Thursday, August 2, 2018

klan cones, baby crow , melt your neighbor's door, and a much improved willow

I bought some cones to make Christmas Whatevers, gessoed  them and set them up to dry, They looked like the Klan ,  I put girls in front of them , so that there is no confusion or frightening association. 
So far, I have decorated one half of one cone, fiddly tiny gluey  work. It has taken me the better part of the morning.
I made food for the crows, added sardines, it went down well, my family of five soon became ten!

Here is the baby not quite ready to be a crow yet. Still has a "joker" beak. A wide mouth trimmed in pink.

Mama tried to get the baby to feed itself, but the baby knows a good thing- Mama stuffs her baby after much squawking, wing flapping, and being pathetic.

Then I made stew, as you can see, our weather  is stew weather. 
As it stewed , as stew do, I admired the work in the front on the willow.

all together there were nine men , only one doing the real  work.
For some  reason, there were three men doing nothing but looking up. I suppose that is required...I know nothing about trimming willows, now I think I may know a little bit more...always hire two or three  men to look up , it is part of the job. 

Mr. Man needed to improve the look of the instrument holder from the office.
He thought of all sorts of ideas before he purchased 
If you ever need a paint remover that is instant gratification, this is the one!
If you need to teach your neighbor a lesson THIS is the weapon of choice, a little splash and POOF, no paint on his miserable garage door. 
The Rump supporter down the street comes to mind, though - I would never....

This is the willow after it's make over, complete with confused bird up top.
It will last another winter without breaking apart like it did last winter.
Huge branches   , weighing too much for one person to drag away, have now been tamed to the tune of way too much money for the job, but whatchagonnado, I could not have climbed up with a forty pound chain saw and made it better- there are just some jobs for which you have to pay big time.
Surgery, on oneself , is another...

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

essentials, dive bar, , Fairhaven, and a jab

Went for a short stroll  through the neighbor's yard and down the street where a man had tables full of interesting objects for sale.
Of course I had to come back , get my cash, and return to pick up "treasure".
The cheerfully painted primitive flour sifter will come in handy for all of the cakes I no longer make, due to Mr. Man's diabetes and my fatness- who needs cake, you may ask.
And , you may ask, who NEEDS this stuff?

I do, clearly! Coolest !
My cousin came by in the afternoon to deliver my uncle's class ring from 1932, it fits like it was made for me. So much for de-cluttering.

My Dad's class ring , which I also have, is well worn, Steamboat, the horse mascot, softened to an unrecognizable blur. Glad to get this ring, my uncle went into the navy right after graduating so , my guess is that he never wore this ring much, essential  and cool, my motto for the week, and can be anything deemed by me to be so.
Most folks might not agree with my personal, "essential,cool".

Driving home from Dakota Art, waiting for the light to change, perfect opportunity to snap  Cap Hansen's dive bar. Established in the 1920's .
Cap's is a fave for good stiff drinks , for instance, you can get a  so called bloodymary  , a splash of tomato, pinch of Tabasco, lime, a beef stick, olive, celery, and CHEESE in a gallon of vodka ,  and you can get a decent sandwich,  but who needs one after that hearty drink?  a long listen to a good ol boys rant- some politics a bit right of center...
It is a no nonsense place. 
In the evening, it transforms, a go -to -bar for karaoke youths. 

The ivy covered building houses a sort of nightclub, The Underground,  upstairs are apartments, nothing changed since EVER! early 1900's, shared bathroom down the hall, sort of thing.

Stopped at another light, point and shoot from my car window,  the old drug store that closed  just last year after over 100 years of business, a drug store museum in the basement. It was a pretty great drug store/ pharmacy, where the pharmacist knew your history, your family, your dog, didn't need to ask, gave good advice and found the most affordable option for what was needed. PLUS there were  jars of penny candy, weird little gift items from afar, and old fashioned remedies, like mustard plasters - reasonable prices. Nothing fancy, just the real deal.

I could have counted on them to honestly tell me the pros and cons of the new shingles jab...which I am unsure about. I am  suspicious, especially after having two pneumonia jabs, because the first one was short lived, two shingles jabs, which they now say is ineffective, GEEZ, get it together drug pushers! wondering if it is  just another drug industry ploy...
Shingles is no picnic, pretty sure of that, so fear  and old age play a part  here 
Having read the article, having also talked with friends who had the shot and their severe reactions, I am still on the fence.
Have you had your jab?

A postscript:
Mr. Man: Julie Annie just declared that a crime is not a crime.
Me:  So collusion is not collusion

Mr Man: that's what Julie Annie is claiming .

me:  who is Julie Annie?
Mr. Man, You know that wacky attorney for tRUMP...
me: Oh, yes...Giuliani.
( it's all about the accent) 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Orcas sandpiper, buck under the cherry, stabbing wool

Brought home from the island, a little sandpiper in it's nest,  made on the island , sold in Olga where they only sell things made on the island by islanders.  

Sandpipers are curious little birds along the shore, nests in or on  ground, faking injury and flopping all over to dissuade threats - Their beaks are highly sensitive for finding food in the mud, and this:

Spotted Sandpipers (along with several other species of scolopacids) are among a small minority of birds that have reversed sex roles; i.e., females are more aggressive and active in courtship than males, and males take the primary parental role. In contrast to the normal pattern in birds, female Spotted Sandpipers arrive first on the breeding grounds, stake out territories, and attempt to attract males. This was the first migratory bird species in which females were found to arrive on the breeding grounds before males. And other Spotted Sandpiper patterns are also unusual to shorebirds: Females are larger than males, female chicks are at least as likely to return to the place where they hatched for their first breeding attempt as males, and breeding females are at least as site-tenacious as males.

Out my bedroom window this morning, comfortable enough to rest and chew and bask in the sunshine
For a few hours.

After a good long rest, he wandered into the front yard and off to the neighbor's after nibbling what he could find that was moist and tender enough. It has been slim pickings lately. I left a small bucket of water out for the raccoons last night, They came at 3:00 a.m. , knocked the gate over with a loud crash, padded across the deck , politely washed their paws in the bucket of water, leaving cute muddy foot prints  along the deck. 
Crows still coming in the morning and evening, The babies hang out together, the parents seem to keep their distance.
I swear  I live in a child's story book!

Continuing to stab wool, because it is at eye level - stabbing pad  up on the counter on stacks of books-I can work without further pain and crankiness . Well, that is not true, I am cranky. Healing, they say, hurts. So that is how I look at it. Healing...

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