Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mom day

Erik sent two dozen bright fragrant roses for Mother's day!

How can I save these forever?

Friday, May 11, 2018

Had enough? NOPE

Stella went to the dollar store and bought a royal wedding magazine for me...This one photo was very nearly all about me if the cameraman had just looked behind Harry a little bit, there I was!

We had waited six hours in the freezing cold to catch a glimpse!

 Finally they arrived, Meghan looked directly at my  pink  plastic  I-PAD, Everyone lost their minds screaming "We love you Meghan ".  They went into Pop Up Brixton for another hour.

We waited....When they came out There they were right in front of us being pretty and charming and SO LOVELY!

Too bad if you have tired of this couple and the big deal wedding.
I clearly have not. They are utterly cool, doing more for humanity than most...and taking more...give and take big...

The woman in purple is the mayor of Lambeth. 
It was a memorable grand day, we had a very good time though our feet froze in place and we could not move after everyone else had gone! Also could not move because  surrounded by paparazzi- the worst group of people ever! They bitch about each other and are terribly competitive . They are awful, greedy, disrespectful, pushy, egotistical, all of those things you have heard about them. 

When I am dying and all pathetic, this is one memory that may surface as a feel good!
as well as my secure stash of ...

-- went through the kitchen drawers and gathered these. There are more in other drawers. 
Who needs this many scissors , I DO!   I NEED ALL OF THE SCISSORS!
You know how it goes, they get lost, buy another, gets lost buy another. and soon _ abundance!
Scissors and a hammer, best tools  of all.
 And a royal couple of cuties makes for a
Happy day.

every rung goes higher higher, gravity and murder

Yesterday we heard distress coming from the flicker nest in the vents. Saw a flicker chasing a starling across the lawn to no avail. 

Starlings are assholes.
The flickers had removed the protective wire inside the vents- starlings, opportunists, discovered the easy access...and the babies, which they killed.

And so, Mr. Man decided to block the starlings - 

some birds are more equal than others, starlings are aggressive , mean ,imported, and highly successful. Flickers are local, really beautiful, and eat lots of bugs.
They are welcomed, too late now.
 Fortified wire  mesh will be hammered into the house  to cover the vents.

House down the street has four  tall ladders! Men climbing on the steep roof to replace shingles.
I had two friends who died and one cousin who broke his back that way.

Roofing - not a great profession. Gravity!! Starlings, not a great bird. Murder!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

aspen eye, yearling, crow dinner, elf bed

Short walk yesterday, building my go power! There is one street that has several aspen along side the walkway, every one of them  , looking at you. SEEING you.kind of cool and kind of creepy.

Outside my bedroom window, one of the yearlings relaxes for about two hours, moves on, comes back around five to nibble on whatever she can find.

 along the wooded path , nestled in an old stump , the left overs from a crow's dinner.

I took a photo of this little red bit , not sure what it was, thought at first it was a thimble berry but it is too early for thimble berries, got it home and on my computer to discover it is actually a tiny elf bed!

Lilacs are just perfect right now, fragrant and out loud!
They do not last long, usually I collect a bunch and plop them in a jar on the table but Mr. Man thinks their aroma is too heady so I put my pirate scissors away this year and just sniff as I go.

 There are carpets of flowers, and walls of flowers,

The weather has been exceptional for a few days!

I could easily get used to nice weather all year round. When I lived in San Diego the weather was perfect every day- I did not miss seasons at all.

tell me where I can find San Diego weather with no people, no traffic,please.

Not sure what that very pink bunch first I though azalea but it is not. It is put-your-eye-out bright !! Loving spring pink!

The pink Rhody shelters our yearling well. I can hear her in the morning through the open window, trying to be silent.
All is well. can hear her being silent....

Sunday, May 6, 2018

boat house party, boy/man back in town, Obama car

Mr. Man finally had his retirement party down at the harbour in the boat house. 800 invitations sent out! He had it catered  by a Mexican restaurant on  Cinco De Mayo Saturday  So many people showed up, some nearly in tears, the reception line curled around itself and lasted for a steady four hours Mr. Man has been the rock star of reconstructive dentistry for fifty years! Four , sometimes five generations of families have gone to him. He is a dying breed...dentistry , now owned by insurance and profit, slap -dash cheap fixes, has become corporate, greedy, expensive and poorly executed.
Mr. Man has been an artist! 

One of three beautiful, flawless days- good thing because all of those well wishers would not have fit in the boathouse. 
Stella taxied me, in her good nature and left with me when I ran out of energy. 

 The lad is back in town for the party and for a few days of cavorting and relaxing and looking like a MAN!! How does that happen?

So, two chapters fully read and closed -on to the next. can only be more adventure in store.

No pets to care for, no children anywhere near - Since I can not travel for about a year- I will be looking for workshops to attend and classes to take, soon I will feel like doing everything I am sure, with enthusiasm.

 OBAMA car parked across the street, some things are so difficult to let boy/man, fifty years of dentistry,  my perfect health, and a life of reasonable reliability under Obama.

Ch-ch-ch-changes- we will adapt, as we do.
Trying to not numb out with the ridiculous and frightening Orange shenanigans that pile up on the pile o' shite that is our reality these days. Tempting to turn it off, take a pain pill and watch the grass grow. Comfortably numb...

whales in the yard

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