Thursday, April 5, 2018

The ER and a real emergency

Lovely to see Mrs. Plum pumping out blossoms.

Since I am in neck jail, can not look up or down or sideways, can not drive, or go out alone, My wings clipped, the wind out of my sails, tethered!!! Neck jail!

I will not go into detail, for therein lives the devil. Utter slice of hell.
Emergency surgery on my neck, either that or lose my left arm completely. No choice, really , as arms do come in handy. 
And so, Two horrendous trips the the ER, and a trip to hospital for Cervical fusion. Mr. Man proved to be the very best nurse possible in this world! 24 hours a day!!
He has saved my life, what is left of it!
Incredible pain, unrest, not sufficient pain management, wept and paced through three days and three nights before  the doctor could  be reached. I can not take opiates and asked for something other, finally got it. This is a few days shy of three weeks since the slicing of neck, bone graft from some unfortunate dead person, stem cells from my hip and screws to stick it all together. 
I swear , if I ever have to do this again, I am going to tie myself up in a hefty bag and lie on the tracks like garbage, they will never know that my head has been severed, and how thoughtful I was to put myself in a hefty bag for tidy removal!

Stella, in her stellar way, brought so many delicious home cooked meals and smoothies, I want to marry her and keep her in my kitchen all the day! 
Needless to say I had to cancel my trip with her at the end of May , to Finland. She will go without me and I will be jealous!
This surgery takes quite a long time from which to heal, the bone must grow, and I must behave.

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