Saturday, June 30, 2018

Em up north, and a failure to communicate

And so, there's our Emily- two month learning/ adventure.

No danger of forest fire!

Living in adequate digs. 

There is "being alone" as opposed to "being lonely"

- conversation the other night with Mr. Man-
Me ,reading: "did you know that loneliness is one of the top ten reasons people die?"
Man: " well, they should legalize prostitution"
Man: "well, yeah, legalize prostitution so men won't feel lonely.", that is not loneliness- that is sex- not intimacy , that is sex"
Man: " No difference"
Me: (?) ...(oh dear)
we have a communication problem here.
Think I will go eat a couple dozen hard boiled eggs. 
(cool Hand Luke)

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Clever crow, weed found and bento box birthday

  I have put out fresh water in a bowl, large stone in the middle to stabilize it, for the crow .
I made wild rice  with bacon  in the cast iron pan, weighty  enough to stay on the rail by itself. 
Crow grabs food-

dips in water, and manages to consume great quantities!
How he can fly is a mystery- he should be in a coma.

While walking by the bay I spotted this container. One I had not seem before,

I have no idea why someone would buy this- Sativa"kief infused" unless it is a different and legal means  of getting  differently and legally high. 
Homegrown pot is everywhere  
Pot shops are abundant now, up here, anyway.  
I have no need but I am curious, which sometimes gets me in trouble...

Remembering the old days and how pot just made me paranoid and hungry- insatiably hungry!
Never been a fan. My constitution requires coffee, an upper, rather than sludgiestblah.

Speaking of hunger, went out last night with friends for a birthday bento box for Beth Anna, turning 47, just a young thing!
The food was delish, we then had fried ice cream , in fudge sauce with home made cherry sauce. Dear GAWD. 
The green tea saved me from dying of  deep fried heart failure, probably. 
I am still alive.
In a semi-coma. 

I may never eat again, oh, but I said that the last time, didn't I?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer dry, surrounded by water, rabbit in straw.

Walked down to the bay in early evening, after the sun had  nearly reached  the horizon.

This is the bench where Dexter liked to pause, behind it is the bunny bush- must have been a million rabbits in there, safe in the thorns and thicket.

The old falling down shed...the fabulous screen door , gone. I had my eye on that screen door for years, just waiting for it to drop off...some body beat me to it. It will not be long before the entire shed collapses. The back of it is about five inches from the ground.

not sure what this tree with the interesting scar is, the road to the bay is lined with them.

in the field where the grass is very dead, a rabbit hides pretty well. I swear, it is too dry for the beginning of summer- by august it will be tinder- moon glow could spark a fire.

I spot a glimmer in the crack of the walkway, the size of half of my little finger nail.
Set it on a bolt to take it's photo.
Such a pretty blue!

Off goes the party ferry- the one we had taken for a sunset wine cruise when Sarah and Andy were here- to toodle around the bay while the people drink and eat bad  hors d'oeuvres 
I would rather be sailing, as they say.
Doesn't that look pleasant?

Arriving at marine park where a  couple of  folks are bending in the  breeze. The park used to be wild and more interesting- it has been "cleaned up", the huge climbing blocks of concrete shifted to some where else, replaced by pea gravel  and carefully sloping incline to the bay. The enormous drift wood trees also removed, because, you know, some body might get hurt...
Meh. The park has lost it's appeal, but it is so close, such a quick walk- so I go anyway.

On Steve's blog a while back , he photographed some flowers in their garden, these I had never seen before- Starry night petunia- and what do you know! There they were, by the ferry landing.
What an awesome flower!

Coming back up the drive, this spindly  little blossom looks like it belongs in the dessert.

and so goes summer thus far. 
Country is  in terribly shape as we wait for the other boot to drop, and the other boot and the other....
History repeats , but I really , never in my wildest imagination, thought
America would come to this!
Canada better get their wall up in short order!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Our Emily, stab, feather tail and sex clown.

The best visit of the summer- Emmy came for a cuppa and biscuits and catching up.
She graduated and is on her way to Alaska to work as an assistant to a botanist in the tundra for two months. Right out of University to a job in her field- pretty wonderful for the girl.
You may recall that her love, Keith, just died on a trail hiking , doing what he loved best, heart stopped at the tender age of thirty five.  Boom, lights out, just like that *snap*
Emmy is doing remarkably well, in spite of  grief and rude surprise dealt by the who knows what?

Her eyes are the most unusual color, and pretty much match her hair and the universe.

While I stabbed more wool, we chatted. She recommended a book "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts. I googled and caught a lecture by him reviewing his book, and his wild adventure- I will order it soon and read it slowly, intense, and so well written that Emily could actually smell Bombay prison. 

She told me about her Ayahuasca experiences. I was nearly sold, nearly talked into it as well as getting a tattoo, until she included the terribly graphic description of "the purge", and the pain involved in tattoo's. 

Um, think I will pass on both- besides I think I have managed to get by without knowing my life's purpose, and I already have established a relationship with the ALL.
I am but a crumb- a crumb of love and snark- in the vast wonderment of  star dust. 

We watched the baby squirrel come in and go out , with a paws full of nut, Her feather tail is just not filling out, little cutie.

The Christmas poinsettia is still pumping out leaves- the most vibrant magenta. I stuck the fallen ones on the geranium that is also blooming, Both are indoor plants.
Amazing that they continue to flourish.

