Tuesday, August 28, 2018

left overs

The witch on the hillside that is from yesterdays walk, just so you know that I was not kidding.
Up there on the hillside by herself, scaring  the bejesus out of everyone who happens to look up from their intensity of power walking, running, biking or texting.

here is a child tree growing from a generous mother stump.

Not sure why this photo did not turn out, the colors are , in real life, spectacular.

The forest is full of webs, no rain, no wind to take them down.

It has been a peculiar day, unsettling, not sure why. 
"I love ya tomorrow"


  1. What IS that witchy witch thing?
    We have so many spider webs too. The webs that the Golden Orb weavers make are so strong I think they could withstand a tropical storm.
    I hope today is less unsettling.

    1. witchy root on stump , old worn out dead ferns, in an interesting pile of witchery!
      Today is like yesterday did not exist. Shitty days demand patience. Training and practice...

  2. yep, the fall spiders are out in force. I keep walking into webs as I go around to water in the mornings.

    1. That is annoying. My hair is like cob webs so I am used to that feeling. Like walking through webs every moment!

  3. The spider's an orb, I'm sure. I think your colors are good. Evocative.

    1. It was actually a city of different sorts of webs, but this one just struck my fancy. Withe a good camera that thing would have been better, of course, but thank you for getting the idea of it!


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