Saturday, October 27, 2018

From water world over fire and volcanoes to the desert

Flying over the Pacific Northwest, ,  blue,  watery - islands , lakes, the sound, the sea- 
and volcanoes-

I only took a couple of  volcano photos , there are so many they are  kind of a yawn. Our own personal volcano , Mount Baker, is overdue and getting ready to blow- they say...when it does, it will be quite a mess- I may never see you again but the upside is that finally the hoard in the garage will no longer be a concern...

There were at least  four large separate forests fires, sending clouds of sorry smoke into the sky and where ever the wind did blow. They covered a tremendous bit of land, from the air it looked pretty awful. This summer has been a doozy for fires, has it not?

It is such a quick flight , two hours, and BOOM , there we are in the desert, under bright blue skies and glorious sunshine. Able to breathe, able to  be warm, it is good.

Palm Springs is a small piece of paradise, I swear, every time I go I fall in love with it  more. Living in the dirt with rattlesnakes  feels like home. We went at just the right time for brilliant weather. Not too hot- just right.

The tiny walkable downtown is such a delight. friendly,  polite , just getting on with  ideal lives where the sun does shine and the fruit on the trees is  abundant . Needless to say a bottle of gin was required - what else can one do with limes the size of a baby! 

So, for the next week this will be where I park myself and will  take you along. Bring your sun glasses, a pocket full of change and please remove most of  your clothing. 
Feel the warm dry heat - it will heal you.
We pretty much unplugged for the ten days that we were there- no tRUMPishness.
No political spin.
Just glorious sunshine in a little bubble of liberalism and agreeable nature!
see you tomorrow.
I would say "it is good to be home" but that would be a lie.