Monday, August 6, 2018

little beach cabin, no thanks

The cabin on the rez, where we got married, had a baby until baby turned eighteen months , then it was time to move to town, more room, closer to stores and banks and friends.
We have rented it out ever since, to some good , some not so good renters, usually having to gut the cabin and renovate every time. 
This time , however we have the best renters, 
They bought  paint on sale and cleaned up everything so nicely.
yes, they get rent free (which is minimal rent to be sure, always has been)...for the next couple of months.

This is the back yard.

Sheds where the Russians live, 
No water.
eking out an existence, not sure how.

the old burn barrel still employed, and the wagon.
I do not miss living in the cabin AT ALL!
I want to sell but Mr. Man thinks he may want to live there again.
whatever, I am so over it.
When we moved there initially, there was a great 1940's restaurant at the point, as well as a grocery and boat launch marina. I worked at the restaurant for a time , it was old school.
The grocery and boat launch were handy .
All of it gone now, replace by tin sheds.
The native rose bushes have grown in thick and high obscuring the beach, our path gone. 
Though the Rez itself has been upgraded, roundabouts, put in, roads repaired, trash collected, much more pleasant- it is a good thirty minutes from town, and floods on occasion. Nope, no reason to cling to this property. But then I am just a tiny voice....


  1. Wait- do Russian people actually live in those sheds? Please explain.
    We own a small house/cabin on a barrier island with no bridge to it and getting there and back is difficult and you can't buy anything on the island and every thing you use or eat or drink must be brought with you. I'm just too old for that. Maybe not really but it's so much work.

    1. yes, Russians really live there, they have been there for years now, a father and son. It would have been OK to have had this cabin all these years to use for ourselves, but it has been rented out mostly to pay property tax and fees for living on the rez.

  2. The Rez, as in Reservation? who has native blood? I'd probably want to keep it to. and what Ms Moon says...Russians?

    1. White folks live there as well, it is a one hundred year lease sort of deal.

  3. For an very, very interesting!

    1. It is a very interesting place for an anthropologist. A lot goes on there. It is probably the nicest rez there is. certainly the most beautiful!

  4. And does the cabin look out to sea? I’ve always dreamed of a view of the sea and yet I live in a big city. Go figure.

    1. It looks out over the Puget Sound, which looks more like a lake, and Lummi island, Very pretty and pleasant enough some of the time. The not so pleasant out weighs the pleasant , however, and the sea is rising!


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