Thursday, April 12, 2018

cherry blossoms , tulips leaving

Still housebound, nauseous , bored flat out!  Mr. Man bought some off brand laundry detergent, did several loads of laundry. I did not know about the detergent and thought the terrible odor was ME, or the meds that I was taking. So I weaned myself off of the meds, ( difficult!!!) took two showers a day...but still the sickening odor seemed to be everywhere...finally well enough to do a load of laundry...AH HA!!!! So, everything that had been washed for the past three weeks had to be washed again and sometimes another 2 times to get rid of the nauseating odor. 

Every now and then I catch a whiff and  wretch. One last load of sheets in the washer now , having been washed twice today already. I noticed on the ground outside  loads of pink fluff  on the grass, thought some one must have groomed their pink dog close by

It is insulation. Probably from the dryer vent, hole, thing. So, I will wait to dry them until I can be sure I will not catch the house on fire. I have to wait for Mr. Man, because I can not bend to look...not that I would know what to do about it anyway. 
So, that is life in neck jail , all I really want to do is be normal again. Patience is a skill...

Sunday, April 8, 2018

dog in the boy's house and Satanism

Rosetta, Mexican dough nut, but they call her Rosie, saved from a  kill shelter, has moved into the house of Erik. His room mate saved her, had her spade, and they all love her beyond measure! She is a cutie and looks very much like Steve and Dave's dog, Olga. 
She came just in time to perk up the household, Crumby Portland weather, Erik quit his corporate job, simply had enough! 
This little girl keeps everyone from depression.

Erik sent this to me on FACEBOOK. The tenants  of Satanism, which make such perfect sense!

I am awake most of the night, cat naps during the day. The best radio programming on NPR happens all during the wee hours so I have  good company. I am glad our house is more than a two bedroom cabin, I would go mad! Madder, actually. Cabin fever, boredom for I am unable to do anything,can not lift, bend, look up or down do art, read. This will last another six weeks and then I can gently turn my head. I can not imagine a lifetime of jail, physical or otherwise.