Saturday, July 7, 2018

the nursery tree, crow babies, felted flowers

This morning at 5:30, the crow family woke me up demanding food and fresh water.
There are three babies! 
Two parents.
The Plum tree is where they like to hang out and do their practice flights.
They are affectionate with one another, nuzzling and playing.  The babies still have not quite  become independent enough to feed themselves - the Mom stuffs food into them, awkwardly , the babies are large! 

They are also not well coordinated and fall into the dish of water, they sort of fall /dive/fly onto the deck off of the railing. 
The photos are not clear because they have been taken through the window. 
Did not want to scare them. 
After eating and drinking and playing , they go back into the plum tree and just wait.
I am so lucky!

I have pounded out four bouquets and am finishing the fifth.
When done ,will put my wool in a bag in the corner - then drag out the glue and water colors to  make  whatever it is that I will make, other than a big mess on the dining table. 

At the end of the week the family are going to the island for the annual week stay.  I will stay home. I like having time and the house to myself, I get things done and eat weirdly. 
No judgment, no sharing. 
Besides I am so over going to the island in the summer, too touristy - crowded ,and the cabins are not great. It is amazing how much must be packed and taken over for just a week's stay. So much cleaning of the cabin, and the kids are adults now. 
Not as much fun as it was when they were little, when I was not as cranky , and the island had not been discovered by the masses.

On a sad note, the baby squirrel with the feather tail  looked ill one day, bumbled around the deck and acted like she could not see, She has not been back- pretty sure she died. 
Pants, the boss squirrel  comes every day, all day, climbs the wall, demands nuts and scratches ferociously.  
Alive with fleas.
A friend told me about a deer that got hit and killed  recently on the road by the lake- At the moment of death the fleas and ticks moved like a huge undulating wave off of the deer and onto the road, into the ditch.
eeuww. Another reason to not have a dog....(yet)

Thursday, July 5, 2018

walk to the bay, Alaska ferry, stickers and thorns

The sun, such a rare thing, making shadows! I have taken shadows for granted for most of my life- but , up here, shadows are really special! 
Generally all is one shade of grey, overcast, one dimensional. 
So, these days of sun are such a treat!
The path to the bay, with a very fragrant apple tree pumping out babies. Smells like pie!
The Alaska ferry boarding for another trip up north.
I would like to do that sometime before I get too banged up to go. 

By the water  grows a stand  of very tall trees where the heron roost.
My camera zoomed the best it could .

One day I will get a fancy camera.
I am just waiting for one to be invented that does not cost too much, that points and shoots, that weighs very little  and that can guide me out of the wilderness successfully, and be my friend. A girl scout camera!

on the way back,  on another path- getting full of the stickeriest plants! 
Thistles, of course, relentless !

- the ubiquitous blackberry that reaches out and attacks like meth/roid barbed wire  quadrupled , through your jeans -through your  boots, It is wicked!
Makes a great protective fence around property. Thinking it would be good to fence off the PNW from the inland madness.
Ecotopia style!
We do live in a liberal bubble, as close to the hippy days as is possible to get.
Our town used to be a pacific northwest mecca for alternative /organic/ homemade  everything, poor white folks.
It is SO not that now but some of the spirit still lingers.

These horrid little balls along the path, that get stuck in dogs in the fall and winter and will not let go, causing tangles - getting in ears , causing infections. A very naughty weed! Growing low to the ground so that it will successfully get stuck in your socks or your dog to travel to other ground and invade! It is good at it.

Rose hips starting to form, 
Summer marches on.
July is beginning to feel warm finally.

We went to the lake for the forth , uneventful. Just catching up with middle child and family, and their goofy dog, very cute- and very NOT smart.
Cuteness wins every time, though- if I ever get another pooch, I would like to get one that is smarter than I, one that could walk itself and navigate traffic.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Bee's wax, pine resin jojoba oil food wrap fail, felt bouquet, cherries

The recipe is: 1 cup of bee wax
1/4 cup of pine resin
2 tablespoons Jojoba oil
Melt in mason jar in a pan full of water- like a double boiler.
 Apply with brush, (good luck with that!) bake in oven at 350 degrees for five minutes.
Remove, hang to dry. 
Sounds simple.

