Friday, August 17, 2018

Christmas cones, a lot of fuss for what

Ok, then, I am done with cones - waiting for the glue to dry, 
They take entirely too much time to make and they are not even that special.

I do like the foxes and the rabbit especially, Angels and Santa's a little too predictable.

 Next- listing things on ETSY, which all of a sudden has been successful- too hot and smokey to go out, maybe, People stay indoors and shop!

I list vintage stuff, junk to some...but it is OK because every ten bucks counts toward another trip somewhere.

Stella and I are going back to Palm Springs in October, renting a house with two bedrooms and a pool right in town where we can walk to get ice cream , we can walk to see live music and to shop. We will rent a car, though, the grocery is a fair distance away - also we want to explore the desert .

Mr. Man would like to seek the sun in the winter of darkness, so maybe we will go to Tubac, where friends live, or back to Maui, or just get a sad lamp and crank up the heat. No plans set in stone.

Below is my broom with the time consuming cones hanging on the handle. It is nice to have time to waste, don't you think? Nice to not have to dash off, earn a living, take care of a million needy children, retired, sounds weird especially since I have not yet decided on a career - so many to choose from. So many options and opportunities...I just can not commit., not foot in grave, they say, is not a time to make important decisions.   

Thursday, August 16, 2018

haunted mirrors, truck beauty , the end of flowers and a bully

Met a dear friend today for a bite and a chat and to compare our "getting older" stories- usually dawnings, reckonings  and  the amazement at the bodies we ride around in not functioning up to par.  Those sort of stories that seem to happen  in this stage of living so bloody long.  The stories our parents used to tell each other(groan)- We thought "oh GOD, I hope I never get old! Old folks !
So, here we are- I try to not sound like  old folks, complaining about this and that- but damned if I don't do that very thing., just like  old folk do!! What next- complaints about that wacky music these youngin's play? Please, just  set me out to pasture if it comes to that.

Anyway,  had a nice lunch , her story about how she had to call an ambulance to the farm yesterday, her husband gone camping- she , home alone with the sheep and chickens- and a slight cardiac arrest...("slight"- tough farm woman!)

After the medical persons charged up her heart again and gave her some medication- she asked that they feed the sheep, the chickens, let the cat out and fence the dog, please. They did, and she slept.

The place we went for lunch is full of mirrors, every wall  a collage of mirrors,  must be a challenge to keep clean, they also are haunted. Every night, after closing, they shift , they tilt dramatically, every morning at opening they are set right again.

I did not realize until I saw the photos on my screen  the photo bomber  in black and white polka dots.
Unplanned and rather lucky wouldn't you say? Perfectly framed accident. Could it be a ghost?

Back out  on the street. compelled to take this truck's photo , shiny new, well loved - such a beauty.  The streets  are  a bit narrow for such an ambitious truck. It took up half of the block, no body seemed to mind, Beauty, unfairly, can get away with  that.

We moseyed into the toy store to buy a baby gift, I bought a spy glass, which will come in handy! The prices were POW, right in the pocket book!
Not many "made in China" items, mostly German toys so , natch, high ticket!

We said our goodbyes, She back to the farm, me off to downtown to the post office. 
I notice a woman with a big black dog  pushing her way into line to collect mail. A few minutes later, the woman is screaming and yelling at the clerk. The clerk , apologetic ,saying that the woman's mail is not in the back and perhaps it will be by tomorrow- the woman is yelling even louder at her to get her ass back to INDIA- spitting out a few  jaw dropping curses- That was it. Everyone else in the PO, rallied to the clerks side , some one called the cops, and that woman high tailed it out of there, still ranting but aware that she had crossed the line.
Folks sticking together in the face of bullies are what we are about, really.
This nation must step it up!
I thought, too, about that woman's dog, and how I ought to rescue it .
I did not.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

take a walk with me

I went for a little walk downtown today, not a lengthy walk, the air is thick with forest fire smoke, it is hot, and humid, there is just no air!
So I  wheezed and stumbled around , found an interesting alley that is about four feet wide and French?
No body knows why or what this little alley is or why  the front door to it is The Consulate, De Monte-Christo- It has been there for years- easy to miss- though, like a  wee mouse built it.

photos taken through the wrought iron gate

Next door is this more usual, ordinary house, with solar panels covering the back side of the roof.

