Saturday, August 25, 2018

lost summer, lost tomatoes , message chicken

Dry ditch, not a drop of water. Summer has been strange - a total write off- Not many positive memories  made about this one. 
Healing a broken neck, staying put though  yearning for adventure- the heat, and now the smoke that seems to be an everyday gasp for air, Mr. Man rigged air filters, Cost Co-3 filters for the price of a half filter from Home depot- He taped  them to box fans. Doing a pretty good job- after only three days the filters are brown and need replacing already but we are breathing a bit better.
It has been surreal- Birds are silent and hiding somewhere, the deer have stopped roaming, It is quiet out there.

This morning in the back a smoke goblin invaded my camera. I was taking a photo of the Pampas Grass that has been there since the late 70's , and this is the best it can do! 
No plumes, just razor sharp edges, as I found out the first year in this house, thought I would make a basket out of the fronds- I really am blond...

Below are our tomatoes. Deer dinner.

hearty autumn flowers seem to be thriving in spite of no water and no air
and YES it is Autumn. For me, summer did not happen at all.
This morning  the furnace  fired up!

Everything is the color of that fuzzy plant, Smoked out, dry, crispy, a non color.

I received my interview specs from Randy Rainbow in the post this morning 
Ready for more political show tune shenanigans. If you are not familiar with Randy Rainbow you MUST google him and watch every one of his "productions" - He is a marvel!

Visited the message chicken a while back.
She always has good advice.

Time is nearing the last quarter of the last quarter, for me, anyway. Have I done what I loved doing? Did I love enough? Have I left a tidy place behind? Is my underwear washed and put away? Have I made a positive difference to just one somebody somewhere?
Dunno, but know this for sure, I have had a blast this go around!
I can sit back , I suppose,wearing my judgy Randy Rainbow glasses, slowly reading "LIFE' By Keith Richards, thanks to Ms. Mary Moon. Oh yes, this book compelling - sends me to GOOGLE every three sentences or so, to look up this and that- to go to you tube to listen to musicians so good- I listen over and over again, It has taken all summer to get to the almost end of this book, which I do not want to leave- hanging on , backtracking, googling, 
I want to stay in "LIFE"s world for another long time. 
Keith is the man, god I love him so!
He is a great teacher - how to have a positive attitude in the face of all sorts of damage and danger- AND, probably best of all, he has saved me the hassle of drug addiction. his writing so clear that I have experienced it all on paper, saved my nose, saved my money, saved me from the horror of withdrawals. A very generous writer!


  1. summer is brutal and never ending here. still, no smoke. clock is ticking and time is winding out but I'm not ready to go. too much still to do.

    1. there is indeed EVERYTHING to do, pretty sure that is the case with everyone who does time on this planet, so much to do! We are curious and we do want to do it all! Just get one chance, they say.

  2. I know three of my mom's four children spent some time in the hospital, and I can remember her saying "Always look around and see there is someone worse off than you. Be grateful." Your weather and the fires out there bring that back to me, in spades. My rain barrel is full, my plants are watered, I can see your smoke, but it does't fill my sky.
    Keith Richards is a hero of mine, and I do need the book.

    1. I used to get upset if someone said "it could be worse" I always answered "it could be better". But there you go , I am a moaner. I KNOW it could be worse.
      Your rain barrel sound inviting about now!
      and , yes, Keef, remarkable soul

  3. I've never liked "it could be worse." That only makes me feel worse. And guilty.
    Keith has a generosity of spirit which is immense. And an honesty which is almost startling. I am SO glad you have enjoyed that book.
    Your glasses are awesome.

    1. Thank you Mary, I do agree with "it could be worse", It makes me want to slap the one who says it, but that is my knee jerk talking.
      Grateful for this book, has kept me wonderfully entertained and thoughtful.

  4. Yes, it's dry, dry and smoky pink-gray skies here as well. But we're still breathing and walking and, " he said, brightening up a little, "we haven't had an earthquake lately."

    1. there is that! No volcanoes erupting either.

  5. P.S. Sorry about your tomatoes but you DO take good care of your animal neighbors.

    1. pretty sure the deer liked the tomatoes, they do not have a grocery store to go to, so , I don't feel badly about the chewed up plant.

  6. I love your rose colored glasses and their chips of sparkle! A wonderful metaphor for how to see the world. Thank you for sharing the message chicken, too.

    1. I would love to see the world in show tunes, would be so much better to eliminate high blood pressure and churning stomach.
      The message chicken does tell me the right way to think, I rarely disagree with her.


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