Saturday, January 27, 2018

Back in the U.S, back in the U.S. back in the U.S.S.R

Back in Bellingham after the most fabulous four month stay in London. The skies here are generally dark grey but the morning upon return they welcomed me with lavender and peach. A good omen, 
The statue on the corner empathizes with my not -so -glad -to- be- back -ness'

I moan but really , truly it is not bad ...I just would rather be in London. I did miss our big house where everything works efficiently, while living in my two horrid flats,I did miss my props for the making of things. 
The best of all things though, Erik came up from Portland with his gifts for birthday and Christmas, 
This little porcelain vase, dipped in glaze , and a captured spider web, fired , resulting in this little piece of magnificence. 

And for my birthday this little diorama shadow box, made in Portland by Sparrow and Sundry.

I have shopped for groceries twice since being home, astonished  at the price of food up here, also astonished at the exorbitant rents and real estate prices, London , as crazy expensive as it is, is cheaper on all counts! 

SOooooo, home again.
it is just OK.
Avoiding the news. Erik's new tattoo on his comic arm.The other arm is devoted to science tattoos.
Clever lad. The boy whose first word was not "ma-ma or Pa-pa" it was "WOW"

whales in the yard

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