Wednesday, May 2, 2018

enthusiastic spring in your face

On a scale from one to five, I am on a minus zero for stamina. It is the after surgery sluggishness, weakness, cold mashed potatoes feeling that  makes gravity more dense. Lucky for me, springtime has arrived and the flowers are abundant- a little bit too over the top for my current mood-  encouraging and ever so cheerful, they are just too enthusiastic. 

Lilacs grow so well in the alleys, eager to be cut and taken home to fill the air with damned cheer!
If you had not guessed I am in the healing funk so often described by  folks who have been sliced and diced . 
It is not an instant hop off the operating table, scoot home...fix.
Very nervous about going in for my next x-ray and consultation with the  surgeon.

Reading other patients experiences on line is just an invitation to the world of horrors. Couldn't stop myself, could I?

I looked for a four -leafer in this mound, but didn't find know, for good luck, they say.

I did find this good advice from white dog. But look at me, dumping on this blog , as usual. Advice not taken.

At least I am free and clear of all drugs, Kudos! Ginger  Stem biscuits are my new addiction, which go very well with tea, but I even managed to O.D. on TEA, of all things! It is true what they say about too much of a good thing...
So, I am limiting my walks to moments rather than hours. 
adjusting to a new pace and a good thing.