knows what, this year was a bit of a disappointment - nothing local, all from China of glitzy poor quality- run of the mill overpriced crap that no body needs. It is over the top - takes months to decorate, but would be nice if  more nature , local talent, local artists were represented.  Resin and badly glued ornaments from China just don't cut it as anything more than potential landfill and more plastic for the sea.

I rather like this bear bench, however. If I had a cabin I would have  bought it, But I don't so I didn't.

The only ornament/decoration I did like is this yowling baby.

It was a prop and not for sale.

Usually we find something to purchase, even if it is just a string of  shiny bits to use later on in our fabulous art work.


From there we went to a couple of charity shops where Stella found some cool mid century modern glasses for her ETSY shop.
And I found these guys in a bag, took their photo but not them.

On to the next charity shop, a Christian charity where they play the most atrocious music  all about praising the lord.

But who can complain when one comes home with this little orphan.

Had to give her a home, at least for a little while.

I have been unplugged from all things Brexit/tRUMP/ horror of Israel/ and Julien Assange's cat. only to get slapped with all of it this morning as I plugged back in.  Vile shenanigans. Human's, your days are numbered, they say....

Monday, November 26, 2018

Smart boi, paintings from karen

Erik , home for a minute and a half, had to get back to his real life in Portland- back to the cool youth that they are. I appreciate his choice of wear... and the boi who once stated that he would never have a tattoo, now has seven.
Peer pressure?
Portland culture?
Don't know but I do know that his tattoos are utterly awesome.
Who has the double slit experiment tattooed on their arm? Who, indeed.

a couple of weeks ago Karen popped in to show me her new paintings.

Of course, in real life they are astonishing and interesting and spark thought and conversation.

At first glance I thought the Celtic cross looking one reminded me of my Dad's RR lantern in the night, signaling the engineer that all is well.
But in person, it is far more than that, moving, and mysterious.

This one is astonishing in person, IT glows and has the depth of the morning glory pool , so sorry these photos are not even close to the actual.

Photo quality may change soon, as I get used to my new device. My Christmas/birthday present early.
Mr. Man and Boi went out to Cost Co mecca...and purchased a new IPHONE for me.
It is the most amazing thing I have ever owned.
So, I will be trying to take better photos as soon as the weather changes. It is dark all day and the rain is here, wind blew out the power this morning.

I ordered a winter coat online, it came, it is weird and enormous but I am keeping it anyway. The minute I put it on - instant warmth. Never mind that I look frightening in it- like a very large wild thing. Never mind vanity.