Saturday, November 3, 2018

make your movie a good one, broken glass, VOTE BLUE!

An old friend once said , rather -said all the time- that we are the stars of our own movies, our perceptions, our projections, our stories. I thought she was a bit off her rocker but maybe there is some measure of  truth to it. 
Your reality is particular to only you. You are special that way- So, we must conform to some basic principles, laws, rules...which can be organic but generally encompass compassion, respect, rules to enable us to live harmoniously- with so many stars of their own movies...

Hasn't all of that gone right out the window- in the blink of an eye!
My friend ,whose mother is white as white can be - father Taino, was playing with her baby and little niece in a Seattle park, lovely autumn day- A white man approached them  aggressively and began screaming obscenities- yelling at them to get  their filth out of his country and back to Mexico.  (?)  Another man with a child left the park abruptly- bloody coward.

Of course this was traumatizing - a bit unreal for this area, but, you see, not just the lid  has been taken off of the crazy box, the entire contents have spilled- toxic slime from the master of all- the great Orange Turd in the too white white Nazi  house.
It hits hard , right here where we think everyone is on the same liberal page.
Stay on your toes people! This is utterly obscene and heart breaking!

Be a champion for others. (although that may get you killed as well...Just saw a fashion show with carry of concealed weapons hidden in clothing- yay second amendment freedom- freedom to murder)

Going through stuff once again, came across the seventh grade windows we did back in the day- so easy to make and so pretty.

What is needed is a dollar store wooden frame they come two in a package, some broken glass, glue, mosaic plaster, eye screws, chain.

Take the frame apart,  drill  tiny holes  for eye screws, glue the glass to the back side of frame. let dry, glue bits of glass on top, let dry, plaster it as you might do with a bathroom tile. wipe clean, and there you go! 
Any child can do this but there may be blood.

So, off we go to vote blue- with children in our hearts and minds.
Stay focused people do not lose courage!!


  1. Yep. Toxic slime. Could not have said it better myself.
    "So easy..."
    For you, maybe, you artistic, crafty woman!

    1. these were make by first time craft doers , age 11- EASY! The only thing people might not have on hand is a tiny drill bit.
      Today is most certainly a Kieth day.Need to tap into his lovely energy today.

  2. I tell people that political correctness kept us civil. Trump threw that out the window and now his minions think they can just scream at and insult total strangers they know nothing about. how has this made us great? and when did lethal force become the only response to anything from mild inconvenience to not getting laid? even if we turn everything blue, how do we put this djinn back in it's bottle?

    1. civil indeed, shocking how the discourse has changed from bad to worse. Not sure if the djinn will ever fit into the bottle again, it will take years of rebuilding, education and programs- there will have to be a Rump rehab center in every district.

  3. Like Ellen, I have long thought that political correctness was good manners. You might have those thoughts, but you did not voice them in public because it was not the done thing. It's somewhat surprising that the park incident happened in Seattle, I thought that population was more evolved. Apparently they're everywhere. Jim and I wonder how did we not know how many were out there?

    1. Linda SueNovember 4, 2018 at 4:12 PM
      I am all for good manners! That is one reason I enjoy England much more than here.
      The Rump disease seems to have conquered all corners, Palm Springs was refreshing for so many reasons but primarily it is a safe , lovely bubble.

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