Monday, August 27, 2018

Walk with me to the lake, where I take crap photos

Before we go , look at what the neighbors have done to their lawn., Drought resistant pea gravel, I guess that is one way to deal with no rain.
The neighbors monster plant is not as big as last year.
Everything is  thirsty. I left the hose on last night so that the deer and other critters could have a drink  or a water fight, as they may be want to do. The crows love playing in the hose water, so I just assume that deer might as well. 
I left them some  cut up honey crisp apples , in case water is just not enough.

So this is my first walk for months! Thanks for coming along.
It is just shy of 3 miles around the lake, I like to start with the forested bit first.

I love the forest part of the walk, cozy, shady, earthy.
My photos are crap, I think I need a new and better camera.

walk, walk,

 walk, walk

Already half way to the end, we found a painted rock and a witch,  we have passed through the forest- the horse path, the off leash path, the dog park, Where a little girl asked "Where is your dog?" I answer that I do not have one, and ask her what kind of a person would not have a dog, "A sad one", she answers, and she is right!  

We are now on the other side, the sunny side,where there are plenty of ducks on the little beaches, mostly in the picnic area, they , I am sure, have been invited. A little boy, however, is feeding them and chasing them  at the same time, yelling "I am getting you duckhead,"  The ducks are confused.

We carry on, past the dock where people are snoozing in the sun, past the ball field, past the swim beach, and down the path, downwind of a woman who smells like cotton candy, no, a bubble bath, no, a jungle of fragrant freesias , an entire flower shop- we want to catch up to her and ask but we don't.

Man with his boat on a wheelie thing to drag it out of the water, I think about  asking if he needs help, but I don't. I reckon I'm doing well enough just to get around the lake without the possibility of injury-
First walk since god broke my neck- still feeling cautious.

Thanks for coming along,  a nice little walk, I really need to walk a lot more now, of course I can feel it , I ache to move more now, it feels like there is a serrated knife down my spine starting at  where my head is attached, but legs are fine, working as they should, more stamina,
So , YAY, back on my feet, bloody well time, too!
 I may take you to the river next, bring a firearm. There are bear, and cougar, and sometimes creepy men, the scariest of the lot, or, I may just take you around the block.

I do need a better camera.


  1. I think your pictures are wonderful. It's more about the eye of the human than the lens of the camera and you have such a good eye. What a beautiful place to walk!

    1. thank you , Dear Mary, I will take your compliment to heart as I really can not afford a good camera right now. Yes, there are so many beautiful places to walk here. The smoke has hindered that, and usually the rain does too, but on a perfect day the choices of beautiful walks are abundant!

  2. Far, far more walking than I am capable of. I was interesting, and I'd do it again. Did you have to walk over that pea gravel?

    1. I do not walk on pea gravel, no thank you. Not stable enough, I am sure that was your first thought! I will do the walking for both of us until you get your bearings back and are as well as can be.

  3. YAY! Getting better and getting OUT. Glad your legs are working and carrying you where the scents of trees, moss, leaves and perfumed ladies are. Your photos are not crap. You gave me a nice view of the big evergreens, mossy logs and a witch! But I do see how dry things are and how smokey your air. We finally got RAIN enough to clear our view. Hope you get some very soon.

    1. Oh the smoke, Leenie- I am coughing so much after such a brief outing! The air has improved so much from what it has been but , no, not good enough to actually be out breathing huge gulps of it!
      Yes, you can appreciate the dry brittleness - having been here in more normal times when everything is waterlogged,green and lush.

  4. So hard to imagine breathing in smoke all the time. We in the east have no idea, do we?

    1. Probably, the smoke has been really horrible especially for one with compromised lungs. I saw an earth image this morning and it is worse than we thought.

  5. I think your pictures are great. nice walk, so glad you can do it. bad god for breaking your neck.

    1. and I meant to say boo gravel, gonna make it even hotter. and I have 3 birdbaths I refresh every day.


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