Thursday, October 4, 2018

Paper dolls, love them and hate them

Pinterest keeps sending me these, knowing that I love them and hate them, conflicted about paper dolls seems healthy these days, does it not. 
I share our collective  trauma, living in this country in it's death throws. ( always the optimist)- all logic and reason tossed under the bus, as they say. so, paper dolls....

When , as a child, I received paper dolls  in the post from my Aunt in Denver, a page from McCall's Magazine, I was thrilled-" oh look at all the beautiful outfits and the pretty little girl with rosy cheeks"- I could hardly wait, but every damned time I scissored off the tabs of the dresses and sometimes the curls of the girls head.

Happy... and then sad, all in one hour!
 Dressing animals seems better, because they are not fond of clothing anyway.

  ridiculous already, a lamb with a book and a purse??? A parrot with a musket?
And this crazy baby who is absolutely correct- it is silly.

Man dolls were always boring- what a snooze.

This last one is probably my favorite, at least there is some creativity going on.

speaking of paper, yesterday I went to the Assisted Woman's League, a little shop run by elder volunteers...elder, I say, I am one...anyway, I bought a package of interesting looking white balls and cones made of what they thought was styro, but I knew was pressed cotton made in Germany-  I got a deal. Now what to do with them. 


  1. I used to make my own paper dolls. I would take a cereal box or something like that and glue paper to it and draw a doll and cut the whole thing out and then I would lay the doll on paper to trace its body shape and make clothes for it. I would color them and make my own tabs (which yes, so often got cut off by accident). I think about that now and remember how much pleasure that brought me and I am surprised to think that I did it. I never thought of myself as artistic or creative and yet, maybe I was. A little bit.

    1. that is pure genius! And yes VERY creative! When Maggie gets some years on her, you should teach her how to do that very thing! It will keep her off the streets , requiring so much time consuming patience!

  2. paper dolls! I like the circus ladies too. but I never made my own like Ms Moon.

    1. I was always into instant gratification, even cutting out the dolls and outfits taxed me! I admire Ms. Moon's creativity and tenacity!


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