Across the street is the tallest building in town, sticks up like a beacon. It used to have a restaurant at the top, pricey! For Erik's twenty first birthday we took Emily and Erik there. It was so dumb!
 I ordered buffalo- it came on a slate, it was about two inches long and one inch wide, and had what looked like cat sick on top-  bacon FOAM!  What? Ewww.
Anyway, we had a good time  laughing at our pitiful fancy meals on slate, the gin was good.

Down the block same street is the baptist church parking lot with gay Jesus and his boyfriends playing poker,
 I could be wrong, maybe it is rummy- looks like Jesus is disappointed.
I think he is losing. The other guys are pretty chuffed!

Savor this hour is  next to it. Maybe this is the valley of the shadow of death. Not sure.

Then I went to the coop- see the thick smokey sky- no body is breathing today!

Tropical pick looks freaked- did not buy any.
So that was our little walk downtown today, thanks for coming along,
I would not have gone without you.
Sorry about the smoke!

 I will leave you with a little chubby joyful creature who lives in a hole under our cherry tree- and the dinner I bought for her.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A man, a dog, a gull and bossy buckets

 Mr. Man spotted a stray dog wandering around in our garden.
He gave her some pulled pork, a scritch under the chin, and I took some water for her ,which she drank as though she had not had water in  her whole life. He sat beside her in the yard, told her she was going to be OK and that she was a pretty girl, while I called animal control to come and collect her.
We very nearly had a dog, such a sweetheart she was.
If her family had not come for her the next day, which they did do, we would have adopted her.

The gull has taken over, as though you did not know that would happen...
Now he is so bold, having watched Pants, the squirrel .knocking on the door, the gull now is knocking on the door. Forcefully!
He has already eaten ALL of the food, twice this morning, yet demands more, and right now!

Tiny brain, this one, clever enough to watch and learn! And be agro!

Then there is the garage, which has never in 31 years been anything but a catch all for Mr. Man .
The irony of the "Let's Do This"  is not lost.
Just the beginning- there are also three storage units and the office and two rooms in the house to clear before the lights go out on this life. 
Otherwise our boys will be very cross.
They might not even like us very much.
I reckon that it is nothing that a match could not fix.

Monday, August 13, 2018

choosing three of twenty six

The Audubon society group here will have a Christmas tree decorated by local artists. I have chosen three,  the Varied thrush, whose numbers have fallen by 76% in recent years due to Climate.

I will make a mache  painted thrush, which should be pretty easy especially since I already have a mache body on wire legs. A cinch!

I also chose a red breasted nuthatch because - so adorable. They are  tiny - I think that I will  needle felt one for the tree- probably not  going to challenge me very much.
It also may not look like a nuthatch-  more like dryer lint.
Anyway, I will try my best.

I also chose a barn owl - for such obvious reasons, they are comical , intense, and clever. I mean just look at that face!! Could just get a white paper plate and stick a couple of black olives on it.
I will probably paint one on paper or mache, not sure yet.

 Also on the list of 26 endangered  local birds are the Glaucous winged gulls! Surprised me, they seem abundant here!  Feeling sorry about the one I told to go eat pop corn in the street- I have softened,  and have been giving him special treats that the crows are not particularly fond of.  These are a few on the deck earlier this summer.
The threat of  extinctions they face is a matter of breeding.

 Below is their girlfriend of choice, The western gull, drab, small, grey - *yawn*.
The magnificent large Glaucous winged gulls are conforming  to mediocrity,  I am thinking that the little grey Westerns are probably easier to tackle and poke, or whatever they do...
Changes, everything changes.
If I have time I may make a Glaucous winged gull for the tree,  mind you, they are huge!
Might topple the tree!

Western Gull
Dull but more polite. Probably does not resist the aggressive Glaucous wing
Their phone numbers are likely all over the harbour, " for a good time call..." Thus the demise of the large, white, bold, orange dot yellow beaked  bro bird.

whales in the yard

The photos of the Orca in the bay are from yesterday, nicked from Bellingham page. The top one is right outside my studio. It is ...