Friday, September 14, 2018

When will they arrive?

This, right now, is a time of the most perfect weather you can imagine. Not cold, not hot, mellow low in the sky sunshine, Apples ripening, deer eating them.
Every breath of air is fresh and fruity!
With so much fuss down yonder, hurricanes and all, when will folks flock to the pacific north west? 

Probably just in time for the volcanoes to blow, which they will.

Last of the flowers , I will bring the geraniums in for winter. They are so hearty , they even survive me!
We decided that we have been old and wimpy this summer, used air conditioner far too often. The bill was outrageous! We have also decided to get solar panels, for as much as it would cost to buy three designer bags in Paris, or a new car, or several trips to England- They will pay for themselves in seven years. The electric company will owe us.

All is well at the moment, and the moment is all we have, They say.

The back yard deer is the one that broke his leg at the beginning of spring, but there you go, He seems to have adjusted very well. 

Every afternoon he snoozes on the grass in the back.

Winter might not be his friend.
Ahhh mother nature, 
She can be harsh.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

pencil pouch, bone, the sea, deer pee

Rescued the bad felting, made a pencil pouch , it looks  Icelandic, soft grey and off white, 
 The pencils are inscribed  with a Nabokov quote ," We are most artistically caged". I am satisfied with the final deal, I thought it beyond hope.

After finishing that I remembered today was the six month check up on the bones, When I first went to this waiting room,  the glass "art" seemed threatening, sharp, shattering, potentially disastrous. 
Today  they seem  less uncomfortable - just someones odd choice of art for the waiting room in the spine/brain/nerve  center.
I am probably the only person with this opinion and this "feel".

there are the screws, there is my smile, bone is growing, I am going to be just fine after all.
Getting my mojo back .Feeling pretty sassy though this whole ordeal aged me one hundred years!

Picked up groceries, Starting a get- back- to- sensibility in the diet department- beginning tomorrow! 
Lucky me, organic free range chicken on sale today! 

I walked around Marine park on my way home, Beautiful sunny day with a chill in the air - earthy autumn smells, leaves brightly dying.
The last of the flowers, black eyed Susan's, clinging to  this  short lived beautiful weather. The Ice melting in the car.
 Quick walk, breathing the salty air, blessed sunshine!! Delicious!

Out in the San Juan's a few weeks ago, A beautiful vintage wooden Yacht  was spotted off of Friday Harbor, A woman dressed in white appeared, there were petals tossed, A wedding- Darryl Hannah and Neil Young- no fuss, just a quiet affair off our coast, in the sound. You can see why they made this choice! On a beautiful day, this area is stunning.

As I was driving by our yard, I noticed the mother and just one of her fawns munching on the grass, they looked like a Disney scene,  peaceful , poised, elegant- By the time I grabbed my camera and rolled down the window, the fawn was half way into the neighbors yard and the mother  forgot her dignity.
They are  so casual, familiar , tame, I am glad that they feel  comfortable here, glad they are watering, in their way,  the dry weeds in the yard. All moisture is welcomed.

This leaf  - screaming blood red-  plump veins- if my camera was better, you would see it throbbing, found with it's siblings on the grass by the bay.
Officially Autumn.