Monday, September 3, 2018

a matter of what comes into focus

Autumn usually chills  people out ( I know, bad pun), after a hot frantic summer, the change is a welcomed one.  Traffic slows down a bit , the days are shorter, coffee tastes better.
The forest will certainly welcome the  coming incessant rain- but I? I am not welcoming the change.

If it were REAL change, like maybe political  and  beneficial climate changes -from orange alert to a more even tempered Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren ,  and perhaps a Tesla in the drive, I  might  feel better about "Winter's Coming".

Folks seem more cranky, testy, misunderstood, misunderstanding ,  out of sorts this fall.
Or is it just me? ( no, it is not, just thought that sounded magnanimous ) It could be the tension of politics - a country so broken yet  so full of promise- hand wringing dread, November elections hanging in the balance. People with any amount of melanin , women, non Christians, queer as folk folk- anyone not in the realm of white  Bible BS male - are in peril.

Another walk around the lake yesterday with Mr. Man , he said ," when I watch you taking photos I think, hmmm, why are you taking pictures of trash?"

He could not see what I was seeing until I posted a few on facebook, He said he had no idea.
And I guess that is the difference - how people interpret , what comes into ones focus. 
Like this little  green slug pupper, how cute it is, how misunderstood, as most think it is a pest and somewhat icky and are more than willing to snip it in two with shovel or scissors. Who would focus on that little bit of slime, I would.

Or this plant,what ever it is, going to seed, I think is magnificent and you would too, if I had a better camera. ( still  wanting a better one, for detail and clarity- but not today) Anyway, you get my drift.

Hand prints in concrete that  also go unnoticed , hidden by a nondescript post in the forest.
I point them out to Mr. Man, and remind him of the hand prints left in the office concrete by our oldest boy when he was about seven. No recollection at all for the man- again, what comes into focus for some does not for all, nor should it.
I  would like to chip those tiny hand prints out of the concrete at the office and keep them, but that would cause too much damage and expense to mend, too much fuss, sentimentality is not a valid focus, I suppose.

At the end of our walk, the full circle around the lake, which some say is just under 3 miles and some say it is 5-  is so serene, summer time madness ceased, heat and smoke gone. 
Feeling better having walked a bit, having had fresh water drinking from the  public fountain, yes, we still have those, and having had a good many dog fixes along the way, we are chill.
Ready to take on this new day,  or so we thought, which has been less mellow. Ex-wife misunderstanding, crying , yelling, on phone, misunderstanding. Some one not getting a New Yorker cartoon  and taking offense. Some one misunderstanding the shopping list, the meaning of this and that, Someone not meeting expectations set by another. 

 Fresh out of patience. Just fix the damned problem.
'And stop moaning,' she says as she moans about her crumby camera ,and the grammatical error of starting a sentence with "And", the gas lit country  banging it's head against a wall of deceit, yeah, it could be me...probably is me....yep.


  1. Ah well- just as you notice the handprints, see the pretty little slug while others don't, it certainly doesn't mean that all that other stuff isn't there.
    What a nice walk.

    1. Wish I was the sort of person who could just focus on light and love, but, guess not...I am my Dad's daughter, irascible as hell. It is such a nice walk, nothing too extreme, gentle hills of up and gentle downs, loads of adorable dogs.

  2. I had to go away and think about this. I found it too sad. All I can speak to is cameras. I am a former "undiscovered" great photographer, with a Nikon, a Minolta, a 2x2. How I loved photography, and what my pictures meant to me. I had a darkroom; I had two enlargers; I had more chemicals than Dow. When it became apparent I would not make a living as a photographer, I became a successful weaver. Some people are driven artists; some people are just driven, until the flame dims.I currently have an unused Nikon in a cupboard. It's too heavy. I have a never used Hasselblad. It's too heavy. I have my phone. If I'm careful, its pictures are decent. If I'm careless, they're still acceptable. No one judges me. The end.
    I love your pictures.

    1. There is that about the weight of a really good camera, and does it really matter anyway? My neck as it is now would not appreciate a heavy camera. Weaving makes more sense and the end product is always cool, amazing, useful, or just plain delicious. I am always in awe of weavers. Sorry you found this sad, that was not intended.

  3. That's part of what I love about photography -- two people can look at the same thing and not SEE the same thing. But the photo then brings it home for everybody.

    I don't love slugs, but I wouldn't cut them in half, either. I usually move them to a remote part of the garden and hope that they won't eat my plants. Never seen a green one!

    As to your deeper point, well, it IS a trying time. For everyone, I think, except the richest and most caucasian among us.

    1. thank you for not cutting the slugs in half, They are just trying to make a living...I am with you on that. Every morning I vow to not watch MSNBC, or BBC, just listen to the radio, NOT go on Facebook quite so often , and NOT answer the phone, I am not good at it yet but getting there, scary country.

  4. rich white boys are ruining it for everyone. you are right. the next 60 days will be full of agitation and angst. I'm trying not to think about it but am fearful.

    1. You have your art and Yoga and house painting decisions to keep you out of hot water. Yes, good idea to lay low for the next couple of months.

  5. Yes, it IS a time of outrage all the way down to kind of annoyed. Orange is NOT my favorite color. Looking for a change. How did this ever happen? Scary to see how easily voters can be manipulated. And, (see what I did there?) there are still good things to focus on. All those walks with a pooch helps one see stuff, cool stuff people can miss. Thanks for helping us remember that. Your camera works fine. If nothing else just use a cell phone with good high rez. Easy on the neck.

  6. My phone does not take good photos, or maybe it does...I just can not see. AND (I see what you did there) orange has become less liked these days. Vermilion is fact I am wild about vermilion. I agree, walking the pooch was very helpful in seeing the world- he taught me many things.


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