Thursday, August 2, 2018

klan cones, baby crow , melt your neighbor's door, and a much improved willow

I bought some cones to make Christmas Whatevers, gessoed  them and set them up to dry, They looked like the Klan ,  I put girls in front of them , so that there is no confusion or frightening association. 
So far, I have decorated one half of one cone, fiddly tiny gluey  work. It has taken me the better part of the morning.
I made food for the crows, added sardines, it went down well, my family of five soon became ten!

Here is the baby not quite ready to be a crow yet. Still has a "joker" beak. A wide mouth trimmed in pink.

Mama tried to get the baby to feed itself, but the baby knows a good thing- Mama stuffs her baby after much squawking, wing flapping, and being pathetic.

Then I made stew, as you can see, our weather  is stew weather. 
As it stewed , as stew do, I admired the work in the front on the willow.

all together there were nine men , only one doing the real  work.
For some  reason, there were three men doing nothing but looking up. I suppose that is required...I know nothing about trimming willows, now I think I may know a little bit more...always hire two or three  men to look up , it is part of the job. 

Mr. Man needed to improve the look of the instrument holder from the office.
He thought of all sorts of ideas before he purchased 
If you ever need a paint remover that is instant gratification, this is the one!
If you need to teach your neighbor a lesson THIS is the weapon of choice, a little splash and POOF, no paint on his miserable garage door. 
The Rump supporter down the street comes to mind, though - I would never....

This is the willow after it's make over, complete with confused bird up top.
It will last another winter without breaking apart like it did last winter.
Huge branches   , weighing too much for one person to drag away, have now been tamed to the tune of way too much money for the job, but whatchagonnado, I could not have climbed up with a forty pound chain saw and made it better- there are just some jobs for which you have to pay big time.
Surgery, on oneself , is another...


  1. Isn't it amazing that the job that took one man one hour twenty years ago now takes seven men three hours. One hour moving in all the equipment!

    1. yes, it is amazing- must be insurance related.

  2. those cones could be birthday party hats, just need a little splash of color! good job on the willow I guess, at least it won't break apart. I hardly ever see crows around here anymore. used to see them in the summer, when we had that terrible drought 5 or 6 years ago they all hung out at the birdbath.

    1. climate change is changing everything, and rapidly! Extreme weather, heat, not pleasant for crows (or people). Crows are more fortunate and can fly where the weather suits them, I envy their hobo lives!

  3. I love your wild birds who come to enjoy your beneficence.
    One year in Cozumel there was a mother bird and her child bird and although he was as big as she was, he still squawked and squawked until she would feed him. We watched this pair for two weeks and at the end of that time, he was eating on his own.
    For some reason, I thought for sure it was a "he".

    1. That's funny, I always refer to the babies as "he". Especially when they are large and demanding and ever so cute- doing their flapping/crying/feed- me- now routine.I feel so lucky watching them from four feet away. They seem to trust me a little- they sometimes follow me. and that is endearing, I am their slave...

  4. I love the crows! And I'm glad the willow has been cared for -- who knows WHY those guys were all needed?!

    1. Lots of guys, lots of jobs filled, lots of dosh from the home owner. We are doing our part to employ too many men for the job- charitable - the crows are so much fun to watch. so much better than MSNBC. The family of five stick together but when I put out sardines yesterday they invited another family of five, so I guess there was a murder!


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