Last night I watched "Edwardian Manners" before a repeat of Downton  Abbey, Manners- the why and when of them and the cool English reserve in opposition to the French influence. 
Then "The man with the orange shirt" on Masterpiece theater came on, so I stayed up for both episodes- getting to bed at  blurry eyed midnight...
Anyway, it was better than expected, not just a gay romp, but a truly deep heart felt representation of gay life during world war 2 , moving on to the present, through the lives of one family. 
It is a cry, a romance, a frustration, and  at last, WHEW, a reckoning.

AND David Gyasi is amazing! Hard pressed to not swoon! Oh my, if anyone ever looked at me like he looks at Steve in the film, I would become a puddle of goo. Bones would melt.

The  sketch below was sent to me from a kid at my son's school, a little bonus for buying another work by him-" Cat in a striped shirt."
He knew that I would appreciate, that I support Sex Clowns far and wide...
So that is it, another day in the life of  boring , not bored.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

good news, felted bouquet, and my left eye

Felted bouquet, Stabbing madly, such excellent therapy!

Trying to realize a better perspective, head above water- NOT listening to anything except BBC World Service, which is calming in comparison to NPR or  corporate media.
Wool , for me, absorbs angst, anger, melancholy, and turns it into something acceptable, and don't you just LOVE that ruby color! 
Only have a tiny bit, but a tiny bit does  ALL the pizazz  and makes me exclaim, "OOoooo" I am feeling it!

This is the good news. Just in time for climate change as the sun will shine more , they say, and  take out the melanin challenged . I am so white I am see through, I love the sun but if I am out under it for longer than a nano second , My pasty skin blisters. No tan for this albino, ever. 
I carry the burden/guilt of being too damned white, having it so easy this lifetime. Never having to think about police, prejudice toward me for just being white arsed life has been gravy, I know it , am shamed  but kind of grateful because I know that I am too wimpy to be any other color. 
So, I reckon, that the balance can not tip fast enough, White folks have been fairly terrible throughout history- no need to state the obvious, but I did anyway.

This photo (below) is much like what my left eye sees. My right eye compensates pretty well and the brain sorts it out as best it can, but, if I close my right eye, my world becomes a wavy , undulating , deep sea experience.
The so called doctor fried my macula during cataract removal. I felt it happening.  It was like the film burning at the movie theater back in the day.
Good thing I have two eyes- and an over achieving brain - the degeneration will become worse as the years roll by,  and center vision in that eye will be gone. There is no fix, yet, though stem cell science may happen in time to save others from macular degeneration.
If you live under the sun, and you are too white, wear sun glasses. Eat green stuff and ,no kidding, carrots! And always research your doctors.

Forgive my lack of enthusiasm

The honest mower of grass delivered this to our door yesterday. Weathered and rained on, Mr. Man is the only one I know who carries Fifties around like kleenex in his pocket.
Missing for weeks, I should have said "finders keepers" but instead took it back to give to the man, more as a reminder to keep better track 

My artist friend,Karen, and I walked into Fairhaven for a  so called cultural festival in the village green...
On the way we saw many of these, New to the area- Jerusalem sage, which grows in dry arid soil with  plenty of sunshine. Our climate is indeed changing.

The "bonkers" in their infancy growing massively over the bridge. The bridge that connect this side of south to the other side of south. It is old and has scared me a number of times.

This  airy ferny looking tree is also new to the neighborhood- Don't know what it is , other than delightfully lofty and beautifully hued!

We made it to the village green, where a few sad little booths of native culture were set up- and one lone singer blasting out a "song", more of a chant - "We're not going anywhere" a minor key with loud robot percussion accompanying him.
Not quite rap, not quite slam- not sure what...

We meandered up to a new shop that used to be a cool toy store but is now full of geology and fossils.
This was the uncoolest photo I could have taken of a slab of what looks to be fossilized vomit.
I could have taken better shots , but , I think that fossilized vomit is rather rare- everyone has seen magnificent crystals and dino bones, right?

On we went to our friend's gallery, a very nice show of this and that, a very nice conversation, dogs involved as well as popped corn.

This morning I scissored off three inches of what some might call hair...Since surgery and all of the medication/stress  my hair has turned into something unrecognizable. It is ridiculous , has no life what so ever. So I just scissored it to teach it a lesson...
and to get it off of the back of my neck where it heats up...see the hole in my neck? 
That is the scar.
Good, isn't it!

These are Karen's favorite flowers, The rusty /orange/pink/ yellow ones. Growing by the village green. The color really does grab you by the eyes and will not let you go! So mesmerizing, such a complex pallet.
Grateful for the Pansie ,breaking the spell " move on" it says in it's little purple voice, "move along"....

And this is the button my friend made back in the day , I think, but so appropriate now, probably always.

Reading the paper this morning- tRUMP'S supporters, his beloved base, feel more galvanized with every media slam on the RUMP. A need to defend, to protect him because the evil media has made him a victim...So, since he LOVES and must be in the limelight ALL OF THE TIME, if the media backed off entirely and focused on what is going on with congress and the shite passed under our noses behind our backs...that might be a good move. Of course MSNBC and CNN would suffer ratings I suppose, reporting real news instead of tRUMP-o- mania.
I would welcome the change.