Saturday, June 16, 2018

dog , baby squirrel, spiders, bee ,felt poppy, knit cactus

This morning I picked up the dog, Cubby, His folks are going to Seattle for the day and to see Les Miserable for the third time.
Cubby is such an easy dog to care for. Happy all the live long day!

A new squirrel came this morning, She is small, very young and has a feather instead of a bushy tail.
Her nose and ears are more red, like the old fashioned squirrels of yesteryear.

Sweet little thing, came right in, unafraid, and parked herself next to the ficus in the TV room. 
T.V. ROOM, URG, the bloody thing takes up an entire wall! So we get tRUMP in oversize!

Mr. Man likes to watch MSNBC, and Rachel. I have head phones and go about my business.

This spider living on a stabby cactus plant could have chosen a  more comfy home, I suppose, 

like this one, on a soft gentle Hosta, sensible Spider. 
But you see the different dispositions of each spider? Clearly the one in the cactus is a warrior.

or this honey bee in a fluffy poppy.
That would be a good choice, I should think. I want to nap in the center of that poppy.

I stabbed some wool last night, into a large  thing.

I love the colors and the roving chosen for it.
The roving was dyed as a one off. It is my fave! Will be sad when I have used every strand.

and this is a knitted cactus I got from the book shop down the street.

Clever! Couldn't pass it up- because it was 50 percent off and it does deceive. Looks like the real deal from afar.

Summertime maple, the sky is a rare blue, the sun is shining a rare shine.
and all is right with my world.

Hope your sun is shining!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

down the alley to the book shop-Sassy cat

Sunny days, the cats are out in their fur coats.

This one came up to my feet and said "pet me",  "purrrrrr-rrrrrr "and then said

"don't you dare pet me"...
Such a little tease.

the alleys are abundant with flowers, lavender everywhere! It is like walking through a Yardley factory.

lofty large white clematis
Each blossom as  wide as my hand.

I have big hands...

This big blue bush is also successful, abundant! And smells like clover honey.
So strong and so sweet I nearly got diabetes walking by , the bees love this bush.

Not sure what this tuft was, It had a blue petal stuck to it.
It looks like the Luck Dragon from Never Ending Story.

Irish bells.

left over super fragrant wild roses.
The fragrance could knock you right down.

The vibrancy of color nearly put my eye out! Photo does no justice...

California poppies, loving this, the driest May/June on record.

Forest fires , brush fires, just waiting for a careless smoker/camper, or a kid with a large magnifying glass.
When I got to the book shop, I got lost in the choices, as we do. Heaven must be a book shop!
Ended up with a book from 1978, "The Lives Of Things" by Jose Saramago, short stories during the Salazar regime that paralyzed Portugal.
Finally got my new glasses and can read ...neck will be OK, Just have to not sleep on it - acrobatics  and  sky diving are  out, probably. Anyway the nurse said that by this time my neck is well anchored and my head will not fall off- just take a pill and no wrestling.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


A good poem , in response to Tony's death.

Yesterday I had a bill to pay @ the studio, I waited until early evening, road still visible, after rush hour, used the quiet back roads. and BOOM! Damned if I did not get rear ended by a car that got rear ended harder. Anyway, not a great thing for my neck.

Today I slept about five hours, ate a bunch of comfort food , got fatter, called a friend . We have known each other since we were in diapers...that is a long time! We don't do idle chit, we land smack in the middle of relationships, the depth of love for our kids, what illness tells us, and always mortality. Sometimes we have good ideas. Sometimes we draw a blank. But always, we love each other deeply.

We are both gobsmacked at our lives, our age, our dreams gone by the wayside...but here we are, one on oxygen the other with a crumbling more head banging rock and roll for us. AND this is the tomorrow we really had not expected, We want more, we are tired, but we want more. At that place where we jump or cling. My neck hurts , I hope a screw was not blasted out of the hardware holding my neck onto my head. Maybe an X-ray tomorrow, but I swear , if they find that another surgery is required, I will jump! (so I say now) -  My oldest dearest friend totally gets it. We will jump together, holding hands, yelling Hallelujah  (or "fuck it") waving our panties in the wind.
Stuff has been crazy lately-

Monday, June 11, 2018

crazy cushion , too many figs

I rescued a felted cushion that I had made a few years ago, sold at a weaver's
 guild event,and found  again in a charity shop, sun damaged and dirty, went to the studio and gathered bits of felt from other projects. Needle felted them on to the weary cushion and POW! Crazy Cushion! Glad to be able to do something other than moan about neck not healing as fast as I would like, (It has only been 83 days since , takes about a year ) I am a big baby about this...

The peonies have opened to the max, so fragrant I want to eat them.

along with this little pot of honey, a wedding favor from the wedding I could not attend. Both kids look like, well, KIDS. So young! Both already have their PHDs in chemistry from Yale. 
Gobsmacked!- They just got born, how does this happen?

Instead of a wedding dance they played  a game of badminton - The bride made fresh lavender soap for all guests. The fresh sweet fragrance  has also filled this house with  what it must smell like to fall on your face in the garden. 
The favors were brought back to me from Connecticut, with, "sorry you could not have been here". 
Sorry, too, my little kids...

My friend Fritz had too many figs, he gave me  this over sized bag of the most delicious figs ever, I tucked in, I am sorry again. 
You can imagine.
I am a sorry soul this day!

Back in the day Long Long ago, I would buy a necklace of figs, buy an envelope of chick peas and board a smelly, crowded  bus  to go father down into the dessert of Morocco.

"Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you... You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”
—Anthony Bourdain

My travels there were not about comfort, and my heart did break more than a couple of times,
I was forever shock- changed, much for the better!
All I left behind was a friend I had made and an ear ring for him to wear in his left ear, I wore the other in my right .
I lost that ear ring somewhere along the line, Feels like a betrayal, and I can not even remember his name, but the bright memory stays and is one of my many happy thoughts when the world looks grim. And GRIM it is!
Crazy Cushions for everyone! 
Happy memories!
There are more to make- as soon as my damn neck sorts itself out.
I am getting stirred and shaken, impatient.