Saturday, September 8, 2018

charity chicken, pile of wool, Stella, and gass

The post office is way across town, on the way back I can hit three charity stores, I usually leave without purchase , catch /release/ take a photo. This chicken looks like it has been insulted. It's lofty white feathers did inspire me to come home and start a wet felting of  lofty white roving.

I have not wet felted for months, tends to be quite the ordeal when not used to it, also when not physically up to it. 
Turns out that my skills need honing, Turns out that this  intended pencil pouch did not turn out. (turn turn turn-ear worm)
I will work on it another day and try to make it into ...something.

Little Miss squirrel came to watch and to show me her  buttons, though you can not see them in this shot, She must have six babies somewhere, busy little mother.

  All day Thursday, I anticipated going out with Stella to the ART walk. Got dressed in reasonable clothing and waited, she did not show up on time, unlike Stella,
only then did I realize that I was a day ahead of myself, spent all day taking care of business before the weekend when post office is shut, banks are shut, the usual hassle of shut down ... I feel as though I got an extra day to live. BONUS! Plus got everything taken care of ahead of time. 
Yesterday , the REAL Friday, I did go out with our Stella.

Frame samples at the framing shop,  the best part of the art walk, probably.
After wards we went to our favorite little twee restaurant, the waiter was new and learning, and he was so adorable, raised by his grandmother who taught him well how to relate to older women folk.
 I left an overly generous tip- wanted to take him home with me   to grandmother him  to death and fluff his pillows. Darling youngin'

This morning I awoke coughing and sputtering,  throat closing, came upstairs and sure enough  we had been gassed.
Mr. Man sprayed Febreze in every room, dear GOD! 
"Why," I asked, "Because it smells like cooking, " he answered, He likes to steam broccoli and asparagus  to mush, granted that does not smell nice. So.... turn on the fan,  open a window, whatever ,but do not try to kill everyone with   Febreze. He bought a gross of it  from Costco, GROSS being the operative,so whatchagonnado.
If you, like he , do not believe me, go to the link and it will confirm the choking  chemicals and the NO-NO DO not use advice. 
Just don't, no matter what a good deal it was at Cost Co.
No matter how stinky your  mush steaming  is.
Also, if you want to actually  kill your spouse there are better ways I reckon.


  1. Haha! Not funny really. I would ten thousand times rather smell broccoli mush than fake spray. I remember once when we cooked fresh-caught fish at my sister-in-law's and she lighted scented candles on the table and it was just disgusting. Fish should smell like fish and not flowers or spice or whatever bullshit those things are supposed to smell like.
    Maybe they were supposed to be sea-scented!
    That poor chicken. That darling squirrel!

    1. Poor chicken indeed, no chance of finding a new home...nothing wrong with fans above the stove and windows and doors, everything wrong with Febreze! Scented candles are also pretty terrible, I agree.

  2. Loved the little squirrel mom photo and the frame corner art! As for the wet felting--you'll get your mojo back, just keep swimming, just keep swimming..... Fun to finally own the role of granny. I went alone to visit Grand Teton Nat Park while the guys went fishing. Got in without paying the outrageous entrance fee with a senior pass, wrinkles and white hair. HA. Then couldn't find a parking place so when this HUGE pickup with monster tires pulled out of a handicap spot (that guy wasn't handicapped he had mental problems) I pulled in, hung my mom's old blue parking pass and limped a little as I walked by the Park Rangers. HA HA. Didn't have to walk a mile to get access to the toilet. As for getting gassed. Sorry. Good thing you had the kind of weather where you could open and fan. (To every season, turn, turn, turn----crap stuck in my head now). Tell Stella, HI!

    1. There certainly are perks to being ancient but not dead yet.
      Just about any weather storming through the house is better than Febreze. A house on fire is better than Febreze.

  3. hate hate hate fake smells, cover up smells. that's what windows and doors are for! poor you.

    1. I don't mind soap and lavender and citrus, but those are not fake are they. I have purchased room sponges in the past, heavy duty ones that they used after 911 and they take care of toilet and kitchen odors. Even cleanliness is sometimes not enough.

  4. That little squirrel mom at the glass looks so benevolent, unlike the squirrels in NYC who leap onto your window ledge from the trees and bare their teeth at you for not letting them in. There is a window in our apartment that we never open because of its proximity to tree limbs, and squirrels building nests for the winter. I love to watch their nest building work, though. So intentional and thoughtful int he way each leave or stick is placed.

    1. Shame about your naughty squirrels- ours are very sweet and polite, the raccoons are plump and panda-like, the deer are like golden labs, so friendly they will eat a slice of apple right out of your hand. So, Disney's imaginings have become reality , Blue birds do not yet dress me in the morning but I am thinking they might eventually.

  5. I'm with you -- I would much rather smell vegetables than Febreze. That is an adorable squirrel! And I say that as someone who is routinely driven crazy by squirrels.

    1. Sorry your squirrels are driving you nuts, I only have two, they are territorial so they take turns, and I try to throw peanuts in all directions for them to chase away from each other. The only problem child here is the sea gull, he is a wreck!


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