Thursday, November 8, 2018

prepared, crow bonanza, I broke the damned toilet

Cranberries cooking today, Had to go get sugar, none in the house, I am going to be so on top of thanksgiving this year!! 
Pre-making and sticking it in the freezer, there is little room in there - eliminated quite a few things that had freezer burn or that were just too dumb to be there in the first place- Picachu , still there however, Like my Mom's ashes it's just difficult to get rid of .  Bury or dump in a relevant place. procrastination. I.JUST. CAN'T.

-The apples this year are unusually  juicy and crisp and sweet- 

Abundant because of the sunshine so rare!
If this is climate change - I will eat it!
Trying to save them for waldorf salad but have already eaten two-

Delicata Squash  cut into dough nut shapes . the holes  stuffed with rum raisins, baked with maple syrup and butter- the best  way to get a full dose of  vitamin squash....and diabetes.
I am planning on a few KETO dishes for those who have already stepped into the  deadly spiral of diabetes, I am not entirely thoughtless.

Thanksgiving - such a rich meal- this week I will get Grandma's  butter rolls made as well- a little flour thrown in to cubes of butter pretty much.
 I am SO together, plus having learnt that you never know what  little life surprises might come up in the meantime - it is best to prepare when the preparing is good...

This frozen  morning there was quite a lot of unusual banging going on- I checked the deck and this crow was trying his best to get into a full sized candy bar that had frozen rock solid.

Likely a Halloween left over.

I had bangers for breakfast and left some out for this crow thinking that bangers would be much healthier, he  ate the bangers right NOW and took the candy bar with him- a prized possession- winner all the way- this crow.

I finished painting the bathroom and made every surface sparkle but while on my knees washing around the porcelain throne I notice a long crack down the pedestal to the base.
Holy cow! I DID hit it hard! I did that! Me and gravity and TSP!

So lucky .
Anyway, Sore for a few days - nothing except the toilet is broken. 
So...on we go , election sort of over- Republican shenanigans still occurring- the orange slime ball has a melt down - trying to shut down journalism- trying to shut down  accountability- the usual but with such toddler poop throwing, more than usual- looks like a ranting heart attack- one has hopes....


  1. Beautiful! You will be so ready for Thanksgiving that you might just have to sit around a week just waiting for that special day!!

    1. Last minute stuff, who knows what that might be- but , yes, thank you, my intention is to kick back!

  2. It seems to me that no matter how much pre-preparation I do there is always a massive rush at the end to get everything on the table. It drives me crazy!
    I love your crow. Thank you for sharing him (her?) with us.
    YOU BROKE THE TOILET WITH YOUR HEAD? Oh my god. I broke a toilet once but with a mug. I was living in an apartment that had all three rooms in a row. Living room, kitchen, bathroom. In a fit of pique I threw a mug in the living room and it bounced all the way to the bathroom (small apartment) and broke the side of the toilet right off.
    I loved that mug.
    I've noticed that it looks like Trump has been hitting the french fries and chocolate cake pretty hard.

    1. Mickie D's may take him out, and the twelve diet cokes daily. I think that my whole self broke the toilet, hefty woman-1, toilet-0. That was one helluva mug! No wonder it was your favorite. Mugs like that needed!!!

      my kitchen is really small - it is a one butt kitchen, so I really need to get it all out of the way before they all show up.

  3. I'm a procrastinator and last minute doer. my contribution is always the stuffing which we do not stuff, they call that dressing I guess and whole cranberry sauce and seems like something else but I can't remember. I'm sure my daughter will remind me. but I am busy trying to get ready for the open house which happens right after Thanksgiving and is 3 weekends this year.

    1. busy at this time of year may keep us all sane, Idle hands are the devils tool they say...

  4. Wow, preparing already! You are WAY ahead of us. And we're hosting! We better get our act together.

    YOUCH on the toilet! The crow is funny, but I hate to think of him eating that whole candy bar. That just can't be healthy for a bird.

    1. well, I am aware of my limitations in the kitchen/cooking. not quick on my feet like you guys who can probably slap together cardboard and make it fantastic.Plus there will be too many people here, distracting. I think I know what I am incapable of.
      The crow was so protective of his find- I think it was a rice bar with a squiggle of raspberry frosting but still not good for anyone! I am sure he impressed the ladies...

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