More surprising and difficult than it sounds , The you tube videos make it look Pinterest perfect.
It is not. It is a mess.
This is what I did learn.
First and very important- use thin fabric! I used an old tea towel- wrong!
Also know that the mixture will change the color of what you choose to use. Below is the before and after color change. Maybe I heated it too much.
Use parchment paper on both sides of the cloth after  it has been wax  soaked  and after it has melted thoroughly in the oven.
Take it to the ironing board with protective towel under the parchment paper.
Iron it to melt the wax more evenly. 
It is messy business and I am all thumbs, you may have better luck.

After that FAIL, I decided to do something I know better how to do , Felted another little bouquet.
The day was not a total waste.

Went to the market for rainier cherries. Sweet, addictive -keeps the lav occupied.
Walla Walla sweet onions are also at the market now, as sweet as  apples.
This is the first year of fireworks ban  in the city. 
It is working great so far!
We will be going to the lake later this afternoon to meet with family and eat stuff.
No big deal, just another  lovely day.

Monday, July 2, 2018

cherry picking in Kent, acid ball park

The photo of the cherry picking ladder was taken by my friend over the week end. I met her , at age 26, while cherry picking in Kent,UK. We have remained close, good friends all these years. I am a pit bull when it comes to friendship- not likely to let go. 

I always had to have a taller stronger person set my ladder, back then they were this tall but were also wooden. Tricky, wobbly and heavy.  Cherry picking was the most lucrative of fruits to pick, probably due to the difficulty of setting the ladders and hauling them around the orchard, but also because the fruit was delicate and had to be picked rapidly , before the birds got them all. 
In the evening I walked through the orchard banging tea kettle lids together and yelling to frighten the birds. Lived out the back of a VW van, in the beautiful orchard-  the good life.

Went to the studio to pay rent and gather more wool. Walked across the street to see how the park is coming along. 
The Huge Acid ball from the pulp mill has been put at the edge of the park. 

It has been scrubbed, the cool patina gone. eventually some artist ,who won a contest, is going to cover it with mirror tiles.My GAWD, good thing the sun is a rarity .
The mirrors are bound to blind a few people.
"Can be seen from Space!"

Also left over from the pulp mill, these castle remnant holders of the pulp, nice that they were saved. They are kind of cool. They do nothing, just stand there , idle. 

The creek empties at the entrance to the park, just across the street from the studio. 
The bay gets deep fast.

The geese are glad, They have a new beach, with people throwing corn to them.
They prefer slugs, but...carrying a bag full of slugs  for them , not  gonna happen, 
anyway , they are well taken care of.

This day has been cool temperature wise, 58 degrees all morning.
Tomorrow it will shoot up to 70 degrees. 
Traffic will be cranky and people will be moaning , "Oh GAWD, the HEAT!!!"

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Peaceful asylum seekers, and deer

There were over 800 cities with huge protesting crowds, and thousands of small towns included in the  Saturday protest, as you all know already.
Our small town turned out hundreds, if not thousands -all ages. 
Offering information of what to do about this crisis- a crisis entirely instrumented  by this administration of terror-  (Steven Miller, the evil bastard ) -for no good reason.
The shock and trauma will be long lasting, a lifetime for  many.

Neck still fragile, and though the protest was peaceful - I could not risk a crowd or getting bumped-  photos from Bellingham Facebook page.

I  printed out all of the information of what to do,  whom to call, postcards and letters to write  and actions for getting out the VOTE -  Donating money to helpful organizations.
We can only do what we can do, as our hearts break as the "tender aged", and mothers  and fathers suffer this crime against them.
The pure madness and evil  and "I don't care, do you?" tone deafness slapping us every day, has become about as low as this country can go, though we  thought that thought when the Orange  Horror got elected, didn't we...Where is the bottom...Perhaps it will be  the New World Order- the  Bannon / Miller plan all along. "Terrifying" , the word barely scratches the surface.


In the  neighbor's yard today, This fawn was a twin last week- I suspect dinner for coyote.
 A family of deer this young will not be separated unless one of them dies, or is too injured to forage.
She is a good Mom, shows her baby the best things to eat , ( which is the entire garden)
they carry on, without the other baby.

Unafraid,  they look like toys, don't they?
Crow and Squirrel spent the day on the deck, raining, chilly , and , as the forecast looks, will be so for the next week.
A good thing. The forests and creeks  need a good, cool  drink .

whales in the yard

The photos of the Orca in the bay are from yesterday, nicked from Bellingham page. The top one is right outside my studio. It is ...