Wednesday, August 15, 2018

take a walk with me

I went for a little walk downtown today, not a lengthy walk, the air is thick with forest fire smoke, it is hot, and humid, there is just no air!
So I  wheezed and stumbled around , found an interesting alley that is about four feet wide and French?
No body knows why or what this little alley is or why  the front door to it is The Consulate, De Monte-Christo- It has been there for years- easy to miss- though, like a  wee mouse built it.

photos taken through the wrought iron gate

Next door is this more usual, ordinary house, with solar panels covering the back side of the roof.

Across the street is the tallest building in town, sticks up like a beacon. It used to have a restaurant at the top, pricey! For Erik's twenty first birthday we took Emily and Erik there. It was so dumb!
 I ordered buffalo- it came on a slate, it was about two inches long and one inch wide, and had what looked like cat sick on top-  bacon FOAM!  What? Ewww.
Anyway, we had a good time  laughing at our pitiful fancy meals on slate, the gin was good.

Down the block same street is the baptist church parking lot with gay Jesus and his boyfriends playing poker,
 I could be wrong, maybe it is rummy- looks like Jesus is disappointed.
I think he is losing. The other guys are pretty chuffed!

Savor this hour is  next to it. Maybe this is the valley of the shadow of death. Not sure.

Then I went to the coop- see the thick smokey sky- no body is breathing today!

Tropical pick looks freaked- did not buy any.
So that was our little walk downtown today, thanks for coming along,
I would not have gone without you.
Sorry about the smoke!

 I will leave you with a little chubby joyful creature who lives in a hole under our cherry tree- and the dinner I bought for her.


  1. Thank you for the walk!
    God, I hope the smoke clears soon. What a horrible summer for y'all.

    1. The sun is a marble of mercurochrome, the birds quit flying- it is eerie and silent out there. We are coughing a lot.

  2. First, the walk is marvellous, as we have no smoke. Second, I hope Floppsy shared much of the produce with benefactor.
    I wish the smoke could clear, sooner than later.

    1. smoke is another climate change symptom that we will have to get used to.

  3. Weird that the PNW is socked in with wildfire smoke while we look at almost-blue skies. Stay out of that stuff-- at least no running or bike racing. I thought they were kidding when they said mornings were the worst for smoke pollution and rode my bike uphill almost every a.m. when we had our normal brown summers---until I came down with a lung infection. Turns out breathing is kinda important.

    1. Worse this summer than ever! began with the drift of smoke from Siberia, for godsake, now it is thicker and burnier - from BC and Montana. Lungs are fragile and pretty important , yes. No worries about this old girl racing!

  4. p.s. loved the fun walk through the ruelle. Stella isn't the only one who knows about the best things. Haha on the barfed on buffalo.


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